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Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 – NGXu Update Preview

The Immersive Audio team has shared a new teaser video of their work on the 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2.

This video preview highlights the current build using the PMDG NGXu built-in sound engine. This means that depending on the altitude your aircraft is at, you will hear the sound levels change. As demonstrated in the video, the higher your altitude, the less you will be able to hear the engine noises. The video above gives you just a flavour of what to expect.

In addition, the new update means you will be able to independently change the volumes of internal engine bass and external engine sound.

The update itself should be released this weekend according to the Facebook post.

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PMDG April 2020 Development Update

PMDG Founder Robert S. Randazzo posted on the PMDG forums and on Facebook an update of their current work in progress. Boeing 747 Update The upcoming Boeing 747 update has been pushed to the beta team. While the release to the public was actually planned for a few weeks ago, the current worldwide COVID-19 situation, while not affecting much PMDG
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PMDG Weekend Update, 737, 747, and 777

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
On the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo has shared a good sized update on the future of their product lines and more. 737 NGXu Starting with the NGXu, a smaller update was given for this product. The team is currently working on the BBJ expansion which will include the BBJ1 and BBJ2. The expansion will include all of the auxiliary fuel
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Parallel 42 Releases 737 Immersion v2 (PMDG NGXu Compatible)

Orbx Central 2020 03 01 10 43 18
Parallel 42 has delivered on their original promised and has released the next iteration of their Immersion pack for the 737. The 737 Immersion v2 provides full support for the PMDG NGXu line of products. The new version will include the Immersion Manager first seen with the 747 Immersion pack. This will enable you to preview effects, adjust settings and
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PMDG 737 NGXu Base Pack: The FSElite Review

REVIEW Pmdg 737 Ngxu Base Pack
Initially, PMDG sent the community into a bit of a panic when they announced that the long-awaited and fabled NG3 would instead be heading to Microsoft Flight Simulator and not to Prepar3D. At the time, the product named NGXu was never known to the community until a few hours after the initial announcement. Whether you think it was PR suicide
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PMDG Operation Center 2.0 Fully Rolled Out

PMDG Aircraft Logo

Earlier today on the PMDG Forum, PMDG fully rolled out Operation Center 2.0 to all of its customers.

With Operation Center 2.0, PMDG is now able to more easily push out micro-updates, livery updates, management, etc. to its customers. To install OC2, here are the steps.

  • Open up Operation Center 1
  • In an earlier update, PMDG recommended uninstalling all liveries via OC1 to prevent OC2 from throwing up errors with OC1 installed liveries
  • You will see a red “Update Available” and OC1 will give you the choice to install the update
  • The new OC will install and you will be left with Operation Center 2

Its worth mentioning that NGXu users already have Operation Center 2.0 already installed when they installed the NGXu.

Some things to note with this update is the Operation Center 2.0 is a mandatory update for all users. OC2 will be the foundation that will become the base for PMDG. It will eventually handle all of the product installations, maintenance, updating, and more. OC2 will also be the portal for the upcoming PMDG Global Flight Operations. OC2 is compatible with “FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v3, P3D v4 and will eventually support future MSFS and P3D platforms as well if/when they are released.” 

PMDG have said that it is possible OC2 will show lots of notifications related to liveries you may have had installed after the update is complete. Simply pressing dismiss on each item, then close and relaunch OC2, and will allow OC2 to get caught up on your liveries if you still have them installed.

Operation Center 1 online support will be turned off on March 1st of this year, so do take this opportunity to update now to avoid further hassle down the road.

For all Windows 7, XP, etc 32bit users, this is for you.

Do not install this update if you are running a 32bit system. Operation Center 2.0 can not be used on a 32bit system as the program is 64bit. Once again, Operation Center 1.0 online support will be turned off on March 1st of this year, so PMDG recommends that those users on a 32bit system take this time to update their system to have continued support for your PMDG products. If you have already updated to OC2 without realizing this, PMDG asks that you contact them before March 1st and they will provide support. Tickets can be opened here.

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PMDG Issues 737NGXu Animation Hotfix

PMDG 737 NGXu Expansion (5)
PMDG has issued a hotfix to solve some model animation issues with the 737NGXu. The hotfix comes mere hours after the release of the much anticipated 737NGXu 600/700 expansion. Over on the forums, Robert Randazzo explained that they had found out they had a corrupt output process that affected all animations on all of the 737NGXu external models. In order
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PMDG Release of the 737 NGXu Expansion Delayed

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (2)
Last week, Robert from PMDG announced that Wednesday 29th January 2020 would see the likely release of the 737 NGXu Expansion pack, which would include the 600/700 variants. In a statement issued on the PMDG forums, Robert has confirmed that the release will see a short delay. The reason for the delay is that Robert has been called away to
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Immersive Audio Releases 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 Official Promo
The second version of the highly impressive 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack by Immersive Audio has been released. The new version, which is completely free to current owners, features all-new recordings of the CFM56-7B engines from the flightdeck. The soundpack is now compatible with the recently released PMDG NGXu, as well as the original NGX. Furthermore, the product also features other
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