Orbx Releases Hammerfest

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Announced just last week, Orbx has released Hammerfest Airport (ENHF) for MSFS. Located in Norway, Hammerfest is considered the worlds northernmost town. It has a unique atmosphere due to its location, as the sun does not set during summer and does not rise during winter. The approach to the sloped runway is challenging and will take pilots through some nearby mountains. The airport is only served by Widerøe, but has a rather large number of connections to other parts of Norway.

Orbx’s Hammerfest Airport features high quality models and PBR textures, custom terminal interior and custom static planes. Developer Finn Hansen has also included the city of Hammerfest itself, as well as the LNG facility on an island off the coast of Hammerfest. The scenery is available for $22.72 AUD from Orbx Direct.


  • Accurate depiction of ENHF Airport
  • High-quality PBR textures
  • Custom terminal interior
  • Crisp orthoimage surrounding Hammerfest
  • Custom mini-cityscape of Hammerfest
  • Highly detailed LNG facility
  • Custom approach lighting for RWY 22 (circle-to-land)
  • Custom Statics
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FSimStudios Releases London International Airport (CYXU) for MSFS

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Following hot on the heels of their London International Airport (CYXU) scenery for Prepar3D, FSimStudios has now also released this airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. London International Airport serves the city of London and the greater region in Ontario, Canada. The airport has a number of connections to other Canadian cities, as well as several holiday destinations in the USA
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FlyingIron Simulations Releases P-38L Lightning for MSFS

Flyingiron P38l Lightning Msfs 11 1800×1800
FlyingIron Simulations has released their P-38L Lightning for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The P-38L is an iconic looking warbird that saw its first action during WWII. The plane has a distinctive twin boom tail with a central nacelle containing the cockpit. The P-38L was used in a varied range of combat roles, such as fighter-bomber, night fighter, escort fighter and pathfinder.
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Aeroplane Heaven Releases Electra 10-A for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven Electra 10A For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Announced just a few days ago, Aeroplane Heaven has released their rendition of the Lockheed Model 10 Electra. The Electra sports a fully metal exterior, and has a signature twin tail. The plane is powered by two P&W Wasp Junior engines. The plane was introduced in 1935 and a total number of 149 were built. The plane was very popular
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Aerosoft Launches Aerosoft One

FSElite ONE Client En.jpg
Aerosoft has released its new add-on installer and manager, dubbed Aerosoft One. With Aerosoft One you can easily discover, purchase and install products. Once a product has been purchased, you no longer will need to download (and possibly save) all the installers manually. Instead, the product will show up right there in Aerosoft One, allowing you to install it with
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Majestic Software MJC8-Q400 COCKPIT Edition Released

272523 Prepar3D Screenshot 2021.07.18

Over the weekend, Majestic Software has released the highly anticipated Majestic Dash 8 Q400 (MJC8-Q400) COCKPIT Edition. The COCKPIT Edition focusses on enhanced interfaces and controls for home cockpit builders, and makes it easy for them to integrate and configure their controls with Majestic Software’s add-on. The COCKPIT Edition also comes with a few additional feature that simulate a deeper level of system depth, such as a custom flight data recorder, FMS RAIM simulation, TFDi Design’s True Glass, sloped surface support and more.

The MJC8-Q400 COCKPIT Edition is available now for €294,95 for Prepar3D v4 and v5.

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DCS: Mosquito FB VI Released

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A great week for enthousiasts of warbirds. After the release of the Supermarine Spitfire for MSFS by Aeroplane Heaven, DCS will welcome the de Havilland Mosquito to its ranks. The Mosquito is a very versatile combat aircraft, that served a great many roles during WWII. It was mostly used as a fast and agile bomber, but also had great fighting
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Orbx Releases Stockholm Bromma

Orbx has released Stockholm Bromma for MSFS. Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is Sweden's third busiest airports, and is the closest airport actually located to the city compared to other passenger airports. Stockholm Bromma was opened in 1936, and it was the first European airport that had paved runways from the start. Nowadays, Stockholm Bromma serves a small number of airlines
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MK-Studios Releases Vagar for P3Dv5

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MK-Studios has released a new version of their Vagar (EKVG) scenery for Prepar3D v5. The new version of the scenery includes several improvements over the original, such as PBR material textures, new satellite imagery and updated landclass for the islands. The scenery has also been optimised for P3Dv5. MK-Studios Vagar for Prepar3D v5 is available for €12 from SimMarket. Customers
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Taxi2Gate Releases KMCO Orlando International Airport

274373 Mco 07
Taxi2Gate has surprised us with their release of KMCO (Orlando International Airport) for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The Taxi2Gate team has previously announced and shared a small teaser, but it remained quiet around the project for long. With the previous rendition of this scenery dating back to the days of FSX, the feature list sure seems a step up. The
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