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Digital Design Releases Sochi for MSFS

274076 24 08 2021 192127

Sochi is probably known by most of us as historic home to the 2014 Winter Olympics. It’s also a beautiful resort city located on the Black Sea. It’s very popular with tourists for its subtropical climate with warm summers and relatively mild winters.

Sochi International Airport (URSS) is amongst the ten largest Russian airports in terms of passengers. It sees a large number of different airlines, though mostly Russian. These airlines serve a large number of destinations, although again, these are also mostly Russian.

Digital Design is known for making high quality sceneries, and Sochi promises to be no different. Of course the airport has been modelled and textured in high quality, with many custom objects all around and over the airport. It features airport vehicles, animated 3D people, animated jetways and much more. The team has also covered the area surrounding the airport with this same attention quality and detail, and customers can look forward for a complete recreation of the Olympic facilities, the F1 track, coasts, parks, hotels and much more. All this has been done while taking performance into account.

Sochi by Digital Design is available for €18,50 from SimMarket.

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Orbx Releases Ketchikan International Airport for MSFS

Orbx has released Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport, with its infamous approach where crosswinds can reach up to 90 knots, is a welcome addition to enhance Orbx's recently released Alaska Mesh. The airport features custom ground poly, sloped run- and taxiways, custom static objects and a detailed surrounding area with marina objects. The scenery is
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NA Alaska Mesh by Orbx Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx Alaska Mesh Msfs (12)
Orbx has released NA Alaska Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new product will completely overhaul the mesh within the Alaska region, improving the overall resolution without impacting the performance of the simulator. Using the latest 5m resolution data from the US government, Alaska Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator will reduce LOD morphing, whilst improve the visuals for the stunning area.
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IRIS Simulations Releases Grob Tutor T.1 for MSFS

6 800×450
Military aircraft developer IRIS Simulations has released its recreation of the highly successful Grob Tutor T.1 trainer aircraft for MSFS. A favorite among military forces worldwide, the Grob Tutor T.1 is a single-engine, fixed-wing aircraft that is widely used for flight training purposes. Built by German aircraft manufacturer Grob Aircraft, the Grob Tutor T.1 was primarily designed to replace the UK's highly-regarded
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Big Radials Releases Nieuport 17 WWI Fighter for MSFS

Arc Night 2048x
Following their successful launch of the P-40B Tomahawk, the team at Big Radials has released another classic fighter icon, the French-built Nieuport 17, for MSFS. The Nieuport 17 was a small French sesquiplane fighter aircraft that was meant to serve as a replacement for the smaller-sized Nieuport 11, and that was put into active use at the midway point of WWI. The
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AUscene Releases Ballina Byron Gateway Airport for MSFS

Following their other high-profile releases, including Adelaide International (YPAD) and Ayers Rock (YAYE), Australian scenery developer AUscene has also released their rendition of Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) for MSFS.

Ballina Byron Gateway is a small, regional airport located close to the city of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. The airport does not see a great deal of traffic, with most flights being operated by either one of the three major Australian airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia, and JetStar. In addition to services being operated to major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the airport also sees flights being operated to some lesser-known Australian cities, including Dubbo and Newcastle.

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DC Designs F-14 A/B Tomcat for MSFS Released

Dc Designs F14 A B Tomcat Microsoft Flight Simulator 64 Ss L 210806152639
Ready to join Maverick once the Top Gun: Maverick DLC will be released, DC Designs has released the classical Tomcat F-14 for MSFS. The F-14 is a plane that barely needs an introduction. It's iconic variable sweep-wing design is easy to recongise and distinguish. And its versatility as well as carrier capability mean the plane has been dominating the skies
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Boundless Releases Southend for XPL

Boundless Simulations London Southend EGMC For X Plane 11
Boundless has released Southend Airport for X-Plane 11. Located in Essex, Southend-on-sea became quite a popular hub airport in 2012 when easyJet opened its base there in time for the London Olympics. Since then, other carriers like Ryanair operate regularly to destinations across Europe. However, the short runway (6089ft) means that quite often airlines will have to operate within strict
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Aerosoft Releases Liepaja Airport for P3D

272766 Airport Liepaja 27
Being at it again, talented developer Pavel Movzer, in conjunction with publishing house Aerosoft, has released his rendition of Liepaja Airport (EVLA) for P3D users to enjoy.  Liepaja Airport (EVLA) is a small regional airport located within the Grobiņa Municipality in the western part of Latvia. Although the airport currently sees no international traffic, it is certified to accommodate international connections. Interestingly,
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FlyMex Software Releases Mexico City International Airport for MSFS

MMMX Mexico City International Airport Aeropuerto Internacional De La Ciudad De Mexico
Continuing to focus their efforts on the country of Mexico, FlyMex Software has released their rendition of the country's most important international hub, Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MMMX), for MSFS. Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport (MMMX) is an international airport located within the neighborhood of Peñón de Los Baños, about 3nm to the northeast of Mexico City's city center.
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