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Flightbeam Quito Intl. (SEQM) Released for Prepar3D v4

FSElite Flightbeam SEQM Quito International Airport Prepar3D V4 (13)

To settle the string of teasers and exclusives, in cooperation with Dreamflight Studios, Flightbeam has finally released their Quito International (SEQM) scenery exclusively for Prepar3D v4.

Mariscal Sucre (Quito) is Ecuador’s liveliest airport situated in Latin America, in a stunning, picturesque setting encompassed by volcanoes and mountain peaks. Regular visitors to Quito include Avianca, TAME, Latam and others to destinations primarily within Latin America. It is also a mattering Latin American cargo hub for imports and mail.

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FSElite Exclusive: Flightbeam Mariscal Sucre (Quito) International Airport (SEQM) Previews

Flightbeam Quito Airport Fse 04
Flightbeam continue to treat 2019 as a very busy year. With multiple releases already this year, the team confirmed the other day that their next airport Mariscal Sucre (Quito) International Airport (SEQM) is on finals. Developed in conjunction by Dreamflight Studios, Quito has been a labour of love for some time. We're fortunate enough to bring you some new and exclusive previews
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Flightbeam Share New Previews of Quito (SEQM) – On Finals

Flightbeam Quito(seqm) (1)
Flightbeam has had a busy 2019 so far. With the release of Portland (in conjunction with iBlueYonder) and Wellington already this year, you would have thought Flightbeam would be taking it easy for the next few months. Well, we thought wrong as Quito (SEQM) is nearly upon us and some brand new previews have been shared. Developed by Dreamflight Studios,
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Quito (SEQM) Announced by Flightbeam Studios

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Flightbeam Studios just posted a Facebook update to inform the community that, in conjunction with Dreamflight, they're almost ready to release SEQM airport, in Quito, Ecuador! This unique airport is located at an elevation of 7,874 feet, and as the busiest airport in Ecuador, will offer you many interesting new routes (and for me, it's another great reason to explore
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FSXcenery Release Mariscal Sucre (SEQM)

Seqm 5
FSXcenery just released Mariscal Sucre (ICAO: SEQM). This is the new airport for Quito and opened in February 2013. It replaced the old Mariscal Sucre International Airport and is located about 18 kilometers from the city. It is the busiest airport in Ecuador with about 220 weekly flights and will give you plenty of options to choose a great flight.
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Dreamflight Studios Quito Preview and San José Update


Dreamflight Studios seemed to have dropped off the map these past few months with their Facebook page being devoid of any new posts up until a few months ago. Due to their hiatus, many had assumed that Quito (SEQM) and San José (MROC) were dead and would never see the light of day in our sims. Today, that changes and Dreamflight are back with a quick preview of SEQM and a short statement on MROC!

First off, a quick preview of Quito within Dreamflight’s development software was shared as well as a statement that there will be photos of the scenery within P3D v4 utilizing dynamic lights to come. Now onto San José. This scenery is NOT dead and will come shortly after the release of Quito. Dreamflight also has more unannounced surprises up their sleeves besides San José so stay tuned for that! Lastly, in the comments on their Facebook post, it was confirmed that Dreamflight is working to bring their current airports to P3D v4, with Puerto Plata (MDPP) coming first. That was all that was said for now, and there seem to be exciting times ahead in terms of scenery from Dreamflight! Once we have any additional information we’ll share, but for now I’ll leave you with the provided preview of SEQM. Enjoy!


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