FS2Crew Releases PMDG 737u Edition

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Earlier today, FS2Crew released their newest product, the PMDG 737 NGXu Edition. The PMDG 737 NGXu Edition has been added to FS2Crew's long list of aircraft they have covered in the past including the PMDG 777, PMDG 747, and Fly the Maddog X. FS2Crew allows the user simulate flying the aircraft with a virtual crew to make the experience as
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PMDG Releases New 737NGXu Update [Build 9961]

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 9
Although a little later than planned, the new update for the PMDG NGXu is now available to download for Prepar3D V4. The new update focuses primarily on performance after hearing community feedback. In total, 43 issues were addressed including elements of the geometry, texture work and a variety of small fixes to various systems. As mentioned at the start, this
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PMDG Issues NGXu Update (Build 9930)

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 10
A new update for the PMDG NGXu was issued yesterday evening, which saw a total of 61 changes, improvements or fixes to the aircraft product. Whilst many of these update items are small in nature, PMDG did specify that there are three core areas in which this update focuses on. Those changes are giving flexibility and better interaction with those
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PMDG NGXu Update and Paint Kit Releasing Soon

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 4
Update 13-Nov-19 @ 12:40pm: The Paint Kit is now available. You can find it here. After the surprise release of the PMDG NGXu just a few days ago, PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo took to the forums to discuss a few items for the community. Namely, an upcoming pair of updates for the plane and also a paint kit. The first
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PMDG Clarifies NG3 Pricing And NGXu Policy

Image 3157

After the unexpected release of the 737 PMDG NGXu for Prepar3D v4 and the announcement that the upcoming PMDG 737 NG3 would be available only on Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG Robert Randazzo explained in a forum post the pricing policy regarding both add-ons.

After the also surprising announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator during the 2019 E3, PMDG silently decided to shift the development of the NG3 to the promising new platform. Randazzo explains that Prepar3D v4 and MSFS are “two very very different animals, with very very different capabilities.” The NGXu was decided for release on Prepr3D v4 as a “generational replacement to the 8.5 year old NGX.”. Both products being based on the same core, PMDG decided to give a discount on the NG3 of the amount of the price of the NGXu for those who decide to get the NGXu before 31DEC19

In other words, the NGXu for Prepar3D v4 is available right now for $99.99 USD. Buyers of the NGXu before 31DEC19 will receive a $99.99 USD rebate on their purchase of the NG3 once it is released. Randazzo further explained that the anticipated market price of the NG3 will be $139.99 USD.

Customers who buy the NGXu before year end will be able to purchase the NG3 for an additional fee of $40.00 USD, and will own both products.

Quoting PMDG : “Discount will be awarded automatically to NGXu purchases made and redeemed only at www.pmdg.com only, at time of checkout during purchase of NG3 for MSFS.”

Randazzo also hinted that the NG3 would be released within a year. It will of course depend on the availability of MSFS.

The PMDG NGXu Base Package is available on PMDG website for $99.99 USD.

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PMDG Global Flight Operations Appears Online

PMDG 748 Mountainflying
PMDG's highly anticipated Global Flight Operations has appeared publicly available online. This was made aware to us by a Facebook community member. The product has not been officially released yet, but the site is accessible and most features seem to be working. It's unclear to us if this public availability is intended or not. The homepage interface right now is
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PMDG Releases 737NGXu Base Package for Prepar3D V4

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 1
It is a busy day at PMDG HQ as they had just shared a wealth of information and also the news that the anticipated NG3 would be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. However in a sudden twist of events, an all-new 737 aircraft range has been released by PMDG. Titled the 737NGXu  Base Package, this is an all-new aircraft designed
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Update from PMDG Regarding Future Plans

On the PMDG forums Robert Randazzo posted an update on all current PMDG projects and where the company is headed in the future. This was a huge update to say the least, all development on X-Plane and FSX has stopped, and with the announcement of the NG3 being an MSFS exclusive, it appears this could be the case for P3Dv4
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PMDG Teases New NG3 Preview

Pmdg Ng3 P3d
After a long period of silence, it appears PMDG is creeping out with some new information regarding their highly anticipated NG3 product. It's been a project that has been under wraps for a long time, but the PMDG Facebook page broke that today with a sneak peek of what's to come. On the post, the team congratulated Flightbeam for their
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