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Propair Flight Releases B&F Fk131 for Prepar3D

B And F Fk131 Bucker Jungmann P3d 21 Ss M 201002092331

Propair Flight has released its B&F Fk131 for Prepar3D. The latest aircraft from the development studio features a replica of the ultralight aircraft using a range of technology from Prepar3D.

The B&F Fk131 Bucker Jungmann is in fact a modern replica of the German Bucker Bü 131 ultralight from the 1930s and includes fixed landing gear, an open cockpit and an 81HP Walter Micron IIC four-stroke engine.

Propair Flight has included a range of features to make the aircraft as realistic as possible within the simulator. From custom sound sets recorded at onsite visits to custom coded systems that replicate numerous operations of the aircraft, the aircraft will be a great product for those looking to replicate routes with this aircraft. You will be able to handle the electrical systems, manage oil, being the light with a windmill start and also be able to ditch the aircraft using the functioning parachute system. The aircraft has also been tested with real flight data for accuracy.
You can buy Propair Flight’s B&F Fk131 for Prepar3D from Just Flight for £21.99.

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Just Flight Announces Diamond DV20

Propair Diamond Dv20 1 Ss L 200327124200
Just Flight has announced on their Facebook page they were developing a Diamond DV20 "Katana" light aircraft for Prepar3D. The editor indicated on Twitter the aircraft was still in early stages of development and was not scheduled for release before year end. The Just Flight Diamond DV20 is developed in partnership with Propair Flight, who previously released a Falke SF-25
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Propair Flight Scheibe Falke SF-25: The FSElite Review

Propair Flight SF25 Falke The FSElite Review
Well over two centuries ago the idea of gliding soared into the world. As early as 1799 an English engineer and aviator known as George Cayley began to discover the characteristics of flight and successfully flew his kite wing glider concept in 1804. The Wright brothers later expanded upon what was possible with gliders. By the end of the first
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