Stairport Sceneries SAM FollowMe XP Released

Announced earlier this week, SAM FollowMe XP for X-Plane 11 has been released.

The new utility product features a “follow me” guidance system for all airports (default, payware and freeware) and is compatible with default and third party aircraft. There is five different vehicles in total and will vary depending on the region and airport you are in.

The team at Stairport Sceneries has made the product “intelligent” by giving the system smart routing for the final parking position, along with two different operation modes depending on how you wish to use the product. Finally, a 3D marshaller will help guide you onto the final parking stand.

You can buy Stairport Sceneries’ SAM FollowMe XP for X-Plane 11 now from Aerosoft €16.77 (excluding taxes). The SAMv2 plugin module is required to enable the tool to work.

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SAM AirportVehicles XP Now Available

SAM AirportVehicles X Plane 11 Add On Official Trailer Aerosoft
Developer Stairport Sceneries has released its latest add-on for SAM; AirportVehicles XP. The new product will give you worldwide replacements for default and animated airport vehicles in X-Plane 11. The new models will also be set specific for regions including North America, Europe and Asia. The built-in engine will apply a regional system that varies depending on each airport in 'real-time'
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Stairport Sceneries Announces SAM Airport Vehicles for XP

no thumb
Popular for their plugin extensions for animated jetways and static aircraft library, Stairport Sceneries in conjunction with ShortFinal Design, announces a new SAM Global Airport Vehicle database for X-Plane 11. SAM (Scenery Animation Manager), is a user-friendly plugin native to XP. It is used in the sim to directly control many animated features offered by the developer. These features range
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Stairport Sceneries Releases SAM Global Trees for X-Plane 11

SAM GlobalTrees 2.jpg.ab399a4810c23c099efaf4e7cf4f3c9d
Stairport Sceneries has released an addition to the latest Scenery Animation Manager utility for X-Plane, SAM Global Trees. SAM Global Trees is a standalone tree replacement pack that can be used alone or in tandem with SAM Seasons. The new SAM Global Trees can be controlled through the SAM plugin menu. This package is a further development of the FlyAgi
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Drzewiecki Design Shares Renders for New Jetways

Drzewiecki Design Jetways (4)

Drzewiecki Design has shared a range of new images showcasing off a new “detailed animated jetway model […].” The new jetways have been built by Drzewiecki Design so that they can have full control over their look, appearance and how they work for their future products.

The team also said that they have been developed so that it can be used regardless of whether the scenery product is on FSX/P3D, by using SODE, or for X-Plane, thanks to SAM.

No further information was provided at this time.

You can see the original images on Facebook via the Drzewiecki Design Facebook page.

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