Saab 340A

Leading Edge Simulations Updates Take Command! Saab 340A

Saab 3

Founder of X-Aviation, Cameron, has confirmed the Leading Edge Simulations Take Command! Saab 340A has been updated. The new update brings it to version 1.6.5 and an email to customers of the product has already been sent out informing them of the update. The update is now available to download through your X-Aviation account and will simply need to be reinstalled for the update to take effect.

Within the update, the team at Leading Edge Simulations has changed various elements of the aircraft to improve various functions. The autopilot has seen changes that fixes a bug which prevents proper trim. Furthermore, the team has created a new torque value curve for the power lever to better match it to the real aircraft. Other fixes include addressing the issue where the aircraft will crash the simulator when at specific airports. The full changelog is down below.

If you don’t own the Leading Edge Simulations Take Command! Saab 340A, then you can pick it up from X-Aviation for $49.95 USD.

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