Pilot Plus Previews Wycombe Air Park (EGTB) For Prepar3D

Pilot Plus Wycombe P3d

Scenery developer Pilot Plus has shared multiple new previews of their upcoming Wycombe Air Park scenery for Prepar3D. The news was shared by the developer on their website, where they also provided information on the development process, a list of features and current images of the scenery. Pilot Plus mentions that they have used real world data and visits to the airfield, to be able to complete it to the highest detail giving the user a “truly authentic adventure.” Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. The field is popular for general aviation pilots and helicopter pilots alike.

“Soar across the area with accurately placed VFR landmarks all used by real-pilots to complete circuits, while helicopter users will also take delight in the addition of Cliveden House helipad giving you a chance to land locally before your spot of virtual lunch.”

Aside from all the previews and information shared, such as hand painted ground at 5cm per pixel, ultra-realistic models and PBR effects, the developer has also shared a current feature list of the upcoming scenery. The list reads as follows:

  • The Pilot Plus Definitive replication of London Wycombe
  • A unique and charming atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling
  • Full PBR Airport, including apron assets, buildings and ground
  • Hand painted ground at 5cm per pixel, with crisp surrounding orthoimagery up to 12.5cm per pixel
  • Atmospheric night environment, perfect for that sunset departure
  • 3D Animated People
  • Includes local VFR landmarks which real-life pilots use when completing circuits
  • Includes Cliveden House Helipad for trips from Wycombe
  • Compatible with Orbx True Earth or Seasonal FTX Products (OLC/EU England)

While there is no current information on pricing or release plans from Pilot Plus for the Wycombe Air Park scenery, you can check out their website for more updates and previews or visit to see other past projects from Pilot Plus.

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Prepar3D Version 5 Hotfix 2 Released

Prepar3d V5 Lockheed Martin (4)
Lockheed Martin has released the second hotfix for Prepar3D Version 5, bringing the latest version of the simulator to Announced over on the Prepar3D website, Lockheed has detailed the fixes available within the patch as well as instructions on how to install the update yourself. Hotfix 2 repairs a number of high priority issues identified with the original launch
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Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 3

With Prepar3D v5 being released recently, another sim from Lockheed Martin also received an update. Prepar3D v4.5 got another hotfix, bringing the latest version to P3D v4.5.14.34698, or v4.5 Hotfix 3. The client, content, and SDK received an update, mainly focused on fixes for the client. The change log shows a some fixes were focused on crashes with the sim, added
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Win Flight Sim Prizes This Easter with AviationLads

Grand Easter Raffle Header
Our partners at AviationLads has worked with a wide range of developers to offer a huge number of prizes for flight simmers to win during this Easter period. Simply entering their free raffle means you could win anything from the latest airports from MK-Studios and Orbx, to brand new aircraft from Just Flight or utilities from Parallel 42. There's nearly
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Just Flight Fokker 28 Video Preview

Just Flight Fokker 28 (3)
Just Flight has shared on their Facebook page a Youtube video preview of their upcoming Fokker 28. The video focuses on sounds and depicts startup, take-off and shutdown from an external point of view, as well as a few passengers point of view. The video also shows PBR in action and a few animations such as a landing gear going
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Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V4.5 Hotfix 1 Released


Prepar3D V4.5 was released a few weeks back, which brought a range of improvements to the simulator. Today, Lockheed Martin has released Hotfix 1 for Prepar3D V4.5 ( The hotfix addresses numerous community reported problems such as performance issues, an issue with a crash during re-enabling of Virtual Reality and also an error with PBR textures when first entering a vehicle.

As per the instructions on the Prepar3D website, you first must uninstall the current Prepar3D V4 client via Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel. You can then download the Client installer via your downloads section. Whilst the fixes for the hotfix are found mostly in the client download, you may also want t0 download Content and Scenery installers also for those fixes. If you’d prefer, you can also download a full version of Prepar3D V4.5.

For more information please view the Prepar3D v4 Download and Installation Directions.

It should be noted that some developers may require an update to their product before you will be able to use it correctly with the new update installed. Please use caution when updating before reading if your products will work with version P3D V4.5.12.30293.

You can read the full post over on the Prepar3D blog post. Additionally, you may want to read our interview with Lockheed Martin’s Adam Breed as part of our Developer Month series.

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Developer Month 2019: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

Lockheed Martin P3D
Welcome to Developer Month 2019. Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers in future years. Please enjoy Developer
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Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix Coming Soon

For those whose update to Prepar3D v4.5 has been less than ideal, Lockheed Martin has an answer: a hotfix that will be appearing in the next couple of weeks. Since April 10th, there's been a post on the Lockheed forums detailing FPS issues in v4.5. Users both reported improved, but also worsened, FPS results in the new update. 9 pages
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Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3D v4.5

In a totally surprise move, Lockheed Martin has released Prepar3D v4.5. The last time we heard about it, was back in February when it was nearing beta testing. P3Dv4.5 comes with a few new features, as well as a large number of bug fixes and enhancements. There are also a few new additions to the content and the scenery, so
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Prepar3D V4.5 Reportedly Nearing Beta Testing

2018 7 25 16 49 49 371
Prepar3D V4.4 was released back in November when we exclusively reported that PBR was going to be the next major change to the platform. Since then we have seen many developers take advantage of the technology and many more express an interest. During our interview with Adam Breed during the same time, he said that he couldn't talk about the future,
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