Barra Airport by Soarfly Concepts Now Available on FSX/P3D

Soarfly Concepts Barra Airport (6)

Announced just a few days ago, Soarfly Concepts said they were bringing Barra Airport to both FSX/P3D. The Scottish airport is unique in that the runway is on a beach, which can only be used when the tide is out. The unique airport sees Twin-Otters visit multiple times a day with short flights to and from Glasgow airport on the mainland.

You can download the airport free of charge via Simviation or via the developer’s website. On Soarfly Concept’s website, the scenery is charged at £2.00, but you can reduce that to zero by using coupon code “Freeware1“.

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Creative Design Studios Updates Black Marble Global to v1.2

Black Marble
Creative Design Studios has released Black Marble Global v1.2. The developer, also known as Chris Bell, impacts a range of products including the Base package, the Vector Pack and even the Traffic Manager. The biggest change with this update is that the data for the product is based off of a dataset acquired in June 2019. This means that all
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Digital Design’s Tivat Airport: The FSElite Review

Digital Designs Tivat
When you think of challenging approaches within Europe, your mind probably immediately rushes the likes of Innsbruck, Funchal and Gibraltar. They certainly do pose a challenge and all three of those airports present their own difficulties for pilots in any condition. However, there are still countless other airports within Europe that also give a similar challenge but are often overlooked.
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Orbx Announces EGHA Compton Abbas for X-Plane 11

Egha Compton Abbas X Plane 11 (14)
Orbx has today announced that EGHA Compton Abbas will be heading soon to X-Plane 11. The English airfield near Dorset sits between lush fields, small villages and other areas of natural beauty. The area has been deemed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so those flying around will get some spectacular views. The airport, like other Orbx airports, features
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Vidan Design Announces Billund Coming to X-Plane

Billund X Plane 11

In a very brief post on Facebook, developer Vidan Design has announced that Billund will be coming to X-Plane 11. The original airport product, Billund X came out to FSX/P3D back in 2017, but now the developer is bringing it to a new audience. The airport conversion follows on from Vidan Design’s latest payware product on X-Plane, which was Aalborg (EKYT).

The Facebook post simply said “Hello Billund XP11,” along with the above screenshot. There is no other information at this point.

We’ll continue to follow the developer and let you know of any new information that comes from Vidan Design regarding Billund for X-Plane 11 or any other projects.

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Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux Previews

67294457 2331745333705614 4241003136459735040 O
Pilot Experience Sim has shared some new previews of their upcoming scenery for Bordeaux-Merignac airport (LFBD). The team announced this project earlier this year, and has been showing us some previews of it every now and then. The new preview images clearly show the ATC tower, as well as some airport vehicles: pushback tugs, luggage carts, GPU's and even fire
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ShortFinal Design Update and Previews on SFD Global

Shortfinal Design Sfd Global Xplane 11 (3)
X-Plane developer ShortFinal Design has shared a fresh update on the current status of SFD Global. For those who may not know, SFD Global is designed to be a complete texture replacement package for the world of X-Plane 11. In their statement on Facebook, ShortFinal Design said that "unfortunately, development has slowed down a bit due to various other commitments ."
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Soarfly Concepts Bringing Barra Airport to FSX and P3D

Soarfly Concepts Barra Airport (1)
Scenery developer Soarfly Concepts has announced that they are bringing Barra Airport to both FSX and P3D as freeware. The Scottish airport is known as having one of the best approaches in the world and also the unique characteristic in which you land on a beach. The three runways at the airport are designated by wooden poles at either end
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Vertical Simulations Releases VStates Iowa on X-Plane 11 as Freeware

Vertical Simulations Vstates Iwoa (3)
Scenery developer Vertical Simulations has released VStates Iowa for X-Plane 11 as freeware. The VStates ortho project has been designed to make adding the content to your simulator as easy as possible, with realistic results. The ortho imagery has been sourced from the Government and has been coloured to integrate with Ortho4XP. Vertical Simulations says that that imagery source is
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