FlyJSim Q4 2019 Report – New Previews of Q4XP and Shared Flight

Q4XP Previews 3

X-Plane developers FlyJSim has shared their latest development update, which speaks about the status of their upcoming Q4XP, Shared Flight and also a brief statement on X-Plane 11.50. With that in mind, the team kicked off with all-new previews for the final in-sim textures for the cockpit of their anticipated Q4XP.

FlyJSim started by saying that they are using new techniques to texture the aircraft, which speeds up development and enables the team to implement all-new dynamic and procedural texturing. The results of these new techniques can be seen in the screenshots including on the cockpit seats, scratches on the fire extinguishers, the glare shield padding and the checklist clipboards.

Whilst the team are keeping quiet about the level of complexity and system status, they do believe that the “aircraft just simply looks gorgeous.” Information on the Q4XP product continued with FlyJSim stating they are the final phase of modelling with just the cabin and cargo compartment areas to go. As progress is made, the team will deliver updates to the community.

Moving on, FlyJSim wanted to touch upon Shared Flight.  After a long development period of silence, the team has been busy behind the scenes having discussions, gathering feedback and working on expanding the backend and pilot portals for the application. The Q4 update went onto say that “this new portal brings a curated and easy-author system for third-party aircraft developers, whilst also bringing a much simpler process to account and flight management for our pilot users.” One of the ways in which this is done is through a “fingerprint” system which detects the aircraft and version of the user’s simulator. This makes sure everything is mapped correctly so it is reliable for developers and pilots.

Further to the shared cockpit elements, Share Flight will also include a moving map, flight history, and more functionality. Not everything is currently being shown off just yet but the team want to “ensure [they] get this right.”

The last part of their update concerns X-Plane 11.50 and the inevitable Vulkan questions. The team are expecting that the OpenGL version of their products will continue to work as usual, but there will be a new mandatory update in the coming months. More information on that will be shared in the future.

That about wraps up their report. You can follow FlyJSim on Facebook to stay updated or view some additional previews on the Q4XP here.

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New Renders of the Q4XP from FlyJSim

Q4XP Exterior Renders 1
Developer FlyJSim has shared the final renders of their upcoming Q4XP. Q4XP will be a detailed and highly feature-rich rendition of the Q400 in X-Plane 11. The aircraft itself was the original FlyJSim aircraft for X-Plane and in the 9 years since that release, the team has been learning new tools, techniques and more to bring he best Q400 "
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FlyJSim – First Update of 2019 – Q4XP Details & More

X-Plane developers, FlyJSim has released their first statement of 2019 regarding current under-development projects. As announced late last year, their big focus right now is a new rendition of their Q400 which was originally released back in 2011. Since then, there have been countless improvements to the simulator and also their own development skill and knowledge. The team have been
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FlyJSim Announces the Q4XP for X-Plane 11

Q4XP Flyjsim (2)

FlyJSim spent a portion of yesterday teasing fans about a big announcement to come via their numerous community channels. They broke the silence today and has announced that they are developing the FlyJSim Q4XP. The team are excited to bring their second version of the iconic and loved turboprop to X-Plane with all the learning, technology and more from their 727 Series Professional 3 product.

Although the guys had previously developed a Q400 in the past, this will be a “significant departure” from that product and will exceed the standards the team has currently set. As a result of this new increase in immersion and detail, the product line name has changed to fit.

Aircraft development is very much in the early stages at this point. However, those willing to follow development can do so by watching some of their development team on Twitch.

Jack (3D Modelling and Systems/Texturing) –
Valdudes (Texturing) –
Justin (Systems) –

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