MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion Updated

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Immersive Audio has updated their Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion for the Majestic Q400 to V1.2. The new version mainly consists of adjustments to the volume of certain sounds such as the runway light bump or the landing gear sounds, but also includes a rework of the internal prop sounds and external idle sounds. The update has been pushed to Just Flight and Aerosoft and should be available shortly to all customers.

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Majestic Software’s Microsoft Flight Simulator Plans

Majesitc Update On Q400 Training Edition And Q300 V2 FSElite
Aircraft developer Majestic Software has shared light on what their plans ar for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst the team is "pleased to see that Microsoft has ventured back into the Flight Simulator arena", they have yet to spend any time with the product as they haven't yet accessed the simulator during the beta or alpha builds. That said,
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Big Status Update from Majestic Software

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It's been quiet from the Majestic Software team for some time, causing many to wonder how things are going with the planned Q400 TRAINING Edition, as well as the Q300 they are working on. Majestic has taken to Facebook with a big status update regarding all the ongoing projects. Q400 The Majestic team reiterated that the development of this version
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FlyJSim Q400 Legacy Update

Q400 Legacy X Plane 11 Flyjsim (3)
FlyJSim has made a brief post on Facebook with regards to an update to their legacy version of their much-beloved Q400. The product first took concept 10 years ago today, so the team felt it was the time to make the changeover today. It should be noted that this is not the newly announced Q4XP (more on that in a moment),
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New Renders of the Q4XP from FlyJSim

Q4XP Exterior Renders 1
Developer FlyJSim has shared the final renders of their upcoming Q4XP. Q4XP will be a detailed and highly feature-rich rendition of the Q400 in X-Plane 11. The aircraft itself was the original FlyJSim aircraft for X-Plane and in the 9 years since that release, the team has been learning new tools, techniques and more to bring he best Q400 "
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FlyJSim Announces the Q4XP for X-Plane 11

Q4XP Flyjsim (2)

FlyJSim spent a portion of yesterday teasing fans about a big announcement to come via their numerous community channels. They broke the silence today and has announced that they are developing the FlyJSim Q4XP. The team are excited to bring their second version of the iconic and loved turboprop to X-Plane with all the learning, technology and more from their 727 Series Professional 3 product.

Although the guys had previously developed a Q400 in the past, this will be a “significant departure” from that product and will exceed the standards the team has currently set. As a result of this new increase in immersion and detail, the product line name has changed to fit.

Aircraft development is very much in the early stages at this point. However, those willing to follow development can do so by watching some of their development team on Twitch.

Jack (3D Modelling and Systems/Texturing) –
Valdudes (Texturing) –
Justin (Systems) –

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Majestic Software Comment on Flight Sim Store

MJCQ400 P3Dv4
The troubles for Flight Sim Store continue for multiple users and developers. The latest developer to issue a statement regarding what their customers can do is from Majestic Software. The developers behind the Q400 have given some instructions to customers who have previously purchased their aircraft from Flight Sim Store , as well as information on how to acquire updates
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Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 & Q300 V2 News

Majestic Software has today released a new glimpse of what is going on at their office since last heads up back in October. More about this news is found here. Main news is that they provide more information on the upcoming Q400 Training Edition: Multi Monitor Panel. Training Edition - Multi Monitor Panel might not be the most interesting news
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FS2Crew Majestic Dash-8 Updated to v3.3

MJCQ400 P3Dv4
As if it weren't already enough in having recently announced that their software for the Leonardo Maddog X is ready for release as soon as the aircraft drops, the team behind FS2Crew have released an update for the popular virtual co-pilot add-on to suit the much-loved Majestic Dash-8 Q400. In a Facebook post detailing the release, the changes are noted
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Majestic Software Q400 1.020a Patch

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Majestic Software have posted on their Facebook Page a November NOTAM regarding their Dash 8-Q400 x64 bit version. They have released update 1.020a for the product along with a change list listing all of the items addressed: . Replaced the door opening/closing algorithm via FMS. . Fixed the FMS deleting the flight plan after a waypoint beginning with NAN is
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