Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux Previews

Preview7 LFBD A 2019

It’s not the first time we’ve been seeing this airport, but Pilot Experience Sim has shared some more Bordeaux (LFBD) previews with us. The previews focus on Terminal A of the airport, and appear to be featuring GSX SODE jetways. The previews are also showing off PBR textures on the rest of the building, as well as the modelling of the terminal.

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A_A Sceneries Announces Phuket Update

VTSP 2019 21
Followed closely in the tracks of the recent release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery, developer A_A Sceneries has announced to be working on an update for their version of the airport. A_A Sceneries currently has a version of Phuket (VTSP) available on SimMarket, but this version dates back to 2012 and is rather outdated, though it still works in our
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New IronSim Karpathos Previews

Developer IronSim announced his newest upcoming scenery, Karpathos (LGKP), earlier this month. The developer has now shared some more previews, addressing some feedback that was noticeable over the previous previews. The airport now looks in a much more completed state, and a lot of accents and details have been added throughout the scenery, addressing the feedback that the airport looked
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Bdo Aviation Phuket Almost Ready for Release

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Announced back in August, Bdo Aviation seems to be almost ready to release their upcoming scenery for Phuket (VTSP). The team shared that the scenery would be 'ready to release very soon', along with a plethora of previews. The previews look very nice, with high detail modelling and textures, dynamic lighting and seasonal textures. Phuket is a popular tourist destination
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Mont Blanc Group Progress Update

Mont Blanc Group has shared how their upcoming scenery for, surprisingly, Mont Blanc and the surrounding region, is progressing. The team is working hard on inserting the 3D models of houses and structures onto the terrain mesh, but this is a very demanding and time consuming task. The two cities of Courmayeur an Chamonix, on the Italian and French side
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AOA T-X Cockpit Previews

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AOA Simulations has been providing us with a steady stream of previews of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X. This time, AOA wants to share some more of the cockpit with us, which is shaping up nicely with high quality modelling and textures. Though the textures aren’t finished yet, according to the post, the first PBR textures have been applied and are visible in the screenshot. We also get to see the cockpit lighting for the first time, during night time.

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Aerosoft Reggio Calabria Professional Previews

Aerosoft has shared some early previews of the upcoming Reggio Calabria airport. The scenery is being developed by TailStrike Designs and will be published by Aerosoft. The previews focus on the PBR textures and modelling of the scenery. According to the preview post, made by Mathijs Kok, the scenery will feature the surrounding city scape, including main city buildings such
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More Previews FSDG Rhodes

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Nearing the release on September 11 (if all goes according to plan), FSDG has shared a few more previews of their upcoming Rhodes (LGRP) scenery. Just two days ago we were able to share the very first preview we've seen of the airport itself, after having been teased plenty with the island and surrounding region of the airport. Now FSDG is
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Verticalsim Studios Drop Further Previews of Spokane for X-Plane

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Developer Verticalsim Studios has released previews over on their Facebook page of their next airport scenery release, Spokane (KGEG). Spokane is located in the east of Washington state, the city and surrounding areas has a population of around half a million people. Spokane Airport handles around 3.5 million passengers a year to internal US destinations by carriers such as Southwest
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Insider Program Kickoff, Plus More Previews

Well known developer Microsoft has opened their insider program to the public. They've also previewed their development roadmap and more screenshots for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 title. The Microsoft Flight Simulator team have stated that the next update will come on August 22nd, which will include the complete Development Roadmap Release. In their previous update earlier this month,
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