Aeroplane Heaven Releases Tecnam P2010 for P3D


The Tecnam P2010, developed by Aeroplane Heaven, is released for Prepar3d versions 4.4+. The release of the aircraft was broadcasted through their Facebook page.

It might look like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, but if you look closer you will notice a shiny and sleek designed aircraft, not to mention the performance that it packs with it. It’s the Tecnam P2010 that we will look at, and it has been designed to carry four passengers including the pilot. In addition, its main structure is built with carbon fiber to complete its flawless design with a lighter weight. The Tecnam P2010 is powered by the popular Lycoming IO-360 engine capable of producing 180 hp.

This accurate rendition of the Tecnam has been developed with PBR inside and out. With the implementation of PBR, we can see a detailed outline of the leather on the seats, polished metals, and all plastics inside the aircraft cast a glow. The developer states, “Every nut, bolt, and wire has been accurately modeled and you will find a complete, highly detailed Lycoming engine under the lift up nose panel”.

Many hours were spent to reproduce the flight characteristics of the Tecnam P2010, along with recorded sounds from the actual aircraft which entails everything from starting the engine to the takeoff run. Furthermore, an easy to use feature has been implemented which gives the user the option of switching between a Garmin display panel or a completely analog system panel.

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Dreamfoil Creations EMB-110 Bandeirante v3 Released

Dreamfoil Creations has released version 3 of their Embraer 110 Bandeirante, which most notably brings X-Plane 11 compatibility to the Brazilian regional prop. The complete overhaul of the aircraft brings many new features, along with VR compatibility, new PBR textures inside and out, and an improved flight model for X-Plane 11. Additionally, the 3D model has been reworked, along with the
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AOA Simulations Announces Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor For X-Plane 11

AOA Simulations Leonardo 01
AOA Simulations has announced that they are working on a new project via their Facebook page, the Leonardo AW609 TiltRotor. The AW609 is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft with the purpose of serving the civil aviation market. Powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 Turboprop engines, it can reach speeds up to 509 km/h and has a top range of 1,390 km. As this is
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Avia71 Mudry CAP 10C: The FSElite Review

The act of flying has different meanings to different people - it all depends on who you ask. While most of the people reading this will be those who are quite happy to jump into a tubeliner and have their cravings satisfied, there are others who have a want to get into the air and live on the edge of
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Avia71 Announce Aerostar 601P

Avia71 AEROSTAR 601P Announcement
Avia71, a relatively small GA aircraft developer for the X-Plane platform, has announced their next aircraft as a Piper (formerly Ted Smith) Aerostar 601P via YouTube video, which is already in closed beta stages. The Aerostar is most recently well-known for being the star (alongside Tom Cruise) in the Hollywood movie American Made. Sadly, the aircraft used in this film - N164HH
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Just Flight Preview Upcoming C152 in X-Plane 11

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Not content with having just released two new aircraft, Just Flight has shown off some previews of their upcoming Cessna 152 within X-Plane 11, which has been in development for a little while now.

In a post to their Facebook page, the ever-busy developers have shown a handful of new screenshots of the baby single prop. The screenshots show off the immaculate exterior of the aircraft, including every little detail down to wear on the fuselage panels.

No word just yet on a release date, but in the post, they shared the link to the product page which should hopefully indicate an impending release. With it being a popular plane in other simulators, we’re excited to see it perform in X-Plane.

Check out the screenshots below, or click through here to the product page on the Just Flight website.

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