REX Sky Force 3D Technical Update 2 Released


REX Sky Force 3D has been updated with a new technical update, bringing a wealth of features, fixes and changes to improve the user experience. REX have been listening to feedback from the community about what to change and update since its release back in January of this year. The huge list of changes is available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the product.

Some of the new features that have been added include the ability to set between 3 levels of density related to stratus overcast, set the default favourite airport which now shows in the Weather Center, full support for Prepar3D V.4.0 and a weather refresh button to the engine status window. Fixes include scaling issues on Windows 10, major jumps of the altimeter, and various weather implementation issues including cloud-syncing, visibility and OAT/TAT/SAT displaying erratic temperatures.

The list of changes is quite extensive (full details below), but the free update can be downloaded now from REX’s website.

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REX Sky Force 3D Status Update

Skyforce Logo
The folks over at REX Simulations have released a forum post outlining a list of upcoming changes in their Rex Sky Force 3D Hotfix 2. Hotfix 2, currently in the debug phase, has been released to the beta team, and is also available to those who are part of the Insider program. The list of fixes and enhancements, while extensive,
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REX Simulations Announce Insider Program

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As well as looking for Social Media experts, REX Simulations are looking to bring the community in even further into their development plans by introducing the 'Insider Program'. The idea is for customers to be part of how REX develop their products, provide valuable insight and feedback and much more. As part of being a member of the Insider Program,
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REX SkyForce 3D Status Update – Hotfix 2

REX has announced that they are working on a second update: Hotfix 2 for REX SkyForce 3D. It contains a whole bunch of fixes and to make it not so big they have pushed some of the texture updates to Hotfix 3. This is so that they can release Hotfix 2 as soon as possible. They hope to reach beta
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REX Summarises What Hotfix 2 Will Contain for Sky Force 3D


The release of REX’ Sky Force 3D has been taken in well by the community so far. There has been plenty of feedback given to the developers and they’re working to meet the demands of the community. Not long ago, they released hotfix 1 of the product and have already described what will be coming in hotfix 2.

Hotfix 2 will look at various areas of the platform including new installation fixes, meaning any future updates will ensure that the last saved user configurations are kept in tact and that you won’t have to re-register the application. Furthermore, there has been some fixes with the settings page, including showing to the user what the impact of the textures will be on the frame rate. There has also been some improvements to the control options as well including minimising the application to the taskbar or system tray on start up.

Additional fixes also look at the textures, environment window, weather and flight center, and also the weather engine itself. Some of the bigger fixes in this hotfix include ensuring that OAT / TAT / SAT temperatures don’t cause issues during climbs and at higher altitudes, fixes to missing cloud layers and ensure that weather is actually injected for P3Dv4.0 users.

The full list of fixes and changes can be found below. You can find the details on their forum, but it’s restricted to registered users only.


You can buy REX Sky Force 3D from SimMarket. And don’t forget, today (Jan 20th 2018) is the last day you can enter our giveaway to win a free copy of the product!

We’ll have a full review early next week.

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REX Sky Force 3D Hotfix 1 Update Released

Rex Skyforce 3d Update
REX released Sky Force 3D only a few days ago, but have already provided a small hotfix solving a few issues that members of the community were having. The hotfix itself specifically looks at fixing mapping issues, PFPX file export problems and ensuring that .net Framework issues have been resolved. As it's just a hotfix, this is an incremental update
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REX Announces Hotfix 1 for SkyForce 3D

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Recently, the Real Environment Xtreme (REX) team posted an update on their forums, thanking customers for their support through the release of SkyForce 3D. Most importantly, however, they are planning to release Hotfix 1 shortly.  Some of the fixes to be expected in this version are: Registration issue in Step 2 A number of odd .NET Framework errors that occur
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