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PTA 2.61 Compatible With P3D 4.2

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Matt Davies has today updated PTA to version 2.61 which means it’s now fully compatible with P3D 4.2. PTA is available to download from Simtweaks website. No new functionality is added, only compatibility.

Important to note is that this PTA 2.61 version is not compatible with earlier versions of P3D due to different shader structure. It’s ONLY if you use P3D 4.2 that you need this version.

More info is available over at Avsim’s forum and Simtweaks’ website.

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Thopat Update and Announcement

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Update Thorsten Sass, one of the developers on the famous PTA preset 'Thopat', made an announcement today on Facebook. The post begins with the announcement of Thopat Preset v2.2. This preset can be used with the Prepar3d Tweak Assistant version 2.6 and Prepar3d v4.1. It is out right now and you can download it from their website. Announcement Moving forward,
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TOGA Projects Announces ENVSHADE for Prepar3D V3 and V4

TOGA Projects, the team behind the fantastic ENVTEX has confirmed details of their upcoming product ENVSHADE. The new product makes this whole shader business within Prepar3D as easy as possible by providing a complete solution to shader usage. If you're not aware, changing shaders within Prepar3D can make the sim look amazing. There's already the great PTA Tool which will
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Matt Davies’ PTA 2.60 Now Available for Prepar3D V4.1

Matt Davies has released version 2.60 of the PTA tool which will allow you to download and install into Prepar3D v4.1. As already mentioned, there are some new features which has been added with the latest update - all of which are detailed below. Some new features are: - P3D v4.1 Compatibility - No popcorn tweak has been completely rewritten. The old algorithm which worked
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Update: PTA for P3D v4.1 Release Schedule & New Features – Releasing 13th October


Update 12th October @ 22:30z

It has been confirmed by Matt that he intends on releasing PTA for P3Dv4.1 at some point during the morning of Friday 13th October. He has other things in life to take care of so it may slip further into the day. The features also stated below will be rolled back for those still using P3D v4.0 (but we highly recommend you update to the latest).

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Over on the avsim forums, Matt Davies announced some new and updated features that will be coming in the latest version of PTA for P3D v4.1. This includes a popcorn clouds fix which has not worked properly in the transition over to v4 as well as updates to lighting and HDR.

This updated version of PTA will be available within the next few days and if you haven’t already, make sure to pick it up from SimTweaks’ website for £14.99.

Here is the change log PTA taken from source site.

  • – No popcorn tweak has been completely rewritten. The old algorithm which worked in v3 doesn’t render correctly in v4 resulting in grey clouds within a close proximity to your viewpoint
  • – Alternate tone map tweak has been improved – this basically stops clouds from being too bright when you have bloom set using HDR
  • – Separate lighting adjustments for aircraft externally and internally – now you can adjust the lights for the VC separately to the external model
  • – Added an adjustable parameter to reduce cloud brightness at varying stages of the 24hr day cycle (dawn/day/dusk/night)
  • – Added a new tweak which allows separate adjustment of HDR bloom during the 24hr day cycle (dawn/day/dusk/night)


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