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UPDATED: New Version of PTA Available and Issues Activation Issues Resolved


Version 2.52 has now been uploaded to the website, and the activation issues have now been resolved.

We are awaiting a change list, but for now, head over to SimTweaks to download your new version of PTA for P3Dv4.

– Original Article –

In an email from Matt Davies he informed customers of activation issues regarding PTA. It seems that the server from the previous developer, that was still being used for sake of ease, got ‘nuked’. The e-mail states that the exact issues concerning the server are unknown. Matt and the team working on PTA are currently setting up their own server for activation. After this is done there will be an update for PTA to include the new server.

For customers that purchased PTA since it went down, purchases will be put in a queue, and your order will get sorted out once all the issues are over.

PTA Will Continue to Live on with P3DV4 Thanks to Matt Davies

We published an article yesterday indicating that a Reddit user has been reverse engineering the original PTA to be able to work with Prepar3D V4. We were contacted by a few developers asking us to remove it due to the fact that it wasn’t clear if the Reddit user had acquired the rights to do so. As a result, it appeared that wasn’t the case, and as such, we removed the post immediately.

However, Matt Davies then contacted us to confirm he has purchased the original source code and will be releasing a new version which is compatible with Prepar3D V4, as well as a host of other features.

This is completely separate from the information we posted yesterday regarding the Reddit user. There is no connection between the two developers here at all.

The tool will be suitable for both P3DV4 and P3DV3 and also use new technology to make for a slicker experience. The biggest news is the fact this new update will have a community section which will allow people to browse and apply other people’s settings immediately. So if you’re on Twitch and like the look of their sim, look them up, download and enjoy.

As the PTA was purchased for a high amount, this will be a payware tool. The amount hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it “won’t be expensive”. Release is expected in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve contacted Matt to ask for some screenshots of the new tool. We’ll update this post if we get anything.

TOGA Projects PTAbsolute Preview

TOGA Projects has announced that they are working on introducing PTAbsolute which is the perfect way to enhance your sim in combination with ENVTEX SP1.

PTAbsolute is a freeware visual enhancement package for P3D V3 to be used with PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant). Very well optimized to recreate the most realistic environment in P3D together with ENVTEX or any other kind of texture package. Just like any of TOGA Projects products performance has always been kept in mind, that is why PTAbsolute doesn’t hit your FPS at all. And the very best of all: PTAbsolute was optimized to work at it’s best with ENVTEX.

Check out PTAbsolute on TOGA Projects website where it soon can be downloaded for free. Also take a look at TOGA Projects Facebook and FSElite for latest info on releases and previews.

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P3D Tweak Assistant Version 1.5 Released

For those of you who use the brilliant P3D Tweak Assistant tool (PTA), then head over to the website now, as you’ll find version 1.5 has been released. With new post-processing techniques, cloud fixes and additional terrain tweaks, the update adds some great new features to the already excellent tool.

As always if you use the tool and found it to really add to immersion, don’t forget to donate!

I’ve copied the full change list below.

1. Now custom shaders (post-processing) don’t need to be assigned to cameras and will apply to all views. (Increase usability and performance of post-processing.)
2. In addition to effect-specific parameters each post-effect shader has new parameter “DayNightUse”. The value of this parameter specifies when post-process will be active. DayNightUse = 0 – post-effect will work all the time; 1 – active only at daylight; 2 – night; 3 – twilight; 4 – day and twilight; 5 – night and twilight.
3. All post-processing effects (ex- custom shaders) now grouped in new tweak “Use post-processing”. Please read ch.2 “Post-processing” in help contents or on main page for detail information.
4. Cloud tweak “Blend distance adjustment” removed from tool.
5. Terrain haze tweak for VFR flights redesigned and renamed to “Atmospheric scattering”.
6. Alternate terrain haze tweak (for IFR) now has option to make it depending on seasons.