PMDG Announces Date For NGXu Expansion and Global Operations Rollout

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (1)

In a lengthy announcement on their forum, developer PMDG has announced the date for the first expansion pack for their recently released 737NGXu.

This new expansion pack will add both the 737-600 and -700 to the base NGXu package, along with a variety of free liveries via the PMDG Operations Centre 2.0.

The post also stated that PMDG’s Global Operations Centre 2.0 (OC2.0) will see a global rollout on Wednesday (January 29th). Anyone who has purchased the PMDG NGXu product already has OC2.0, but all other users (who have not purchased the NGXu) will see the update come via the normal Operations Centre 1.0 update process.

An important part of this global roll out involves all users uninstalling all existing liveries that have been installed via Operations Centre 1.0. This is due to a new file naming convention that is used in OC2.0 and leaving existing liveries could result in them not being recognized once users update to OC2.0. It’s important to note that, should users not complete the uninstall and reinstall process, the liveries will still display properly on the plane. However, they may not be recognized in OC2.0.

Mr. Randazzo also touched on the fact that PMDG is committed to bringing far more frequent updates to users, working towards all products being on a ‘continual improvement program’, especially as the developer begins releasing products for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As well, Mr. Randazzo hinted updates for the 747 and 777 product lines that should be available in the coming weeks.

Read the full post here.

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Parallel 42 Announces PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion [Exclusive Image]

Immersion Pack 737ngu
Following the blowout of information from the developers at Parallel 42 (//42) regarding their complete acquisition of OldProp, the team then announced that the PMDG  737 NGXu Immersion is in development. The project is being headed up by Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn under a new Partner Developer Program within Parallel 42. "Raul shows an
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PMDG January Info Update Thread – 737 NGXu 600/700 Expansion, 777 Update and More

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 10
PMDG issued a rather lengthy statement the other day on their forums with regards to various items and products. They spoke about an upcoming NGXu update, additional information on PMDG Global Ops, along with further update information on their 777X update. Starting with the Operations Center V2, Robert Randazzo from PMDG said that version 2 of the utility will be
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First Previews of the PMDG NGXu 737 600/700 Expansion

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (1)
Texture and livery artist Textures by Tavers has shown what appears to be the first previews for the upcoming PMDG NGXu 600/700 Expansion. The new previews for viewing pleasure come from the Textures by Tavers Facebook page. Each of the three is from an exterior perspective and showcases a handful of liveries currently being made for the aircraft. As you can
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PMDG Updates 737 NGXu

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 3

A post on the PMDG forums made by CEO Robert Randazzo informed the community that a pretty significant update for the 737 NGXu has been released. In total, 71 fixes and enhancements have been made to the aircraft.

Robert said that this update focuses heavily on including information for the EFB for all types of the 737 aircraft to be released under the NGXu brand including the not-yet-released 600/700 expansion pack. In addition, efforts have been made to improve the flight dynamics when the aircraft is descending.

To get the update, you will need to download it via the PMDG Operations Center V2.

Robert closed the post by wishing the community a merry Christmas.


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PMDG Winter Solstice Update

2019 11 16 11 27 29 27
PMDG Founder Robert Randazzo has pushed on the PMDG forums an comprehensive post of what is to come in the next couple of weeks. This covers the NGXu but also the PMDG 777 and 747 Queen of the the Skies II. Here's a small wrap up. PMDG NGXu and 737-600/700 update PMDG will push another update right around Christmas that
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FS2Crew Releases PMDG 737u Edition

78870623 2846113608774026 8308312074572791808 N
Earlier today, FS2Crew released their newest product, the PMDG 737 NGXu Edition. The PMDG 737 NGXu Edition has been added to FS2Crew's long list of aircraft they have covered in the past including the PMDG 777, PMDG 747, and Fly the Maddog X. FS2Crew allows the user simulate flying the aircraft with a virtual crew to make the experience as
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PMDG Releases New 737NGXu Update [Build 9961]

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 9
Although a little later than planned, the new update for the PMDG NGXu is now available to download for Prepar3D V4. The new update focuses primarily on performance after hearing community feedback. In total, 43 issues were addressed including elements of the geometry, texture work and a variety of small fixes to various systems. As mentioned at the start, this
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