AOA Simulations Previews Boeing/Saab T-X Cockpit Renders

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Since the announcement of their Boeing/Saab T-X project back in April, developer AOA Simulations has been hard at work on the development of the Boeing/Saab T-X with development now focused on the cockpit.

The brief update from their Facebook page shows a couple of interesting cockpit renders showing what we can expect from this release for X-Plane 11. What we can see from the screenshots is a highly detailed cockpit showing the flight controls and pilots seat along with the large MFD display.

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AOA Simulations Boeing/Saab T-X Previews

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Over on Facebook, AOA Simulations shared a few more previews of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X. According to the description with the previews, the team has been trying out the famous Mach Loop in their plane. The previews also show the airplane's exterior in a more finished state than last time, with PBR textures and an entire arrangement of weaponry. The
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JustSim Releases Chania International Airport

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JustSim is bringing the heat to Aerosoft with their latest announcement. In a post made on Facebook, JustSim shared that their next scenery would be Chania airport (LGSA) on the Greek island of Crete. It was exactly one month ago that Aerosoft announced to also be working on Chania. JustSim's version of the airport looks to be about ready, and
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More Aerosoft Lukla – Mount Everest Extreme Previews

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Over on the preview forum, a few more screenshots of Aerosoft's upcoming Lukla - Mount Everest Extreme scenery. Previously we've been seeing how the airport itself has been progressing, and how it compares to the old version. This time, the previews take us a bit outside of the airport and show off the Himalaya mountains, in which it is located.
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Douglas C-47

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Earlier this month we had a sneak-peek of the latest work by Aeroplane Heaven and the soon to be released Douglas C-47 Skytrain for Prepar3D. In a post on their Facebook page, Aeroplane Heaven has shared new screenshots of their C-47 and they have stated that it is now ready for flight testing this week. Looking at the latest screenshots
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LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In-Sim

LHSimulations Previews Budapest 2.0 In Sim FSElite

LHSimulations has posted a new preview of their upcoming Budapest 2.0 project which seems to have made great progress from the renders we were shown back in April.

In this preview, we are able to see that the airport seems to be in quite an advanced state already. While it’s certainly missing a lot, most noticeably jetways, a good portion of the initial work looks to have been completed already.

Unfortunately, we weren’t provided with any additional information, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the project’s progress.

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Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux Previews

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Pilot Experience Sim has shared some new previews of their upcoming scenery for Bordeaux-Merignac airport (LFBD). The team announced this project earlier this year, and has been showing us some previews of it every now and then. The new preview images clearly show the ATC tower, as well as some airport vehicles: pushback tugs, luggage carts, GPU's and even fire
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Aeroplane Heaven C-47 Close-Up Previews

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It’s no secret that the team over at Aeroplane Heaven is working on a C-47, as they have been showing off previews from time to time. This time they are showing off some close-up previews of the landing gear, as well as the propellor of the plane. You can clearly see the amount of effort the team is putting in
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SimHeaven X-Europe 3 Preview

X Europe 3.0 Alps 2
SimHeaven has published a new video, showcasing the upcoming X-Europe 3.0. The video takes you through the Swiss Alps, showing off the beautiful landscape enhanced by the add-on. X-Europe adds a layer of OpenStreetMap data to the default terrain, making it more accurate than the default terrain. It adds default X-Plane buildings on top of that. A release date is
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Update 2.1 Previews

Mk Studios Tenerife V2 Review 07
Over on Facebook, MK-Studios shared some previews of the upcoming 2.1 update to their Tenerife Vol. 1 scenery. The update comes with a number of fixes that have been reported by the community, as well as pointed out in our very own review. There are, for instance, some fixes to auto-gen that will hopefully fix the floating buildings, as well
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