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Release Timeline of Aerosoft A3XX Professional Series Announced

Screenshots NEWVC 20171006 001.png.7e4ec4c9a022b6e3f9b43cca7738e618

Update @ 4 Feb 2018 2330z: Further clarified that no release date has been given for the release of the A319/318 yet.


Aerosoft’s Mathijs promised he would give some insight into his most recent project meeting about the A3XX Professional Series and today he has done just that. Whilst the major question of when will be released hasn’t been answered, what he did do was provide some clarity on the order and timelines he believes will take place once it has been released. Of course, with anything to do with release dates in the flight sim community, they are subject to change and fluctuation. It’s also worth noting that he mentioned that a ‘professional project’ will be happening for the team soon meaning it may throw some things off track a bit.

The Timelines

A318/A319 Professional will be first (no date confirmed). Then:
14 days in between

A320/A321 Professional
5 weeks in between

A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Profession Service Pack 1
This Service pack will replace the current PFD and ND with newer a version that are higher in resolution and designed to be used in 2D mode (the other gauges should already work in 2d mode at that time).
Unknown period in between, but we guestimate something like 4 weeks.

A330 Professional
Unknown period in between

A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Professional & A330 Professional Service Pack 2
Bringing together all the products to the same code and standard. Plus any learning from previous releases.

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Aerosoft Anchorage Professional Updated to V1.10

Anchorage Professional 15
Aerosoft only released Anchorage Professional a few weeks ago, but the team has already released a new update fixing a few issues reported by the community. The update focuses on making sure that the runways are the correct length as their real-world counterparts and a few other changes have been made. Furthermore, the configtool has been redesigned to be easier
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Aerosoft Release Anchorage Professional

Anchorage Professional 15
One for all those who enjoy all things cargo flying - Aeorosft has released Anchorage Professional. The latest instalment in their extensive 'professional' line which is gradually bringing the majority of their products into P3D v4. This update for Anchorage includes all the typical features we've seen in other 'professional' updates which includes dynamic lighting and jetways which are fully
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Aerosoft are Looking for Airbus Beta Testers

Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02
As the year comes closer than ever to an end, Aerosoft are pushing hard to try and get their 64-bit compatible Airbus simulations out the door to the community. In a post on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has listed that he's requiring help to test the aircraft extensively. Before you open a new tab to reply to Mathijs, you should
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Aerosoft Announces Rotterdam The Hague Airport Professional

171010 EHRD 175.JPG.280811dda1f2b01a9bc4f609145cd607
Nearly 7 years after its original release, Aerosoft has announced that an updated version of Rotterdam The Hague Airport has started development. The airport will be released under Aerosofts all too familiar "Professional" tier. This includes support for Prepar3d v4 and dynamic lighting. Because the original scenery is already quite dated the scenery will include more than just compatibility updates.
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Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona Evolution Released for P3D V4 and FSX

Barcelona Professional 19

Aerosoft just released their Mega Airport Barcelona scenery for FSX and P3D v4 for you to enjoy. It’s yours for 27.69 EUR and it’s available at Aerosoft’s website.

Barcelona Airport is located in the Spanish region of Catalina and is the second’s largest airport in Spain after Madrid-Barajas. The airport is also the 10th biggest in Europe.

The scenery comes with high-resolution aerial image covering a total surface of 4200 square kilometers. As well as autogen on top of the imagery such as buildings and vegetation.

Apart from that, the airport itself features night lighting, very detailed buildings and some animations. The AFCAD file is updated to AIRAC 1708 to offer realistic parking codes for AI traffic.

Special P3D V4 Features:

  • All code (BGLs) compiled with P3D V4 SDK, using new material options and being performance optimized to the new engine
  • All objects optimised for new shadow technology
  • Dynamic Lighting (can be turned off per area via the config menu)
  • Ground layout including detailed aerial image following P3DV4 SDK
  • Optimized 3D runway lighting with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions.

If you own the old version of Barcelona X, you are entitled to a discounted price of only 19 EUR ex VAT. Provide the old serial key when purchasing this new scenery to get the proper discount.

Below you can the idea of what this scenery will look like on the P3D V4 platform.

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Aerosoft Friedrichshafen Professional for P3D V4 Released

Aerosoft have released their updated version of Friedrichshafen for P3D v4, which joins Aerosoft's new 'professional' line. It is developed by the award winning German Airports Team along with Peter Hiermeier. This updated Friedrichshafen scenery brings the small German airport up to scratch with its current state. If you have previously purchased Aerosoft Friedrichshafen X either downloaded or boxed you
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