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PMDG Updates 747-400/8 QOTSII & 737 NGXu

2019 11 16 11 27 29 27

PMDG has done a double-take just in time for the weekend, with an update to their 747-400/8 QOTSII series and their 737 NGXu series. While the 747 update does not bring any new features, the spotlight is stolen by the 737NGXu series, as PMDG have updated the aircraft to now be officially compatible with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5. In the update posted on the PMDG Forums, among the new information presented, Robert Randazzo mentioned that:

“P5D is still an “in development” platform that is still going through significant transformation, which makes lighting and color matching an ongoing game with the changes in the platform, but we are finally able to push this update to you after having massaged things to work correctly with Lockheed Martin’s HotFix 2.” Randazzo further updated his forum posts by adding that they will wait for the Prepar3D V5.1 release, so some PBR cockpit materials will only be released by then.

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JustFlight Continues To Preview A300 For Prepar3D

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Just Flight has taken to their Facebook page, to share with the community further previews of their upcoming A300B4-200 aircraft for Prepar3D, and X-Plane 11 to follow soon after. Though many previews of the aircraft have been released so far, Just Flight has posted for the first time previews of the aircraft in Prepar3D v5. With a showcase of the
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Prepar3D Version 5 Hotfix 2 Released

Prepar3d V5 Lockheed Martin (4)
Lockheed Martin has released the second hotfix for Prepar3D Version 5, bringing the latest version of the simulator to Announced over on the Prepar3D website, Lockheed has detailed the fixes available within the patch as well as instructions on how to install the update yourself. Hotfix 2 repairs a number of high priority issues identified with the original launch
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Milviz Confirms Prepar3D V5 Upgrade Pricing

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We already announced a few days ago that developer Military Visualizations is indeed planning on bringing their products to Prepar3D v5, but at a cost. At the time, the specifics of the upgrade pricing were yet unknown, but Milviz has now taken to Facebook to provide more details on their upgrade pricing. In their post, they specify three different upgrade paths.
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Military Visualizations Confirms Chargeable Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Plans

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Despite Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5 releasing a few months back, some developers have yet to indeed confirm its upgrade plans for its products. One developer that applies to is Military Visualizations, who has today confirmed their plans.  Posting earlier today on Facebook, the team confirmed that once Hotfix 2 is available for Prepar3D v5, then they can begin porting aircraft and
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MK-Studios Releases Donegal Airport

Mk Studios Donegal Airport (1)

MK-Studios has released Donegal Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5. Following on from their release of Dublin earlier this year, MK-Studios are heading back to Ireland to bring a detailed rendition of Donegal Airport (EIDL) to users. Donegal Airport is used by two airlines taking people to Dublin and Glasgow. The challenging approach, tricky weather and small runway means it can be tough for any pilot.

Included with the airport is complete photoreal coverage of the airport and surroundings, along with an up-to-date layout of the ground, taxiway and markings. As with other MK-Studios airports, the texture work includes PBR material, realistic night lighting and also uses SODE for windsock animations. Despite the detailed appearance of the terminal buildings and outer areas, the team has optimised the airport for best performance.

You can buy Donegal Airport from simMarket for €15.00 (excluding VAT).

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Sierrasim Simulation Releases José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU)

SEGU José Joaquin De Olmedo Intl. Airport FSX P3DV4 P3DV5
Sierrasim Simulation has released José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (SEGU) for Prepar3D v4 and v5. This is the second biggest airport in Ecuador and handles over 3.7 million passengers per year. Destinations to Madrid, New York and Amsterdam frequent the airport regularly. The airport features photo-realistic ground textures, PBR textures and various autogen updates around the airport. It also functions
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PMDG Issues Statement Update for NGXu, 777 and More

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
Robert Randazzo of PMDG has taken to the PMDG forums to issue an update on various products including the 737 NGXu, the 777 and also their DC-6. Whilst the update covers these aircraft, it's worth noting that none of these aircraft has received updates since the publication to his post. Starting with the PMDG 737NGXu update, Robert said that adding
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Qualitywings 787 Service Pack 3 Now Available

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Qualitywings has released the Service Pack 3 for their Boeing 787. This update is FREE for every customer. There are several improvements in this Service Pack, which are as follows : Electronic Flight Bag Update The EFB now features a Navigraph Charts integration (requires a Navigraph Charts account.). For others, it will also be able to create charts on the
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MK-Studios Updates Palma De Mallorca (LEPA) to Version 1.01

MK-Studios has updated their Palma De Mallorca to version 1.01, which adds new features, functionality and fixes various issues all reported by the community. The news posted to Facebook highlighted numerous areas of improvement with the full-build update. As commented in our comparison article, animated vehicles have now been added to the airport, along with further terminal roof details. Alongside
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