[Small Update] PMDG Release the 747-400/8 QOTSII Update

Pmdg 748

Update 07-Jan-18 @ 12:30z

A new update has just gone live which will fix the issue with the backwards compatibility with version 4.0 – 4.3, which was described on the forum the other day. Update 3.00.9195 also fixed an issue with some EFB clickspots on the 747-8.

Robert Randazzo also confirmed that going forward, backward compatibility won’t be an issue, due to the fact PMDG will only support the most current version moving forward. They are also considering retiring Prepar3D V3 to simplify development flows. This is particularly important as the next update for the 747 will include PBR material texturing, which is only available via version 4.4 of Prepar3D.

== Original Article 05-Jan-2018 ==

PMDG has just released their latest update for the 747 Queen of the Skies II. The new update is for both the 747 and the 747-8 includes the PMDG RainMaker for the 747-400 (P3DV4 only) and EFB derate thrust and assumed temperature take-off calculations for the 747-8.

Other changes to build 3.00.9193 include fixes to the missing windows in the 748F, adjustment to the fuel tank behavior on the 747-8 and also the seatbelt sign status bug. For the painters, there have been some adjustments to the paint kit, also. In total, there are nearly 70 changes to this version, all of which can be applied via the PMDG Ops Center.

You can read Robert’s original forum post here, and he goes on to discuss a few other bits and bobs about PBR and why the update took so long to test. First off, PMDG is working through adding PBR to all of their 747 models, which is no small feat for a package as large as the PMDG 747 series. Many are probably aware that this particular update was a tad, oh, delayed, but this was for good reason. PMDG was working hard to integrate new diagnostic capabilities into the product line to be able to better deduce the cause of CTDs, and eliminate them if they’re truly being caused by the 747. This will allow them to make the product more stable overall, and also to not waste time tracking down the cause of random CTDs when they’re not even being caused by a PMDG plane.

You can grab the update by running your PMDG Operations Center and clicking ‘update’ when prompted.

If you don’t own the 747 collections from PMDG, you can buy it from their store. Prices start at $99.99 for the base package on FSX, with the P3D version costing $139.99. The 747-8 package is available $49.99 (FSX) and $69.99 (P3D). You could also read our review on the PMDG 747-8 here.

Thanks to Matt for the heads-up.

Full 747-400/8 Change Log

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PMDG 747-400/8 QOTS II Update Released

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PMDG Updates the 747-400 QOTS II

Img 5998302217c93 1140×600

The release of the 747-8 from PMDG doesn’t mean that -400 users have been left out. Not at all, as PMDG have released a huge update with over 300 different changes to the new version.  Build 3.00.9008 sees fixes to the external model, the virtual cockpit, as well as fixes to the systems behind the scenes. There’s loads to read through and the whole change log is below.

As mentioned, if you want to fly their just released 747-8 from PMDG, you will need to update your 747-400 QOTSII first.

To download, you will need to follow these instructions which was issued by Robert Randazzo on the PMDG forums:

  1. Go to PMDG eCommerce and log in to your account
  2. Go to your purchase history.
  3. Redownload your PMDG 747-400
  4. uninstall the version currently in use on your machine. (DO NOT DEACTIVATE YOUR LICENSE.  This is not necessary and wastes your time.)
  5. Install the new 747-400 (is build 3.00.9008)

Because it’s a large update, the team wanted to make sure that everyone had the most up-to-date version before installing the expansion.

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