BinerSim Releases Sultan Iskander Muda for MSFS


BinerSim has brought their Sultan Iskander Muda Airport (WITT) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery had already been released for FSX and P3D in December 2019.

The scenery is mostly a port of the P3D scenery, and comes with a detailed modeling of the distinctive terminal and high definition ground textures with detailed representation. The scenery was designed to be FPS friendly.

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REX Weather Force 2020 Released

Weather and environmental add-ons developer REX has released their first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator with REX Weather Force 2020. Announced only a couple weeks ago, Weather Force 2020 is a METAR based dynamic real-time weather engine designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Flight Simulator. REX claims that the further granular control of their engine creates smoother weather transition. In
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ATSimulations Releases Piaggio P.149 for FSX and P3D

P149d 1
ATSimulations has released its Piaggio P.149 for both FSX and Prepar3D. The aircraft was originally built in Germany in the early 1950s and primarily operated by the German Air Force. Since then, it has continued to serve in numerous Air Force departments for various countries all around the world including Uganda, Isreal and Switzerland. The aircraft itself can carry between
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Sierrasim Simulation Releases La Nubia Airport for MSFS

240309 Skmz Msfs 3
Scenery developer Sierrasim Simulation has released La Nubia Airport (SKMZ) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport product features a sloped runway, photoreal texture work and numerous nearby buildings for visual references. La Nubia Airport is located in Manizales, Colombia and features a short 4,839ft runway meaning it can pose quite a challenge for pilots approaching the high-altitude airport. Because of the limited
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RDPresets MSFS 2020 Guide Released

S586257997194238080 P12 I7 W2535
RDPresets has released their Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Guide. The guide is supposed to take you through everything you need to know about the new simulator, from installation and set-up to settings, features and tweaks you might want to use. The guide will help you maximise performance or get the best possible visuals out of your system. According to the
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Kolibri Simulations Releases Kithira Airport LGKC for P3D

239748 1

Developer Kolibri Simulations has surprised us with the release of Kithira Airport (LGKC) for Prepar3D v4 and v5. Kithira Island National Airport is a small airport that serves the island of Kythira. The airport offers a small number of flights, mostly to other regional destinations such as Corfu and Zakynthos amongst others. There are also several seasonal destinations, such as a Transavia flight to Amsterdam.

Kolibri Simulations has created an excellent rendition of the airport with high quality modeling and textures. The scenery also features a SODE animated windsock, PBR material textures and vegetation coverage for the area surrounding the airport. The scenery is available for €10 on SimMarket.

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LatinVFR Miami KMIA Released for MSFS

239811 6A
Update 1st September 2020 - We have added in clarification on simMarket's cost and upgrade information. LatinVFR has released their much anticipated Miami International Airport scenery (KMIA). With the airport being the gateway to the south of the United States as well as the Caribbean, it offers flights to a large number of different destinations and is a popular holiday destination
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Gaya Simulations LOWW Vienna International Airport Released for MSFS

Gaya Simulations has released their rendition of Vienna International Airport (LOWW), the main airport serving the capital city of Austria, for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport was released for Prepar3D and X-Plane earlier this year in April, with a Microsoft Flight Simulator version announced shortly after. Besides being an accurate rendtion of Vienna airport, the scenery comes with several features,
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Aerosoft Releases Freeware Airport – Paderborn/Lippstadt for MSFS

News Pad Free
Joining the still somewhat exclusive club of developers that have released add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft has released Airport - Paderborn/Lippstadt (EDLP). The scenery covers the airport of Paderborn and Lippstadt, two cities located in the east of Germany. It also happens to be the home of Aerosoft, who has their office situated next to the airport. The airport
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Orbx Releases Hollywood Burbank Airport for MSFS

Screenshot 2020 08 25 KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport Mi1crosoft Flight Simulator
Continuing their series of ports to MSFS, Orbx has released their Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery had only been released recently for P3D. The key features of the airport are similar to the P3D release, however the MSFS release seems to only include the Airport, and not the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood hills which
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