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X-Crafts Share Previews of the E135, E140 and E145XR in X-Plane 11

X Crafts Erj Family E135 E140 (1)

Developer X-Crafts has taken to Facebook to give a brief update on the upcoming ERJ family. The developer opened with the news that he has started a real-world job as a VFX artist, so his time to develop has dropped. However, he is still extremely determined to make sure that the product is released to the highest possible quality he can achieve.

Whilst the product was in a ready-state a while ago, but the developer did acknowledge that there were still some issues and would much rather release a complete and fun product than something half-baked. X-Crafts are currently building a product which will be as ‘stable’ as possible and are currently receiving feedback from 6 real ERJ pilots to get everything as correct as possible.

The previews below are from the E135, E140 and E145XR – this is the first time these previews have been shared.

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Milviz F-15C Previewed with PBR

Milviz F 15C Previewed With PBR FSElite1
Continuing a recent barrage of previews of their upcoming aircraft, Milviz has shown off the lastest of their upcoming aircraft to receive the PBR treatment: the F-15C! The F-15C is the latest in the Milviz pipeline to be outfitted with the new technology, with the ATR-72 and the King Air already having it implemented in the last few weeks. While
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Milviz Shows Off King Air 350i Icing Effects

Milviz Shows Off King Air 350i Icing Effects FSElite
It's been a busy week for Milviz, to say the least, with multiple previews of the ATR having been shown off, in addition to a sneak peak at their upcoming King Air 350i with PBR. Today, Milviz continued the streak of previews on their aircraft with a first look at the icing effects that are going into the product! Do
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Milviz Shows Off Functional ATR Cockpit

Milviz Show Off Functional ATR Cockpit FSElite
Following months of teasing of the ATR's cockpit and external models, Milviz has finally shown off a preview of the aircraft with functional displays in the cockpit! This certainly is a huge milestone for the project as a whole and shows it's picking up steam at a rapid pace! We can't wait to see more of the aircraft in the
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Milviz Previews King Air 350i with PBR

Milviz Previews King Air 350i With PBR FSElite
Just over a month after Milviz announced they would be including PBR in their upcoming aircraft, the upcoming Milviz King Air 350i has been shown off with the new tech implemented! This comes just a few weeks after their upcoming ATR 72 was shown off with PBR as well, and we can't wait to see what their other upcoming aircraft
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Milviz Previews ATR Cabin and Cockpit

Milviz Previews ATR Cabin And Cockpit FSElite 1

Milviz is back once again with more glorious shots of their upcoming ATR 72, and this time of the high-quality virtual cabin and cockpit going into the product!

These shots come just a few weeks after Milviz last showed off the ATR in-sim and with PBR applied, so it appears the project is moving at quite a rapid clip. We can’t wait to see more of the aircraft, and we’ll keep you updated just as soon as we can!

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New Milviz ATR-72 PBR Preview

Milviz Previews Their ATR 72 FSElite
Just shy of a month after showing off the animated cockpit of their upcoming ATR-72, Milviz is back to show off yet another preview of the upcoming bird! This time, we are treated to a shot of the ATR in-sim (Prepar3D, v4 in this case) and with PBR applied, if the hashtags under the post are anything to go by. We
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Turbulent Designs Shows First PBR Previews

Turbulent Designs Shows First PBR Previews FSElite3
In a somewhat different post than we're used to, Turbulent Designs showed off the first PBR objects from them, choosing to show off the new textures on various ground equipment. Looking through the comments, it's a possibility that these objects may not just be static, with Russ replying, "Oh, the possibilities" when asked if the objects would be functional or
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Colimata Concorde for X-Plane Previewed

Colimata Preview Concorde External Model FSElite 3
Over on the forums, Florian of Colimata posted the first previews of their upcoming Concorde's external model! The last previews we were shown were of the virtual cockpit back in October, so it's nice to see progress being made on other aspects. We'll share when we have new information on this exciting project.
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