FSElite Exclusive: [LIVE NOW] Join us LIVE For a FlythemaddogX MD80 Preview

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Watch live video from fselite_twitch on

UPDATE @ 17:35z

We should be live in about 10 minutes!

UPDATE @ 16:30z

Sorry folks, we’re experiencing a bit of a delay on this. Our streamer is on his way home soon to set everything up and be ready. We’ll update this post with a more accurate time!

Sorry guys – we hope it’ll be worth the wait. Make sure you sub to our Twitch page and you’ll be notified when we’re live.

As we edge closer to the release of the Leonardo FlythemaddogX MD80, we promised you plenty of exclusive content and previews before release. Last week we brought you some awesome new screenshots and a quick video showing you taxi, engine start and take off.

We’ll be continuing that theme later today with an exclusive first look at the aircraft in P3DV4 via our Twitch channel. Our in-house streamer, Mungo, will be giving you an extensive look of the flying machine.

Stream is due to start today (Friday 19th January 2018). Make sure you subscribe to our Twitch channel to be notified of us going live.

If you don’t catch the stream, we’ll be sharing it on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

If you have any questions for our testers, pop a comment down below.

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Drzewiecki Designs Tallinn v2 Previews

EETNupdate Zpsvtlw2aub
Coupled with a bunch of preview shots, Drzewiecki Designs has announced to be working on a v2 update for their Tallinn scenery. The original scenery was released in August 2014. Tallinn is a bit of an underdog when it comes to flying. However, with a very nice rendition of the airport and an equally beautiful rendition of the old town, Drzewiecki
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Tailstrike Designs LIME X Previews – January

Tailstrike Designs Lime X Jan 17 1
Tailstrike Designs continue to share their progression with Orio al Serio International Airport (LIME X). The Italian airport, located in Milan, is home to many low-cost airlines and other carriers. As you can see from the previews below, the team have spent loads of time focusing on the ground texturing and polygons for the airport. You can see even more previews
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Carenado S340 Previews

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Carenado announced this project last year in September, but not much was heard about it ever since. Today they decided to break the silence and share some new preview shots with us. Go have a look for yourself!
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Aerosoft previews Gran Canaria

Aerosoft and SimWings have shown some more previews of Gran Canaria (GCLP) on their forum. But unfortunately it's a bit of a disappointing preview. As you may know, Aerosoft announced this project over 1.5 year ago (May 2016). After this announcement we haven't gotten any indication of the progress up until now and... it's not looking as good as you
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FSDreamTeam Preview EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news on Basel Mulhouse Freiburg from the devs at FSDreamTeam. But now I’m glad to say that they have posted via their Facebook page  a “terminal basic 3D” photo (as seen above), captioned as “EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, terminal basic 3D“.

It is clear that this scenery is still in it’s early stages so it may be a while till we get a release, but as always FSElite will keep you updated if there are any more announcements made.

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New Previews of JetStream Design’s Nantes

JSD LFRS 2109 10
JetStream Designs have just posted some new shots of their upcoming Nantes scenery over on their Facebook page which show off the terminal building and the car park. These shots are showing good progress on the scenery, with JetStream Designs aiming to release the scenery before the end of 2017. They made sure to mention that although the level of detail
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Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls KIDA enters beta

KIDA Screenshot 60
Over on their website Turbulent Designs have announced that their upcoming scenery for Idaho Falls (KIDA) has hit beta stage. The scenery was announced quite some time ago last year, and it seems its now finally getting close to release. According to their post a release date will be announced soon. With this announcement came an impressive feature list as
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Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ previews

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Eaglesoft have given us some more preview shots of their Citation XLS+ that is currently under development. Unfortunately the post did not state anything about a release window or technical status. But the images are definitely worth checking out regardless.
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