FlightFX Formally Announces DuPage and Pompano Airports

Flightfx Airports (1)

In our interview with FlightFX earlier last month, some of you may have noticed that they quietly confirmed that their next airports would be DuPage Airport and also Pompano Airport. We can now share a few more development screenshots of both of those with you. It’s worth noting that these are very early development shots.

DuPage Airport

Located just shy of 30 miles from downtown Chicago, DuPage Airport (KDPA)  is a small general aviation airport with four runways. Despite its reliance on general aviation traffic, the airport has two ILS approaches, a 24-hour controlled ATC tower and even a customs office.

Pompano Airport

Pompano Airport (KPMP) is situated in the city of Pompano Beach in Florida. The airport has three runways is mostly sees general aviation traffic throughout the year. A number of aviation schools can be found at the airport, meaning plenty of people get their PPLs from Pompano Airport. FlightFX will be bringing the airport to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator and said that they will include the Goodyear Blimp.

Both airports are still in development, along with another secret project. More details on all of their upcoming stuff will be revealed in due course. For now, check out our interview with Nick and the team at FlightFX or discover more about their Chicago Executive Airport on MSFS.

Update – Changed title following a spelling mistake.

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UK2000 Scenery Announces Jersey Airport for MSFS

Uk2000 Jersey Airport Scenery Msfs (1)
The small island off of the coast of the UK, Jersey, will soon see its airport recreated for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport features a short 5,597ft runway that primarily sees domestic travel to parts of the UK. However, some seasonal charters to Malaga, Palma, Tenerife and Dusseldorf also take place from airlines such as British Airways, Volotea and Eurowings.
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Tailstrike Designs Airport Bergamo Released for MSFS

TailstrikeDesigns AirportBergamo MSFSFawOFrrohNVCK
Scenery developer Tailstrike Designs has released Bergamo Airport (LIME) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport, also known as Orio al Serio International Airport, is one of three main airports in the Italian city of Milan. Situated north of Milan, the airport is a key hub for low-cost carrier Ryanair, but also sees plenty of traffic from other European carriers. The airport serves
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Orbx Releases Zadar Airport for MSFS

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Following on from an announcement earlier this week, Orbx has released Zadar Airport (LDZD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Zadar Airport is an international airport serving a varied number of airlines, albeit with seasonal destinations only. Zadar Airport is the fourth largest airport in Croatia in terms of passengers. It also serves as a hub for Ryanair. According to the product page,
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Pyreegue Dev Co. Updates Edinburgh Airport for MSFS


Developer Pyreegue Dev Co. has updated Edinburgh Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update includes many additions and changes that were brought in due to feedback and fixes to the SDK following Sim Update V.

Some of the more prominent changes include the addition of new 3D scanned static people, a remodelled Spitfire memorial (with correct material applied) and also new glass rain effects to the terminal windows. A number of bugs were also corrected such as stand labels and also moving the DME to be in the same position as the ILS antenna. Furthermore, you can now disable/enable static jets, along with new 3D car models that were added near the ATC tower.

You can get the update through Orbx Central now. Otherwise, you can pick up a copy for $29.95 AUD from Orbx.

You can watch our video review for the airport here.

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Watch Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Official Trailer Gamescom 2021
In case you missed it, Microsoft shared a trailer for the upcoming World Update 6 which is due to release very soon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new world update will bring with it numerous new photogrammetry cities such as Frankfurt, Basel, and Vienna along with plenty of new points of interest. Points of interest include Heligoland (Germany), Melk Abbey
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Pilot Plus Bristol Airport for MSFS: The FSElite Review

Pilot Plus Reiew Brs Review
Welcome to Bristol Airport. This regional airport in the south west of the UK is home to airlines such as easyJet, TUI, Ryaniar, Aer Lingus and many more. Installing the scenery is easily done. You can either buy the airport directly from the developer at Pilot Plus’ website or through Orbx Central. If you download directly, then you will use
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Orbx Announces Zadar Airport

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Zadar Airport (LDZD) is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, as announced by Orbx. Zadar Airport is an international airport serving a varied number of airlines, albeit with seasonal destinations only. Zadar Airport is the fourth largest airport in Croatia in terms of passengers. It also serves as a hub for Ryanair. Orbx's Zadar Airport is developed by Rasha Tucakov. It
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