Rotate Previews MD-11 Night Lighting

Rotate Md 11 Xpl 11 (2)

Development on the Rotate MD-11 has been ongoing for a considerable period, but it would seem that development is slowly coming to an end for the team. On forums, the team shared a number of new previews of the cockpit with the interior lighting added.

According to the post, the team said that all light sources have been simulated to provide a realistic looking night scene. Furthermore, Rotate said that instrumentation and systems are now “mostly complete” and that the VNAV elements are under heavy testing.

Whilst this aircraft has been in development for a long time, it appears as though the end may finally be in sight. Their post hinted that the development phase is coming to the end, which is evidenced by the fact that they’re working on the night lighting.

You can also watch a short video trailer for the aircraft as you wait for Rotate to finally release the iconic plane for X-Plane 11.

If you want to know more about this highly anticipated XPlane airliner, feel free to head over to Rotate’s official webpage, where you will be able to learn more about it and the features that it is supposed to come with at release.

As always, we will keep you updated regarding any potential future developments on this topic.

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Rotate Teases McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Rotate MD 11 For X Plane. First WIP Video.
Following an extended radio silence period, famed X-Plane aircraft developer Rotate has recently released a teaser trailer showcasing their latest project, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft. Throughout the trailer, it appears as though the developer has achieved significant progress in bringing the aircraft closer to completion over the recent past. Although Rotate continues to remain silent on such subjects such
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Rotate MD-11 Development Update

1283011020 Rotate MD 11 2020 10 0316 35 09.jpg.69b3a23556182dbaa5006d62f5bc41ee
X-Plane developer Rotate has shared on the X-Plane forums a couple of screenshots of the aircraft cockpit. One was taken during cruise where we can see some navigation ongoing, and the other was taken on the ground, with numerous failures message displays. The developer commented that it was still largely a work in progress and users might easily spot some
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Rotate Previews MD-11 Landing Gear

MD 11 Screenshot 10 Web
Over on their website, aircraft developer Rotate has published some landing gear screenshots of their rendition of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for X-Plane. The team has been working hard on the exterior model and texture work on the aircraft since the last post in March. These screenshots show the level of detail the team has included on the landing gear
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Rotate Updates MD-80 Pro for X-Plane

Screenshot 2020 04 16 Rotate MD 80 Pro
Rotate has released a small update to their MD-80 aircraft for X-Plane. The update brings small bug corrections along with improved compatibility with several add-ons such as AviTab and SmartCopilot. It also includes a few tweaks of the aircraft systems, namely an improvement of the auto brakes and the anti-ice system. Changelog Added tablets and compatibility with AviTab. Improved autopilot
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Rotate Shares News Previews of the MD-11 FMS System

Rotate Md 11 Fms (8)

The developers at Rotate have been rather quiet lately, but have broken that silence with new previews for their MD-11 FMS system. Developer Kucoman said that 30 individual pages are on the roadmap for development, and many of them are already operative. Below are some new previews of them in action.

What’s interesting to note is that each of the MCDUs can be independently controlled. This is because of the developers focus on a “dual-cockpit approach”. Rotate also added that the autopilot is awaiting on tuning and also work on the performance-related pages along with the aerodynamics and navigation.

Kuoman said in the post “As can be seen in the images, MCDUs can be independently connected to onside/offside FMCs, or together to the STBY NAV/RAD mode. Both primary and secondary flight plans are available, as well as alternative destination flight plan and the possibility to enter custom user waypoints.”

No further information was shared, nor any indication on a release date. We’ll continue to keep you updated should anything else come to light. You can also check our previous previews of the cockpit here.

Thanks to Cameron in our Discord for the heads up.

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Rotate Previews MD-11 Cockpit Displays

2120908694 MD 11WIPscreenshot0 2501.thumb.png.acc50ceed21344f6155218af7c1c95eb
X-Plane aircraft developer, Rotate has released some more previews of their upcoming, and extremely hyped McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for X-Plane 11. The developer claims that all the main Display Units are alive, though still work in progress. Modelling and texturing of the cockpit is almost done, the aft part of the cockpit just needs some detail work and will be
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Rotate Previews MD-11 Air System

MD 11 Screenshot 05
To continue their series of system previews in their upcoming MD-11 for X-Plane, on their website, Rotate has dropped work-in-progress previews of the air system in the aircraft. The MD-11's air system is modelled heavily in-depth with all pneumatic sources, all relevant manifolds, valves and ducts that serve air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cabin pressure and anti-ice systems driven by the Environmental
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Rotate Previews MD-11 Fuel System

MD 11 Screenshot 10 Web
To follow on from their electrical system previews, over on the forum, Rotate has dropped two new system previews of their work-in-progress MD-11 for X-Plane 11. These previews are the second in a series of previews from Rotate exhibiting the work done related to systems and functionality. Rotate has modelled all fuel tanks and relevant compartments accurately into the MD11. Temperature, quantity and
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