AUscene Previews Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for MSFS


Following their recent Australian releases, scenery developer AUscene is at it again, this time showcasing their upcoming rendition of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) for MSFS.

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) is a small regional airport located close to both, Ballina and Byron Bay, situated on Australia’s eastern coast. The airport handled 365’200 passengers over the 2012/13 fiscal period, most of which were traveling on its busiest connection to Sydney. Although a popular destination, especially among younger generation members, Ballina Byron Gateway Airport only sees a limited number of commercial airlines operating from its grounds, with the most noteworthy being Jetstar Australia, Qantas QantasLink & Virgin Australia.

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Katoomba Airport by MSX Creations Released for MSFS

Msx Creations Ykat Katoomba Msfs (4)
For those of you wanting to experience a small little airport in Australia will be pleased to learn that Katoomba Airport (YKAT) has been released for MSFS. The small little airfield is situated about 50 miles from Sydney airport and is used by emergency services. The airport comes with over 400 hand-placed objects, a number of custom buildings and custom
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Fall City Airport by Orbx Now Available for MSFS

As part of Orbx's Throwback Thursday collection, Fall City Airport (1WA6) is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developed by Russ White, this iconic airport near the Snoqualmie Falls nearby is a great starting point for some picturesque flying. There's little information on the product page, but we can see there are numerous airport buildings, custom ground textures and other environmental
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Orbx Announces EU Great Britain Central for MSFS

Orbx Eu Britain Central Msfs (7)
Orbx has announced a new series of products for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will bring a vast number of landmarks to a large area. Whilst past products focused on major cities, this new EU Great Britain Central package will cover the centre of Britain with nearly 500 points of interest. In addition, a number of cities and towns will receive
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SimNord Releases Aalborg Airport for MSFS

Simnord Aalborg Airport Msfs (5)
Formally known as Vidan Design, developer SimNord has released Aalborg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product is a detailed and realistic rendition of Denmark's third-largest airport. Situated just 6km from the city itself, the airport has a great approach over the city. The airport serves both civilian and military purposes, meaning a large number of aircraft types
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FlyTampa Development Update: Amsterdam and Corfu Previews, and More

Flytampa Ams Cfu Msfs P3d

Since the release of FlyTampa Las Vegas for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the development team has been mostly quiet. We have known for a while they had a few airports in development, but no progress reports were made from the team on how they were getting on. Suffice to say, when they post just two previews on Facebook, they’re worth discussing.

The first of the two previews is of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (EHAM). The preview image looks like it’s from Prepar3D (I may be wrong) and it appears to feature the newly built A pier has been modelled*. The second preview is Corfu in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The screenshot preview showcases more of the local towns and harbours on the island rather than the airport. It also confirms that the airport and island will be included with the package. FlyTampa did confirm that both Schiphol and Corfu will be coming to both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a chance that Corfu will also come to X-Plane. Both airports are all-new versions and not just a simple update from the original ones released.

The other bit of news in FlyTamp’s short and sweet Facebook post is the fact that both Athens and Toronto are close to releasing. This is presumably for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There were no further details on these airports, nor previews for either.

As usual with Flytampa, they let the screenshots do the talking so take a look at them above and see what details you can pick out from them. We’ll continue to follow their pages and hopefully see some further news soon.

*Thanks to Niels for the tip.

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Pilot Experience Sim Releases Bordeaux for MSFS

Pilot Experience Simbordeaux Lfbd (4)
French developer Pilot Experience Sim has released Bordeaux Airport (LFBD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released airport product has seen huge growth in the real world over the years with airlines such as Air France, easyJet, and Ryanair putting a lot of focus into the French airport. Destinations from the airport include Agadir, Alicante, London, Lisbon and other European locations.
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Orbx Products Optimised for Xbox Official Trailer

Orbx Xbox Release Trailer Microsoft Flight Simulator Official Trailer
If you haven't heard, Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on July 27th 2021 (tomorrow). Whilst we have seen some trailers and previews from Microsoft about the base platform, we have yet to see too much from third-party developers and how they will support the platform. However, that has now changed with the release of
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JustSim Releases Heraklion Airport for MSFS

271474 2021 07 12 15 38 35
Making history buffs heartbeats accelerate, scenery developer JustSim has released its rendition of Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) for MSFS users to explore. Located on the history-rich island of Crete, which is among others home to the historic city of Knossos, also sometimes referred to as Europe's oldest city, Heraklion International Airport (LGIR) is considered to be Greece's second busiest airport.
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PhotoSimLabs Releases Regions: St. Croix for MSFS

Photosim Labs St Croix (1)
Scenery developer PhotoSimLabs has released its first Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery. St Croix for Microsoft Flight Simulator includes a complete rendition of the airport, surrounding areas and customisation to the whole island. As with other released products from PhotoSimLabs, St. Croix features high-quality details and modelling throughout. Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX) itself has been transformed into a realistic-looking place
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