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Aerosoft Pisa X Coming Soon for FSX and Prepar3d

Aerosoft recently posted images over on Facebook showing off their upcoming Pisa X for both Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d.

My initial reactions are that it looks quite low-res. I won’t be quick to pass judgement as we definitely need a Pisa within the sim (the approach is awesome), so I’m still excited to see what it’s like once it is in the sim. The team have stated that the entire city has been modeled from the “ground up” making those approaches beautiful!

Aerosoft A330 Preview 25 Nov 2016

Aerosoft have kept their tradition of revealing preview screenshots of their up and coming A330.

Extremely similar to what we’ve seen before, we can see that the Dragonair livery is getting lots of use. This time, we can see some detail in the tail.

Posted by Stefan, he explains that the details have now been completed for the A330-300. Despite the challenges of creating a complex part of the aircraft, he is now happy with the tail and will be moving onto the last section – the wings. Because the area is so large and he has to complete the research, it will take longer than the usual 5 days. This may mean no screenshot update next week.

Finally, he said that there will be a detailed paintkit manual come release, which we’re expecting to take place in 2017.

Until we see something new from Aerosoft, these will be the last shots FSElite post.

Keep an eye on the Aerosoft forums for more details.

FSFX Chase Plane Alpha 2 Details

Keven Menard has detailed what users can expect with FSFX Chase Plane Alpha 2.

Whilst people have their opinion on pre-release paid for alpha versions, what’s really impressive is that since the launch of Chase Plane back on November 1st, FSFX have pushed 35 updates to improve the user’s experience. This included everything from fixes to new features.

With November coming to a close, the team will be wrapping up Alpha 1 and will move onto creating the next Alpha version. This will be ready by the end of January.

So what will can you expect from the new version. Well the details are below (YES TrackIR will be integrated!)

  1. TrackIR integration
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Reorder presets by writing the desired index directly
  4. Saveable presets in Static Mode
  5. Massive improvements on the In-Sim View Selector (+ fix for pointing devices & for HiDPI displays)
  6. Control over the sim’s built-in views
  7. Transfer of preset shortcuts when importing from other aircraft
  8. Camera control while in Cinematic Mode
  9. Transition time option per preset
  10. Engine turbulence from inside the cockpit (open canopies)
  11. Virtual doors and walls
  12. Contextual menu in ChasePlane to edit presets
  13. Customizable information overlay including VAS usage, currently loaded preset, save status etc.
  14. Experimental Community features
  15. Simulation Rate support
  16. Sticky Mouse-Look option
  17. Slew Mode detection
  18. Built-in Spot View support
  19. Double-Tap key assignments
  20. Option to minimize to taskbar
  21. Saved Window position
  22. Scroll zoom
  23. Hidden cursor when mouse wheel is pressed and moving
  24. Key Assignments Enable/Disable
  25. Importable camera definitions (built into most aircraft)

Of course, during the Alpha release, we can expect to see some changes and improvements to improve Chase Plane even further.

In the mean time, why don’t you watch our Chase Plan video preview.

More PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Preview Shots

Beta tester Luke Pabari has shared even more stunning shots of the upcoming PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II.



Understandably, all of these previews are making our mouths water, so this will be the last set we post until a video has been released.

These shots were taken from dawn when departing from London. As you can see, the way the sun shines off of the wing as it flexes during the bank is stunning.

Hopefully we will see p3d shots soon!

Make sure you check out our competiton to win a free copy.

Airline2Sim 777 Cadet Program Early Free Pre-Release Preview?!

Airline2Sim made more than a slight mistake today when the 1st Hour of ‘Draft Footage’  was released to YouTube. The footage that was released is the 1st Hour segment, where they discuss the 777 and do a ‘walkaround’ and talk about the 777 as a plane to fly, with the addition of little stories from the Captain. The program which is set to, have a official release date next week, involves Captain Myron Ashcraft who has been a United 777 Pilot for 13 Years!

The video can be found here on YouTube and it is here to stay as Airline2Sim CEO (Ben) said it should be treated as ‘a free preview’. The footage is still draft form so expect things to change after release, additionally keep up to date with the 777 Program here at FSElite!






Preview of ChasePlane

As part of our Community Charter, we provide full disclosure at FSElite.

FSFX’ ChasePlane was provided free of charge to FSElite for the purpose of previewing it for the community.

Last week we got our hands on FSFX’ latest product, the recently announced ChasePlane. ChasePlane is a camera system that aims to make controlling your cockpit easier while maintaining realism and adding some effects. We were super excited about this and started playing around with it right away. So let’s get into our preview: is it indeed such an easy and good tool as they want it to be, and does it give other tools that aim to do something similar or the same (EZDOK, OpusFSI) a run for their money?

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FSimStudios preview Calgary International Airport (CYYC)

FSimStudios have shown us some early previews of their ‘biggest and most ambitious project yet’, Calgary International Airport. There isn’t much known about it other than that they are aiming at a release late 2016 or early 2017 and it will be developed for FSX and P3D. FSimStudios have also posted a bunch of screenshots that you can see down below. For the original post you can go here.

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Chris Bell Reveals Secret Project: vEarth (Virtual Earth)

You probably remember Chris Bell from his work with Aerosoft regarding Night Environment, and more recently, his work on Black Marble. During his development time, he’s been secretly working on a brand experience for photoreal scenery integration.

The idea is that when using photoreal scenery within the Sim, this new technology will allow for seasonal variation as well as night textuing. With LOD15 used as standard you can expect both high and lower res imagery to ensure that detail is accurate.

vEarth will render directly from the imagery used within the sim. For example, accurate coast lines, including waves, as well as detecting every single tree with correct type and size accurately displayed within the sim. Impressive! Furthermore, the technology will be used to ensure houses are accurate, and even powerlines.

Chris is calling is “AccuGen,” which can be viewed flying through the state of Florida in the YouTube video above and below.

We’re already impressed by the technology and look forward to seeing what’s to come next!