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PMDG Update on 747-8 and General Items

The guys over at PMDG have had an incredibly busy year. Back in January, they released the 747-400 and a few months later they brought the DC-6 to FSX and P3D. Of course during this time, they delivered on their promise to bring their latest products to Prepar3D V4. Oh, and they announced that the JS41 would be coming to
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Updated: Chase Plane [Now working], FSUIPC, Orbx and Active Sky for P3Dv4 Now Compatible With Prepar3D v4.1

Hifi Technologies Inc Active Sky For P3dv4 As16 P3dv3
Yet another update: FSFX Packages have updated Chase Plane to be compatible. Looks like it was just an issue with the build number. Update: Despite Chase Plane's release notes, it's not -fully- compatible with 4.1 just yet. Smooth scroll and static cameras have been disabled but otherwise it works fine. With Lockheed Martin releasing Prepar3D v4.1 earlier today, the community are
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PMDG BAe JetStream 41 Preview for P3D V4

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PMDG has given us even more preview shots of their upcoming PMDG BAe JetStream 41 for P3D V4. This time they are in 4K so 4K screen owners can fully enjoy it. Preview shots captured during a flight from Yakutat bound to Juneau, part of the Alaska famous milk run route in P3D V4.  In case you're wondering where the old
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PMDG JS41 Prepar3D V4 Beta Footage

PMDG JS41 Beta P3dv4 Review
When PMDG announced that they would be bringing the JS41 over to Prepar3D, fans were extremely happy - mostly as nobody was really expecting it to happen. With that said, development has been in full force as the first beta video of the PMDG JS41 has been released onto the web. You can watch the 7 minute video above, which
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PMDG Push Updates for 737NGX (all) and 777-200LR product lines

737 600 700 P3d 11
Mr Robert Randazzo over at PMDG has released some new unexpected information regarding their 737 NGX series (including the 600/700) and 777-200LR product line on the Avsim Forums today. Randazzo has explained that they're pushing out "a few small, cleanup updates that should be propagating out in the PMDG Operations Center as we speak". As well as these updates concerning
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The Future of FS2Crew Products – PMDG 747 QOTS II, Ultimate Ground Crew X and More

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The team at FS2Crew have updated the community on their plans for their future products, time frames and more. With the completion of porting their products over to the 64-bit sim, Prepar3DV4, they can turn their attention onto bringing out new products. Allow me to summarise what they shared on their Facebook page. PMDG 747 QOTS II Version The project
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UPDATE: PMDG DC-6 Now Out at $69.99 for FSX and P3D

UPDATE: It's now out and available via PMDG's store for $69.99. That's for both FSX and P3D versions. We will update this post once it's confirmed released. The past few weeks has seen PMDG work extensively on delivering P3Dv4 compatible versions of their extensive Boeing line-up of aircraft. The 747, 777 and the 737 (except the 600/700 add-on package) now
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