RUMOUR: Is the QualityWings Simulation 787 (P3Dv4) Due for Release Soon?

Fse 787 Qualitywings

The QualityWings Simulation 787 Ultimate Collection is one of the most desired after aircraft in the community right now. After the launch of the aircraft back in October 2017 for FSX, those on Prepar3D have been waiting both eagerly and patiently. However, the time waiting may soon be over. Just to clarify once again, the following is purely speculation for now.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been numerous snippets of information regarding the upcoming release of the aircraft into simmer’s hands. Back on April 1st 2018, QualityWings made a statement saying that “The work for Service Pack 1 is largely complete and we’re currently testing all changes / bugfixes along with the P3Dv4 version of the plane.” Whilst we have been subject to waiting a long time for the aircraft, this was the first glimmer of hope for a release sooner than later.

Come forward to May and a few new tid-bits were unexpectedly released into the wild. On May 13th, FSFX Packages updated their 787 Immersion Pack via the VFXCentral software. This new version was designed to update the product with “Prepar3D v4 support”.

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Prepar3D v4 Logos and Assets Found On Official Website

Prepar3D V4 Logo
For months, we've been giving the community the scoop on the latest rumours and information regarding the long-awaited announcement of Prepar3D v4 in official capacity. We know that the team will be attending Flight Sim Con 2017 in June, and we fully expect them to bring more information about their sim then. With the conference less than a month away, it's
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Did Aerosoft Just Give Let Slip of Prepar3d V4?

Just a quick one from me. We recently outed some rumoured information regarding Prepar3d V4 and Aerosoft may have let slip a little more than they wanted to. Whilst talking about the new Connected Flight Deck feature for their upcoming A330, Mathijs showed off what he does whilst working to keep his mind busy. As you can see, he enjoys
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RUMOUR: Prepar3d v4 Coming Soon – In Beta, New Lighting Engine, 64-Bit, Releasing Soon

Update: I have changed the title to be a fairer reflection. Whilst I fully believe in the information and the source, I appreciate the confusion. Apologies to anyone who felt as though this was clickbait. I assure you, I did research before presenting this information to the community. Thanks for your continued support and if you have further feedback please
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Rumour: Lockheed Martin Software Update for Prepar3d Coming Soon?

cyw96icuqaalib_’s been over a year since Lockheed Martin released Prepar3d v3 for our home simulators, and just under 3 months since our last decimal update. With that in mind, Lockheed Martin posted some rather interesting news over on their Twitter.

As you can see from the Tweet below, Lockheed Martin have suggested that they will be launching a new ‘software update’ for their Prepar3d product. Alongside the text came a screenshot showing off Prepar3d over being displayed 24 screens! (I’m also sure it’s Taxi2Gate’s KMCO)

The most interesting part of the tweet is when Lockheed Martin talk about “a whole new world.” Is this a reference to the rumoured upcoming 64-bit version? I’m hedging bets on a more incremental update to see us go from 3.4 to 3.5.

This is also backed up by FSLabs’ saying that they’re working with Lockheed Martin to fix a few issues in Prepar3d before being able to release their highly anticipated A320X.

Of course, this could just relate to their more commercial platform. Currently the link on their Tweet only heads back to their homepage (their SSL certificate is out of date at the time of writing, but the site is still safe to visit), so no further information is currently available.

We will keep an eye on it and let you know what we find out.

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FSFX Packages Possibly Revealing EZDOK Replacement

Before I even begin, I just want to point out that this is completely a speculation piece, based on facts and other insights (backed up with proof). Nothing here is “insider” knowledge. With that, enjoy the speculation. Yesterday, we took an in-depth look into the possibilities of what the BIG announcement from FSFX Packages could be when they stream live
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