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Just Flight Releases the VC10 Professional

Just Flight Vc10 Professional (4)

Just Flight continue to pump out the news this week with the release of their VC10 Professional. The VC10 Professional Collection for Prepar3D V1-4 and FSX is now available to buy, which is a more in-depth version of the original one released a few years ago.

The VC10 Professional includes five modelled aircraft including the BOAC standard VC10, along with the Super VC10, the C1K Transporter and both K3/K4 tankers. The models feature detailed animations, texturing and modelling throughout each one. In terms of system depth, the team have included a custom-coded fuel and auto-pilot system, along with an aircraft configuration system, realistic engine start procedures and also simulated the powered flying control units – including loss of electrical power or isolation. Furthermore, there’s custom-coded Delco Carousel IV-A INS, engine management, pressurisation systems and a custom lighting set.

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Aersosoft Cologne/Bonn Professional: The FSElite Review

Introduction Cologne or Köln is a 2000-year-old city in western Germany that sits on the edge of the Rhine river proudly displaying its high gothic architecture. Situated around 45 kilometres southeast of Dusseldorf and 25 kilometres northwest of Bonn, Cologne is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The airport is very busy, being a
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Aerosoft Updates Cologne (Köln/Bonn) Professional

KölnBonn Professional – Trailer
After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback and praise on their newly released Cologne (Köln/Bonn) Professional, Aerosoft has issued a small update (v1.0.1.0) for the scenery containing small bug fixes for the AFCAD, textures, SODE and the configuration tool. The full changelog can be viewed at the end of this article. To obtain version, download the new full installer which is 3.3GB
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Aerosoft Bergamo (LIME) Professional Released

Bergamo Professional – Trailer
After a bit of teasing and exclusive previews from the developer, Tailstrike Designs, here and there, publisher Aerosoft has released Bergamo (LIME) Professional. Bergamo is one of Ryanair’s many bases meaning that there is a vast amount of routes available to fly within Europe. As Bergamo is an important cargo hub, there are also European cargo routes in and out of Bergamo with DHL
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Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Released

Aerosoft A320A321 Professional – Trailer
After a long wait and many delays, Aerosoft has released the A320/A321 Professional for Prepar3D v4.3. The new release is a complete overhaul of the previous Airbus A320/A321 that was released for FSX and earlier Prepar3D versions a number of years ago. While the product has been completely re-written, Aerosoft say that the same basic idea of the product remains -
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Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Delayed


In a move that surprised exactly nobody, Aerosoft decided to delay their upcoming A320/A321 Professional again. The scheduled release is now set for Monday, September 10th instead of the previously announced September 6th. The reason for this delay was given by Mathijs Kok. According to his statement, there are some things that he still wants to include and the adjustments to the shop software need to be verified. He didn’t go in to further detail about what he still wants to include.

Whether the aircraft will actually release on Monday still remains to be seen, as Aerosoft has a bit of a history delaying this project that was originally slated for August 2017. But, until Aerosoft decides to release it, at least we have this nice preview to look at.

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Aerosoft release Milano Malpensa Professional

Milano Prof (16)
Aerosoft has released a 'Professional' update for Milano Malpensa (LIMC). This version, as with all of Aerosofts addons in the 'Professional' series, comes with features and changes that are exclusive to Prepar3D v4 only. You can find all these features at the end of this post. Aerosoft's Milano Malpensa Professional is available for €24,39 from the Aerosoft Shop. It should
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Sim Wings Canary Islands Professional El Hierro Released

Sim Wings have released their next line of professional scenery products. El Hierro Airport (GCHI) is now compatible with Prepar3d Version 4. El Hierro Airport is the only airport on the island of El Hierro in Spain serving few airlines. However, in spite of its size and its limited timetable, it was the airport which had the greatest increase in number
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Watch Shared Cockpit Aerosoft A318 Professional with MultiCrew

2018 2 13 19 49 54 584.thumb.png.dffcdf68e34afdfafdddc68b5cee228f
We're really pleased to have so many Twitch streamers and YouTubers continue to support us as we grow. Part of this support means we occasionally scratch their back also to help promote their great content. We recently shared a stream for the Aerosoft A318 Professional and we're doing the same again today.The difference between this stream the previous one is
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Aerosoft Releases Berlin-Brandenburg Professional

Ma Berlin Prof (10)
In the real world, Berlin-Brandenburg has suffered delay after delay after delay. The airport still isn't open despite being fully built, meaning that the older airport, Berlin Schönefeld continues to operate. Aerosoft created Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg to include the brand new airport, as well as the older SXF airport also. The scenery also allowed you to either have SXF open
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