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PMDG 777-200ER Expansion Pack Released

PMDG 777 200ER (12)

PMDG has just released the latest expansion for their Boeing 777 lineup, covering the much anticipated 777-200ER.

The PMDG 777 was first released back in 2013, covering only the -200LR and the freighter variant of the 777. Since then, many have asked PMDG to go back and add the -200ER to the 777 lineup, and now it has been released. The 777-200ER expansion brings three new airframes to the 777. Each engine variant has its own performance, sounds, flight deck differences, and more. The most notable new feature is the addition of the EFB to the -200ER. A full feature list can be found below.

Along with the 777-200ER expansion, a major update has been released for the 777 base package and 777-300ER expansion pack. This update includes updates to the fly-by-wire, flight models, PBR models for P3D v5, sounds, ground services, VNAV, and a whole bunch more. You can read the full list of updates done to the entire lineup here in RSR’s forum post. The update is free to all existing customers but will require a full redownload and reinstall of the entire PMDG 777 lineup.

The PMDG 777-200ER Expansion Pack is available for $77.72 USD from PMDG’s website.

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