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Taburet Mont Blanc Released for X-Plane 11

Mont Blanc Taburet FSElite (11)

Announced over on the simMarket Facebook page, Taburet has released their Mont Blanc scenery for X-Plane.

Mont Blanc is situated in the Alps along the French-Italian Border, home to the Mont Blanc massif which is the highest peak in Europe, measuring in at 4,807 meters.

Taburet has included a high-resolution mesh that includes improvements over the default X-Plane mesh, allowing for more defined peaks throughout the range, coupled with photorealistic scenery whilst using default overlays.

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JustSim Announce Massive Update for Nice Côte D’azur Airport

Justsim Nice Lffm Update P3dv4 (1)
Scenery developer JustSim has just announced that a massive update will soon be available for Nice Côte D'azur Airport. The Southern-French airport sees plenty of traffic from airlines across the world. This update will replace the original version which was released in 2018. The new update will include a range of changes including ground polygons & 3D models using the Prepar3D V4
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Windsock Simulations Release Update for Lisbon on X-Plane

Lisbon Lppt X Plane 11 (1)
Developer Windsock Simulations has just released a large update for their recently released Lisbon airport for X-Plane. The airport was originally created by developer MK-Studios for Prepar3D and this is a port of that same product. This new update for Lisbon airport includes brand new custom SAM jetways, VDGS docking system and PBR texture work for the ground polys. Furthermore,
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ORBX Showcase Bilbao (LEBB) v1.1

16 4370bb46908d58c45fc1efe2364a3186.thumb.jpg.3ab788c44e9be7dc15e09f8b01c9ba18
ORBX has shared some preview screenshots and information on the upcoming v1.1 update for Bilbao (LEBB). The announcement was made via a forum post this morning. ORBX announced a service pack for the scenery last year and have decided to take it further. You can find our review on the scenery here. New high-resolution terminal and ground textures have been added
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Sim-Wings Announce Canary Islands Professional – La Gomera

Sim Wings La Gor (18)
Developer Sim-Wings has announced that they are bringing La Gomera island to the world of Prepar3D. Releasing under the Canary Islands Professional branding, the team are looking to recreate the island and airport of La Gomera. La Gomera airport sits just beside the island of Tenerife and sees just airline Binter Canarias travel to and from Tenerife North. Sim-Wings confirmed
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Further Previews of Orbx BuildingsHD

Orbx Buildings Hd Previews (11)

Although it was announced a few years ago, work has continued on Orbx BuildingsHD. Previewed most recently during the Orbx live stream back in December 2018, very little has been said since. The brand new previews found originally on Aurora Simulations show off new building types not seen before.

From the previews below, we can see that work continues to be made on ensuring that the buildings match their location in the world accurately to the region they’re in. Different roof tiles, wall styles, structure and more will help BuildingsHD bring the flight simulator to life. Each model is also rendered in 4K for the highest definition possible within the sim.

In addition to the previews, a range of features have also been shared, including the fact that AO shadows have been applied to add depth and realism to each model, night lighting will also be included with each model and that the autogen modelling has been created by Bill Womack. Some of those models include fast food restaurants, farm barns and more.

Release is expected “this year” and so the developers are asking that you follow them on their social media sites to stay up to date with any new information for Orbx BuildingsHD.  

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Further Previews of PILOT’S Santiago de Compostela Airport

Pilots Santiago De Compostela 2
Developer PILOT'S announced that they would be bringing Santiago de Compostela Airport after their successful release of Alicante late last year. Located in the North-West of Spain, the airport sees frequent flights from the likes of easyJet, Vuelling and Ryanair. Iberia and Iberia Express also visit the airport taking passengers to Madrid. The previews focus on the surrounding area and
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Imaginesim Release Singapore (WSSS) P3DV4 PBR Update

Press Product Image 04
After weeks of teasing, Imaginesim has released their newest update to their Singapore (WSSS) scenery package. The new update primarily focuses on bringing the PBR technology into the airport package to give a much more realistic effect on the texturing and immersion of the airport. PBR technology has been included in the airport to enable a better visual representation of
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Aerosoft Previews Köln/Bonn for X-Plane

EDDK XP 004.jpg.d5de94cd6dd0db3d205b9a7c688244a5
Aerosoft has gifted us some screenshots of their upcoming Köln Bonn (EDDK) scenery for X-Plane. Aerosoft released the previews on their forum. The scenery was originally released for P3D (reviewed by Sy here.)  Little is known about the release with no official feature list or release date being announced. We can assume that the scenery will match the excellent standards of
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Kolibri Simulations Releases Chios Airport

211749 1
New developer on the market, Kolibri Simulations, has proudly released their first scenery: Chios Island National Airport (LGHI). The small airport is located on the large, Greek island of Chios (Khios) just off the coast of Turkey. The airport has a number of connections to Athens and Thessaloniki on the mainland. Some airlines also offer flights to the nearby islands
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