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Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports Vol. 1 X V4.6

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports V4 6 Update (1)

Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design has released Polish Airport Vol. 1 X V4.6 for FSX and P3D. The new update brings a wealth of changes to the product from Drzewiecki Design. The update has been sent to the multiple stores, but will be down to the store to upload it to the server. You should be notified by your store if you own the product once the update is made available.

Described on Facebook as a pretty big update, the new features include having native P3Dv4 ground poly, weather dependant lighting and dynamic lighting applied. Of course, those features relate specifically to the P3Dv4 version. Airport specific new features include a new DHL cargo building at Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (EPGD), the new ATC tower at Katowice Airport as well as some new static aircraft. Furthermore, the new G and Z taxiways have been added to Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport (EPRZ) and Lublin Airport sees new terminal buildings with interior modelling. The full list of changes is down below.

Drzewiecki Design has released this update for free, but any future updates for their Polish Airports project will be “more expensive.” This is due to the significant updates and time invested in continuing development.

To celebrate the release, Drzewiecki Design has also reduced all products from their catalogue by 30%.

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports Vol. 1 X V4.6 Change Log

  • All airports: Dynamic Lights, P3Dv4 native ground poly, weather-dependent lighting, enhanced SODE objects, fixed taxiway centerline lighting, updated apron markings
  • EPGD: New DHL Cargo building, enhanced car parkings, better GSX compatibility, new mesh around the airport
  • EPKT: New ATC tower, new cargo apron, new static aircraft
  • EPRZ: New G and Z taxiways, new Air Club building and the old one removed, new MGGP Aero building, new AirRes building, new taxiways and refurbished hangar in OKL, mesh fixes, GSX-compatible jetway
  • EPLB: New ground poly (FSX and P3Dv4 formats), new terminal with interior plus the East section, new train and rails, new HEMS base, new handling vehicles, new fences and SODE-controlled gate, new Swidnik buildings, new objects at the terminal parking and a new mesh.


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Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports vol.2 XP Updated

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Drzewiecki Design has updated their Polish Airports vol.2 XP pack to version 2.2. The update comes with a few improvements and additions, such as upgraded autogen for Łódź city, a runway surface fix for EPLL and better HDR lighting. The team also wants to let know they have send out updates of Miami City XP and Chisinau XP to the stores,
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Drzewiecki Design Releases New Version Of Polish Airports Volume 3 For X-Plane 11

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Developer Drzewiecki Design has released version two of volume three of their popular Polish Airports for X-Plane 11. The release features detailed reproductions of Poznan (EPPO), Wroclaw (EPWR), Bydgoszcz (EPBY), and Olsztyn-Mazury (EPSY) airports. The latest version adds Olsztyn-Mazury airport, giving pilots an additional destination in the North-East of Poland. The software also adds city landmarks in Poznan along with
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports Vol. 3

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Drzewiecki Design has released Volume 3 of the Polish airports series. Volume 3 makes this package compatible with P3D v.4.3 and includes: Poznań-Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport (EPPO). This airport features Poznań photoreal city with autogen, landmarks and lite EPKS scenery. There is also a new control tower and updated terminal, LPR base, ground layout, de-icing apron, GA apron, and surrounding
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Polish Airports Vol.1 V2 for X-Plane

Drzewiecki Design recently announced on their Facebook page that Version 2 of the highly acclaimed Polish Airports Vol.1 scenery will soon be available for X-Plane. The post included screenshots, showcasing the high quality of this scenery package, accompanied by a caption informing us of the upgrades. All Airport: Default AI, ATC and ground handling compatibility. Updated custom navaids. Gdańsk Lech
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Polish Airports vol.1 X Version 4


Drzewiecki Design have today released an update for their Polish Airports vol.1 X, which brings with it numerous updates to the airports, the local terrain, as well as compatibility for Preapr3 v3.

Included airports are

  • EPGD Gdańsk
  • EPKT Katowice
  • EPRZ Rzeszów (including EPRJ)
  • EPLB Lublin (including EPSW)


With a new lighting system, SODE support, as well as automatic season adjustments, the version 4 really is a massive upgrade to the product. As a result, if you’ve owned any of the previous products, you’ll need to pay a 10eur (+VAT). Not bad considering the massive list of changes, as well as 4 major Polish airports.

Those of you who don’t already have version 3, you can buy it now from SimMarket.

If you’re still not sure, we’ve copied in the change list after the jump.

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