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PrealSoft Algiers (DAAG) Release

PrealSoft, known for making some absolutely gorgeous city-scape sceneries of for instance Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Rome have released their newest project: Houari Boumediene Airport, also known as Algiers International Airport in Algeria (DAAG). This airport serves a number of airlines with destinations in Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle-East.

You can pick up this scenery now for €20,- on SimMarket.

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JustSim Luxembourg (ELLX) released

JustSim completely surprised us a few days ago by announcing that they were about to release Luxembourg Findel Airport, the main airport of the country. It has two terminals and serves many surrounding European cities, particularly during holiday seasons. ELLX is also the main hub for the in Luxembourg located cargo airline, Cargolux.

JustSims rendition of this airport will be compatible with Orbx OpenLC EU, will feature high resolution texture and modelling, beautiful (night) lighting effects, a custom autogen surrounding area and full automatic seasonal changes. JustSim will also update the airport to include SODE, this update should arrive in about two weeks according to the product page. You can get JustSims Luxembourg ELLX now for €18,80 from SimMarket. If you are not yet convinced, take a look at the screenshots below, check out the full post (containing over 45 screenshots) or check out the trailer they made.

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X-Plane 11 – Full Version Now Available for Download

X-Plane 11 is now available to download. Laminar Research has ended a long and challenging beta test and have finally released their release to market version of the new flight simulator. You can buy it now from their store for $59.99, or you can buy it from Steam.

Buying it will entitle you to free updates from now until version 11.XX, including any airport improvements. So you will be safe knowing your purchase is future proofed.

As for which aircraft come packaged with the sim, you can expect:

Cessna 172SP, McDonnel Douglas MD-80, Sikorsky S-76, Boeing 737-800, Schleicher Ask 21, Beechcraft Baron 58, Boeing 747-400, Cirrus Vision SF50 and the Beechcraft King Aair C90. A large variety of aircraft, complete with 3D cockpits and more. Of course developers will soon add their own products to the collection.

If you’re unaware of what features the new sim brings, here’s what is described as per their website;

Overhauled fleet

Aircraft models that stand up to scrutiny, from the gear trucks to the rivets.

3-D cockpits

Every aircraft in the fleet comes with a beautiful, usable 3-D cockpit.

IFR-ready cockpits

Every 3-D cockpit is usable for instrument flight.

Brand new user interface

Easier to learn for new users. Faster for power users.


Learn the basics of flight, navigation, & more in X-Plane.

Improved 3-D cockpit interaction

Cockpit controls are easier than ever to set just right.

Pushback tugs & fuel trucks

Watch other aircraft get service, or request services for your own aircraft.

New lighting, sound, & effects engine

Bringing new tools to aircraft add-on makers.

New scenery for Europe

Roadways, buildings, & more now feature European-specific variants.

If you’re unsure or need some help decided, you can download the free demo to help you decide.

Going forward, FSElite are going to commit to more X-Plane content including news and reviews.

Aerosoft release Balearic Islands X Evolution

After successfully releasing Ibiza X Evolution, Mallorca X Evolution and Menorca X Evolution, you can now get the complete bundle of all these three sceneries in the Balearic Island X Evolution package. This package contains all the three sceneries listed above and are all made as a complete overhaul from their respective predecessors. Balearic X Evolution is available for €50,79 from the Aerosoft shop. You can also buy these sceneries separately if you prefer, but getting the bundle package will give you a significant discount.

Taxi2Gate Charles de Gaulle: The FSElite Review

EUR26.99 (+VAT)
Initial Release
Provided by
We want to ensure that you make the most informed decision you can. We will always put the Simmer First as per our Community Charter. When reading, please use of Review Guidelines to help you understand how we review products.

We are aware there have been some updates to the scenery and are currently testing them.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest international airport in France, the worlds eighth-busiest airport handling 65,766,986 passengers in 2015. It is also Europe’s second-busiest airport after London Heathrow in terms of passenger numbers. Charles de Gaulle is located 25 km to the northeast of Paris among several communes. It was named after Charles de Gaulle the leader of the Free French Forces during World War II and serves as the principal hub for Air France as well as a European hub for Delta Air Lines. The airport its self is huge covering 32.38 square kilometres (12.50 sq mi), which includes 6 communities in France. Daily departures and arrivals include France, Sweden, Germany, Asia, Brazil and the US. Charles de Gaulle airport offers four runways from 2,700m to 4,200m to accommodate aircraft ranging from GA to Boeing 777.

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TropicalSim release Eppley Airfield (KOMA)

TropicalSim have released Eppley Airfield for FS9, FSX and P3D. This medium sized airport is located a little North-East of Omaha. The airport is classified to handle international flights, no regular international flights have been scheduled to the airport as of January 2017. TropicalSim have released KOMA with the following features: SODE jetways (optional), photoscenery with full custom autogen, photoscenery with seasonal variations, animated traffic and native use of the respective sim SDKs to benefit full compatibility.

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RFSceneryBuilding release Tenerife North (GCXO)

RFSceneryBuilding can add another impressive project to their growing list of airports. Today they have released Tenerife North (GCXO) airport, formerly known as Los Rodeos airport. This airport is infamous for the biggest disaster in aviation history in which two 747’s collided. Today, Tenerife North serves as one of the main hubs for the Canary Islands, connecting all seven islands with each other and the mainland.

Tenerife North comes with custom buildings and vehicles, custom lighting for runways, taxiways and light masts, very nice textures with glass effects for windows and automatic season textures. Furthermore, there is support for a large amount of third party ground textures such as Orbx FTX Global, free photographic scenery of Spain, FSSimVR-Spain VFR Mesh for Canary Islands and last but not least for Taburets Italy Mesh. You can pick this scenery up for AUD$23.85 right now from the FlightSimStore. It is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v2 and P3Dv3. One slight note to add is that RFSceneryBuilding recommends using Orbx FTX Trees HD.

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Richer Simulations’ CaribSky St. Kitts released

Richer Simulations have released their rendition of St. Kitts island! This island is home to Robert L. Bradshaw airport, formerly known as Golden Rock Airport. It services a certain number of airlines with destinations around the entire world. But the real beauty of this addon is that Richer Simulations have covered the entire island in beautiful photorealistic textures. This makes flying around in some GA aircraft absolutely amazing. Other features include a lot of custom autogen and mesh as well as custom night lighting and textures for the reefs that can be found nearby the island. You can pick up this addon now for only €12,50 from SimMarket.

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Virtavia update C-17 and B-29 for Prepar3d

Are you a big fan of the huge military aircrafts C-17 and B-29 but were always a little bummed out because these weren’t available in Prepar3d? Be sad no longer! Virtavia has updated their amazing and detailed renditions of these iconic aircraft to Prepar3d. Both aircraft come with a very high quality model and textures, several liveries, 3D cockpits and a huge list of detailed and accurate animations.

You can find these products on the homepage of Virtavia and purchase them through several retailers. The B-29 goes for €30,- whereas the C-17 goes for €37,-. If you have previously purchased these products you can email Virtavia with your product details and get the upgrade for free.

That’s not all the good news from Virtavia however. They have also let us know that they will be working on bringing more of their aircraft over to Prepar3d.

JustSim release Hamburg airport (EDDH)

The busy guys over at JustSim have just released their rendition of Hamburg airport on SimMarket. EDDH is fully compatible with Orbx Germany North and FTX Vector Global, has high resolution textures for both the terrain and objects/buildings, features custom autogen, custom AI AFCADs if you desire and will feature SODE supported jetways after an update that is yet to come. Oh and did I mention there are 3D birds..?

If the screenshots are anything to go by this airport will look very detailed and amazing! We’ll have a review for you shortly but if you really can’t wait then you can pick up EDDH yourself right now for €19,80 from SimMarket.

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