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SamScene3d Releases Frankfurt RealCity X

SamScene3d has released High Quality scenery for FSX and Prepare 3D. Frankfurt RealCity X, featuring Frankfurt Germany! The fifth largest city in Germany, and the 2nd German scenery from SamScene. The other being Munich. This scenery is compatible with all versions of FSX as well as version two, three, and four of Prepare 3D.

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ENVTEX Service Pack 1 previews

TOGA Projects have given us some previews of their upcoming SP1 for ENVTEX. Of course you know ENVTEX, that amazing texture add-on with those beautiful Aurora Borealis effects. SP1 will officially add Prepar3d V4 support (although it should be noted that ENVTEX is already partly compatible) and a completely new interface. They have also been so kind to share some screenshots with us that you can find below!

FlyTampa Compatibility update Prepar3d V4

FlyTampa is completely prepar3d for V4, and has made updates available for all airports that weren’t working right off the bat. You can find the downloads over here. Note that they will need to be applied manually! Great to see developers getting their products ready so quickly. I was already afraid that I’d have to go without a good rendition of Amsterdam Schiphol again..

Orbx Compatibility update Prepar3d V4 – Release Tomorrow

OrbX has jut announced that they will release the updated FTX Central 3.2.x.x hopefully tomorrow and when you run it you will see the Apply Update button.


Orbx have given us some more insight in what products will be compatible with Prepar3d V4 once it releases, and how to obtain said updates for our new sim.

Products that will be compatible with P3DV4 right away are:

  • Orbxlibs
  • Global Base Pack
  • openLC North America & openLC Europe
  • All Region Packs (Southern Alaska and New Zealand North make use of ObjectFlow, which won’t work yet. The regions themselves are)

To install these sceneries you will require FTX Central V3.2.x.x, which will hopefully be pushed out by Orbx tomorrow. P3DV4 won’t be compatible with older versions of FTX Central. To install your products, we recommend you follow the guide as mentioned in this article. Note that you should not be copying files yourself!

Furthermore Orbx gives us some more insight in products that are not (yet) compatible. These products mainly consist of the airport addons we have all come to love. Most of these airports don’t work because of the PeopleFlow which will simply require some more work from Orbx. These addons will become available overtime as Orbx ports over PeopleFlow to Prepar3d V4 to ensure a good experience with their airports. An exact timeline hasn’t been given.

Unfortunately there is also some stuff that won’t be compatible any time soon (though, this was to be expected). The Orbx FTX Vector and Aero tool won’t work with P3DV4: new tools will be developed in the future to ensure to make them available again. The Lancair, Victa and Vans RV4 won’t work and won’t be made available in the future because developers have since moved on to new projects.

SamScene Milan RealCityX Preview

Over on their website SamScene has previewed their latest RealCityX project: Milan City will include many famous buildings, churches, shopping malls and a whole lot of autogen. Also covered will be custom hangars and the terminal building of Bresso Airfield.

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UK2000 Norwich Xtreme previews

UK2000 has unveiled their next project with a whole bunch of projects. Norwich airport (EGSH): a small airport in Norfolk originally founded as an RAF airbase to be used during WW2. Nowadays Norwich serves a number of airports within the UK as well as a few more sunnier destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. The airport also has a long history of flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport through KLM Cityhopper (formerly KLM UK as can still be seen on the hangars in this scenery as well).

Orbx release Saanen (LSGK)

In the heart of the Alps lies the little town of Saanen, accompanied by its equally named airport. Orbx just released their rendition of this small, yet really nice airfield accompanied by a beautiful rendition of its immediate (70 square km.) surroundings. LSGK Saanen will feature full seasonal PR, ObjectFlow technology, animated objects, interior models, custom aircraft models, several points of interests and of course high detail airport textures. The best part about it though? It’s completely free! You can pick up Saanen now from Orbx Direct.

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Aerosoft Bali X: The FSElite Review

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We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

This review took me somewhere completely out of my comfort zone to a destination I’d only glimpsed at in luxury travel magazines. You may know from my previous reviews that my preferred flying style is inter-Europe -mostly short hops not exceeding 4 to 5 hour sectors. Aerosoft’s Bali X really pushed the boundaries of my concentration and stamina for that long haul flying.

Without further ado may I introduce Bali or more specifically Ngurah Rai International Airport. The airport serves the city of Denpasar and is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia. Just last year the airport was credited as being ‘The world’s third best airport (15-25 Million Passengers each year). Bali International is also the hub for several notable Asian carriers including Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia Air Asia and Wings Air. Other operators include Lion Air, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Qatar, KLM, Air France, Delta and JetStar to name but a few. The tourism industry in Asia at the present time is booming so as you can imagine the airport is finding itself under increasing pressure to expand.

Due to heavily populated areas adjacent the airport itself expansion unfortunately is not possible and while extending the runway may seem like a viable option this does not help improve capacity. With about 12-15% passenger growth each year, a forecasted 20 million passengers are expected to visit the region in 2017 alone. Thus a new site has been identified in northern Bali to help take the strain away.

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