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Gaya Simulations Releases Vienna Airport (LOWW) for Prepar3D and X-Plane 11

Vienna Airport Coverjpg

After months of teasing, Gaya Simulations has released their long-awaited Vienna Airport (LOWW) for both Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. The airport just southeast of the capital of Austria is home to various airlines visiting a range of worldwide destinations. From all across Europe to the Middle East and beyond. The airport is able to handle smaller narrow-body jets such as the 737 up to the larger 777 family and the A380.

[Above] Prepar3D Trailer

On either the Prepar3D or X-Plane version, the airport features a highly detailed and realistic rendition of Vienna Airport. From the main terminal building with interior modelling to the newest Bravo cargo parking stands. The airport comes complete with detailed 3D ground vehicles, immersive ground texturing and PBR throughout.

As you approach the airport, you will fly over the included city and towns below, high-resolution ground textures and even the Petrochemie Danubia. On the Prepar3D version, the seasonal variation makes for exciting views in the Winter.  On the X-Plane 11 version,  SAMv2 jetways have been included, along with a complete VGDS system and marshallers along with blending in perfectly with Ortho4XP tiles.

[Above] X-Plane 11 Screenshots

You can buy Gaya Simulation’s Vienna Airport through OrbxDirect right now. Both versions cost AU$49.95 (approximately US$30.87 | €28.40 EUR | £28.80 GPB)

Prepar3D Version

X-Plane 11 Version

Alternatively, you can buy a bundle pack. The bundle pack will save you 25% compared to the standard price of buying them both separately. Bundled price: AU$74.92 (Approx. US$46.30 | €42,60 | £37.56)

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RouteAnn-Studios Released Hefei Xinqiao International Airport for P3D

RouteAnn Studios ZSOF (6)
RouteAnn-Studios has released their first scenery, and this is covering the recently built Hefei Xinqiao International Airport in Anhui, China. Hefei Xinqiao Airport first started construction in December of 2008, and cost over 3.7 billion yuan. The airport finally opened on the 30th of May, 2013, replacing Luogang Airport. The airport has a single 11,155 ft runway that will be able
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X-Plane 11.50 with Vulkan/Metal Beta Released

X Plane 11
Laminar Research has released to the public their X-Plane 11.50 Beta Update. This major update features the native support of Vulkan and Metal API. Vulkan and Metal API target at replacing OpenGL in rendering engines in order to take a better advantage of the hardware technology currently available. This leads to a better rendition as well as better performance on
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MFSG Sibu Airport Released for FS9, FSX, and P3D

MFSG Sibu Airport Release (10)
Malaysian Flight Simulator Group has released their latest scenery, this time covering Sibu Airport. Sibu Airport serves many different areas of Malaysia, including Bintangor, Sarikei, Kapit, Sibu, Sarawak, and East Malaysia. The airport is also located on the island or Borneo. In 2018, the airport saw over 1,579,000 millions passengers, and had over 20,000 aircraft movements. Three airlines serve the airport,
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Orbx EGCK Caernarfon Airport Released for X-Plane 11

ORBX EGCK Caernarfon Airport
Orbx has released EGCK Caernarfon Airport for X-Plane 11. This general aviation airport is located in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales, and offers splendid views of the countryside during various stages of flight. Developed by TrueEarth developer Tony Wroblewski, the airport will feature all the bells and whistles for a typical Orbx airport. The airport features high definition 2cm /px
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A_A Sceneries Releases Phuket Airport 2020 for FSX and P3D

230060 18

A_A Sceneries has released today their update of their Phuket International Airport (VTSP) for FSX and P3D.

This update is a rebuilt of their 2012 with the latest techniques and makes it officially compatible with Prepar3D V4. It features a new seasonal ground poly, SODE jetways and windsocks, remodeled terminal and dynamic lighting.

The Phuket International Airport handles almost 19 million passengers per year. It is the third busiest airport in Thailand and sees a lot of heavy traffic. The airport is famous amongst aviation enthusiasts for its sand beach directly underneath the 09 threshold, similar to the one of Saint Marteen Airport in the Antilles.

The A_A Phuket International Airport scenery is available through Simmarket for €18. Customers of the original Phuket scenery by A_A are entitled to an upgrade price of €12.00.

Feature List

  • High detailed ground poly for parking and runway native to P3D with custom bump map and rain reflection.
  • Seasonal photo scenery.
  • Animated vehicles in the airport and animated cars in the parking lots.
  • SODE Jetways
  • Highly detailed terminals.
  • Dynamic Lighting (P3D V4 only)
  • Custom-made 3D cars
  • Animated windsock.
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Orbx Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS) Released

Screenshot 2020 03 20 ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport1
As expected regarding yesterday's final shots from Iain Eems, Orbx has just released their Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS) for Prepar3D V4. Developped by Marcus Nyberg, who is also the author of Orbx Gothenburg and Stockholm, the airport feature an incredible 3cm/pixel drone sourced imagery, 4K textures, PBR materials, custom dynamic night lighting, custom snow and weather effects, ground clutter, detailed
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MK-Studios Keflavik Released for Prepar3D v4

MK Studios Keflavik (1)
MK-Studios has just released Keflavik for Prepar3D v4. This airport comes with not only a representation of Keflavik Airport. BIKF, but also Akureyri Airport, BIAR. Two other smaller airports, BIGR and BIIS have also gotten some small enhancements. Originally Keflavik was built by the US Military in WWII, and required regular travelers to go through military check points before the
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JustSim Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport Released for X-Plane 11

JustSim LTFG XPL (7)
JustSim has released their latest scenery for X-Plane 11, this time covering Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport in Turkey. Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport, LTFG, finished construction in 1999, but didnt see its first domestic flight until 2010. The airport served over 900,000 passengers in 2015, with a service capacity of 1,500,000 passengers, being the main airport for the Gazipaşa, Anamur, Alanya, Kargıcak, Kestel, Payallar, Avsallar, Okurcalar, Kızılağaç
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Virtavia EC-121K Warning Star Released for Prepar3D v4

Virtavia EC 121K (7)
Virtavia has released their latest aircraft for P3D v4, the Lockheed EC-121K Warning Star. The EC-121 is the military version of the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation featuring two large radomes on the the aircraft, one vertical on top, and one horizontal on the bottom. The aircraft first flew in 1949, and was introduced in 1954. There were 232 of these
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