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RFscenerybuilding Releases Will Rogers Airport (KOKC)

RFscenerybuilding has released the main hub for Oklahoma City, Will Rogers Airport (KOKC). Will Rogers is a medium sized airport with four runways that serves just under 4 million passengers a year. The airport will see a new expansion with a new terminal. RFscenerybuildings Will Rogers Airport is available for FSX and all versions of Prepar3d (including v4) for €20.
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RFSceneryBuilding Announces Ancona Falconara (LIPY)

LIPY Ancona Falconara
RFSceneryBuilding today annnounced they are working on Ancona Falconara (LIPY) for FSX and Prepar3d. It comes after the release of their Tenerife North Scenery and their work on Turin. A return to Italy and from the screenshot, it already looks very well done. The team estimate that they have finished 70% of the work, so we imagine a Summer release
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RFSceneryBuilding release Tenerife North (GCXO)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.26.03
RFSceneryBuilding can add another impressive project to their growing list of airports. Today they have released Tenerife North (GCXO) airport, formerly known as Los Rodeos airport. This airport is infamous for the biggest disaster in aviation history in which two 747's collided. Today, Tenerife North serves as one of the main hubs for the Canary Islands, connecting all seven islands with each
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RFscenerybuilding release Treviso-Sant’Angelo (LIPH)

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.47.48
The hard workers over at RFscenerybuilding have just released Treviso-Sant'Angelo airport! This small, international airport mainly used by budget airlines is hugely popular due to its location being in very close vicinity of Venice. RFscenerybuilding have done an outstanding job on this airport and the quality looks, as we've come to expect from them by now, absolutely superb! The airport is
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RFscenerybuilding announce Treviso-Sant’Angelo Airport (LIPH)

In a surprise announcement on Facebook, RFscenerybuilding have let us know that they are not only working on Tenerife North Airport, but have also been working on Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport in Northern Italy. This airport is home to a few budget airlines and is pretty close to Venice, making the airport unofficially to be known as Venice-Treviso airport. RFscenerybuilding also said that this
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RFscenerybuilding announce new project

In a short statement on Facebook RFscenerybuilding have announced to be working on Tenerife Norte (North) airport, previously know as Los Rodeos. This little airport became quite infamous after the 1977 disaster in which a PanAm 747 and a KLM 747 collided with each other. Tenerife Norte handles roughly 3,5 million passengers yearly and is a popular destination for many budget
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RFscenerybuilding release Turin Caselle (LIMF)

RFscenerybuilding latest airport, Turin Caselle, is now available for purchase! Turin Caselle is a medium sized airport in the Northern part of Italy, right underneath the Alps. But of course you knew about that, because the city hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1989 and the Winter Olympics in 2005, really putting the place on the map. The airport features
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RFSceneryBuilding Pescara D’abruzzo (LIBP): The FSElite Review.

DEVELOPER RFSceneryBuilding PRICE €20.40 PUBLISHER SimMarket BUY FROM SimMarket As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite. RFSceneryBuilding Pescara D'abruzzo was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of reviewing for the community. Pescara is a small city that can be found in South Eastern Italy on the Adriatic Coast. The city is a busy
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