VSKYLABS Releases Polaris AM-FIB for X-Plane 11

AM-FIB release shot

Developer VSKYLABS has released their latest in a long line of light aircraft add-ons for X-Plane 11, the Polaris AM-FIB, a unique looking amphibious ultralight.

The Polaris AM-FIB is a product of the European microlight regulations, meaning it weighs less than 450kg and has a stall speed under 35kts. It is one of the only amphibious weight-shift microlights in the world. The semi-inflatable hull allows it to operate from both land and gentle bodies of water. It makes use of the Rotax 582 engine, which is extremely common among ultralights. It sports a cruising speed of 38kts and a fuel burn of 11 US Gallons an hour from the 40-gallon fuel tank.

VSKYLABS Polaris features a highly detailed 3d model with detailed animations, along with a GNS530 in the ‘cockpit’. It also features a realistic ‘fly-by-mouse’ control system for the ultralight’s control system, which operates by shifting a bar attached to the wing rather than conventional controls, without the need to modify the in-sim controls. It also contains atmospheric FMOD sounds.

The VSKYLABS Polaris AM-FIB is available from store here for US$19.50

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