Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02

Aerosoft are Looking for Airbus Beta Testers

As the year comes closer than ever to an end, Aerosoft are pushing hard to try and get their 64-bit compatible Airbus simulations out the door to the community. In a post on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has listed that he's requiring help to test the aircraft extensively. Before you open a new tab to reply to Mathijs, you should
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Aerosoft Announces Rotterdam The Hague Airport Professional

171010 EHRD 175.JPG.280811dda1f2b01a9bc4f609145cd607
Nearly 7 years after its original release, Aerosoft has announced that an updated version of Rotterdam The Hague Airport has started development. The airport will be released under Aerosofts all too familiar "Professional" tier. This includes support for Prepar3d v4 and dynamic lighting. Because the original scenery is already quite dated the scenery will include more than just compatibility updates.
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Aerosoft Friedrichshafen Professional for P3D V4 Released

Aerosoft have released their updated version of Friedrichshafen for P3D v4, which joins Aerosoft's new 'professional' line. It is developed by the award winning German Airports Team along with Peter Hiermeier. This updated Friedrichshafen scenery brings the small German airport up to scratch with its current state. If you have previously purchased Aerosoft Friedrichshafen X either downloaded or boxed you
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