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Black Box Simulation A319 Neo Preview

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It’s been over a year since the last update of the Black Box Simulation Airbus family. But that hasn’t stopped the team from releasing previews and teasing us with everything that’s coming up in v0.9. For example, we have seen an A320 Neo and A321 Neo in the past. We’ve also seen a few previews of the new virtual cockpit, that features an entirely re-written and new MCDU amongst other features. And we heard news of some new Airbus wide body variants, such as the A340-200 and the A340-500 Plus, and the A330-800/900 Neo.

Now the team has taken to Facebook once again with a new preview of a plane (Neo variant) that we hadn’t seen yet: the A319 Neo, featuring the new CFM Leap engines. As always, a release date is not yet know, but the team did comment that ‘work is still ongoing at a rapid pace’.

You can learn more about the upcoming update here.

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Drzewiecki Design Chicago Midway Previews

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As progress is coming along nicely, and for some airports reaching or nearing completion, Drzewiecki Design has been showing more and more previews of the upcoming airports of Chicago City X. Previously we saw screenshots of the in-progress Chicago Midway airport, and the finished Chicago Executive airport. Now the developer has taken to Facebook with the announcement that the first
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Drzewiecki Design Chicago Executive Airport Previews

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Was Drzewiecki Design still showing Chicago Midway Airport just last month, they are now back with some previews of Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK). The airport is being shown in great detail with high resolution textures. According to Drzewiecki Design, development of this airport has been completed, though an overall progress update of Chicago City X as a whole wasn't given.
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GayaSimulation Courchevel Previews

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GayaSimulation has released some previews of their latest development Courchevel. Initially announced in 2017 we have received very few updates on the progress of the project. On Saturday some previews of the altiport were released. Very few details have been announced however we do know for sure that it will feature realistic hand painted asphalt textures and PBR. GayaSimulation announced
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Milviz Previews SR-71 Cockpit

Milviz Preview SR 71 Cockpit FSElite
Over on their Facebook page, Milviz has shown off the night lighting in the cockpit of their upcoming SR-71A Blackbird. The SR-71 Blackbird is renowned for being the fastest, fixed wing and air-breathing, manned aircraft of all time, with top speeds exceeding Mach 3.2. Having this incredibly fast spy plane in our sims will make for some interesting flights, to say the least.
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Milviz Teases Mitsubishi MU-2

Milviz Tease Mitsubishi MU 2 FSElite

Quite possibly one of the least-known aircraft in the Milviz pipeline, the Mitsubishi MU-2 has been shown off once more, this time as a wireframe model in a 3D tool.

While the last shots we showed of the ‘Moo’ were in-sim, the aircraft looks to be back in the CAD. Even at this stage, the model looks to be very high quality and we can’t wait to see it in-sim once more! For those wondering, Milviz is doing the Solitaire variant of the MU2, and it will only be for P3D.

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More Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South Previews

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Orbx continues to tease us with previews of their upcoming TrueEarth GB South addon for Prepar3D. The previews appeared over on the Orbx forums, and once again show off the beauty of this upcoming addon. If you, like us, really can't wait for this addon much longer, there's some good news for you. At the beginning of this week we
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Carenado Tease Their Upcoming Saab 340 for X-Plane

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In a Facebook post, Carenado has teased their Saab 340 for X-Plane ahead of the upcoming release. Based on the same aircraft that was released in April last year for P3D and FSX, the S340 will, in the X-Plane market, become a direct competitor to the Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340 that has been around for years and become a
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Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render

Milviz Post Textured ATR Cockpit Render FSElite
The Milviz ATR 72 (and 42) is quite possibly one of the most anticipated upcoming aircraft from the company (aside from SR-71, in my opinion), with many keen to have a Milvz-quality ATR in their sims. With this being said, it's been a little silent on the ATR front from Milviz, with the last preview we saw being back in
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Milviz Shows F-16C Preview

Milviz Preview F 16C FSElite
While we haven't seen (or really even heard) anything on the Milviz F-16C in quite some time, that doesn't mean that work hasn't been speedily progressing on the aircraft. Today, Milviz took to their Facebook page to show off a single preview of their upcoming F-16C block 50/52, this time in-game. In the preview, we're able to see the bird
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