Majestic Software’s Microsoft Flight Simulator Plans

Majesitc Update On Q400 Training Edition And Q300 V2 FSElite

Aircraft developer Majestic Software has shared light on what their plans ar for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst the team is “pleased to see that Microsoft has ventured back into the Flight Simulator arena”, they have yet to spend any time with the product as they haven’t yet accessed the simulator during the beta or alpha builds. That said, they do anticipate bringing some of their products to the new simulator.

They aren’t, at this time, able to provide any insight into the timeframes for when the Q300 or the Q400 will be coming to the simulator, but they will be bringing the PILOT, PRO and TRAINING editions of their aircraft to the platform.

As for other Prepar3D, the team mentioned that development is progressing with the development of the FDR functionality and in a few weeks, we’ll see some actual footage of it in action. Majestic will be continuing to develop for 64-bit versions of P3D, and will continue support for the 32-bit platforms.

Of course, we’ll continue to follow their development efforts and let you know. You can follow the team via their website to stay up-to-date.

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Big Status Update from Majestic Software

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It's been quiet from the Majestic Software team for some time, causing many to wonder how things are going with the planned Q400 TRAINING Edition, as well as the Q300 they are working on. Majestic has taken to Facebook with a big status update regarding all the ongoing projects. Q400 The Majestic team reiterated that the development of this version
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Skyline Simulations Drops More Previews of Dash 8 Q100 for X-Plane

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Over on their Facebook page, Skyline Simulations has posted more previews of their first aircraft project, the Bombardier Dash 8 Q100/Q200/Q300 for X-Plane. The work in progress shots shows rendered overhead panels of the short-range turboprop aircraft. The Bombardier Dash 8 series first flew in 1983 under the development of Canadair. Following the sale to Boeing and then to Bombardier,
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Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400 & Q300 V2 News

Majestic Software has today released a new glimpse of what is going on at their office since last heads up back in October. More about this news is found here. Main news is that they provide more information on the upcoming Q400 Training Edition: Multi Monitor Panel. Training Edition - Multi Monitor Panel might not be the most interesting news
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