Propair Flight Falke SF25 Released


Propair Flight released their debut aircraft the Falke SF-25 for Prepar3D early Friday. Propair Flight is a new developer aiming to provide detailed, affordable aircraft that will teach you how to fly or allow you to polish the skills you already have.

The aircraft package will include 3 variants of the SF-25:
SF-25B – The basic aircraft with Limbach 1700A engine.
SF-25C – Two main gear setup and a more powerful Limbach 2000A engine.
SF-25E Foldable long-wing version with better soaring.

As a bonus to aircraft choice you will also receive three detailed scenarios to test your skills. These include a traffic pattern, soaring, and Alps scenario.

If you would like to purchase the SF-25 you will find it at this link for $39.99.

Stay tuned as we have our hands on the SF-25 and will be providing a written + video review soon!

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