REMEX Demonstrates Deadstick Damage Model

Deadstick Pre-Release Image

In their usual Friday ‘something day’ announcement, REMEX Studio has shown early footage of the damage model of their upcoming title Deadstick – Bush Flight Simulator.

In the video, a placeholder character model appears to cause damage to the fictional Deadstick aircraft. It can be seen on Deadstick’s twitter here. Or below.

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Actual New Black Box Simulations Airbus Prologue Screenshots from P3Dv4

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After yesterday's little mishap, the guys at Black Box Simulations have put together a brand new collection of screenshots of their upcoming V0.875 update for their Airbus Prologue series. The shots below include both the A320 family, as well as the A330/340 WideBody edition. It shows off the brand new textures, dynamic lighting and more. Graham from Black Box Simulations
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Digital Design Preview Leipzig Airport

leipzig-2 have the scoop on some excellent screenshots for Digital Designs latest airport Leipzig. A few screenshots you can see below, but head over to their site to see loads more. The quality looks incredible even during these preview shots. Static aircraft, traffic, wonderful textures on the building work! I can't wait for this airport to be updated. No word
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Orbx Innsbruck – Iain’s First Shots


Orbx product’s typically follow a similar release cycle. They’re announced, they’re previewed by the developers and once Iain gets his hands on them, you know you’re pretty close to release.

And this is exactly why we’re so excited to share even more screenshots of Jarrad’s latest product: Innsbruck. Iain has posted his “first” shots today on the Orbx forums, and as usual, they look stunning – really showing off the beauty of the product.

I’ve posted them all below, but be sure to keep an eye on the forum itself.

We will have an exclusive interview coming up soon with Jarrad who will talk to us about Innsbruck as part of Developer Month. If you’re interested in Orbx developers, we also interviewed Marcus who’s currently working on Bilbao. You can read that here.

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More PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Preview Shots

Beta tester Luke Pabari has shared even more stunning shots of the upcoming PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. Understandably, all of these previews are making our mouths water, so this will be the last set we post until a video has been released. These shots were taken from dawn when departing from London. As you can see, the
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Aerosoft Milano Malpensa X Releasing This Week

It seems like we have waited an age for a decent Milano Malpensa to reach Flight Simulation, but at long last one could be just around the corner. We've known for a little while now that Aerosoft would be publishing David Rosenfeld's rendition of the Italian airport. With beta testing now coming to a close, David has revealed that THIS
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