Refuge Cove

Orbx Refuge Cove Released

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Orbx has released Refuge Cove: the popular seaplane base that can be found in the south of British Columbia near Vancouver. Refuge Cove is also the main supply point for the Desolation Sound area in the Inside Passage. It’s kept up by the community of the place, which can vary from a mere 12 during the winter up to several hundreds during the summer. The two main ways to get to Refuge Cove are by boat and seaplane. Refuge Cove comes with several features, which you can find at the end of this post. Refuge Cove is available for free from Orbx Direct. Keep in mind however that Orbx’ FTX Pacific Northwest region is required.

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Orbx Announce YRC Refuge Cove Seaplane Base Freeware

Orbx has recently announced on their forum what their newest freeware project will be: Refuge Cove Seaplane Base! Refuge Cove is the main source of supply in Desolation Sound, located near the northwest end of the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia. It is considered by many to be the ultimate destination for cruising in the Pacific Northwest and serves
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