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New Previews of JetStream Design’s Nantes

JSD LFRS 2109 10
JetStream Designs have just posted some new shots of their upcoming Nantes scenery over on their Facebook page which show off the terminal building and the car park. These shots are showing good progress on the scenery, with JetStream Designs aiming to release the scenery before the end of 2017. They made sure to mention that although the level of detail
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Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls KIDA enters beta

KIDA Screenshot 60
Over on their website Turbulent Designs have announced that their upcoming scenery for Idaho Falls (KIDA) has hit beta stage. The scenery was announced quite some time ago last year, and it seems its now finally getting close to release. According to their post a release date will be announced soon. With this announcement came an impressive feature list as
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Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ previews

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Eaglesoft have given us some more preview shots of their Citation XLS+ that is currently under development. Unfortunately the post did not state anything about a release window or technical status. But the images are definitely worth checking out regardless.
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Aerosoft CRJ Dynamic Light

Aerosoft CRJ External Lights Demo
Matthijs gave us a preview of Prepar3d V4s Dynamic Light capabilities on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ. It looks very nice, especially the landing light disco (though I am not sure if people in the terminal would agree with me). Check out the post for yourself to get all the latest updates on Aerosofts CRJ or check out the video above.
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ENVTEX Service Pack 1 previews

TOGA Projects have given us some previews of their upcoming SP1 for ENVTEX. Of course you know ENVTEX, that amazing texture add-on with those beautiful Aurora Borealis effects. SP1 will officially add Prepar3d V4 support (although it should be noted that ENVTEX is already partly compatible) and a completely new interface. They have also been so kind to share some screenshots
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Carenado Premier 1A final previews

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Carenado is almost ready to release their Premier 1A! They have shared some final shots on Facebook of this iconic little jet before it releases. This little business jet saw its first flight in 1998 and until 2013 a total number of 298 have been made. It was a very popular jet especially in the US.
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Navigraph Charts Open Beta announcement

Navigraph Charts Open Beta Navigraph have opened up their Charts Beta for all existing customers! We've been reporting on Navigraphs upcoming Charts update for a while now, and some of the details are already known. But now we can finally get our hands on it and start using it! The beta is meant to really test the product and iron
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SamScene Milan RealCityX Preview

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Over on their website SamScene has previewed their latest RealCityX project: Milan City will include many famous buildings, churches, shopping malls and a whole lot of autogen. Also covered will be custom hangars and the terminal building of Bresso Airfield.
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