XPRealistic Updated to Version 2

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XPRealistic for X-Plane has been rewritten from scratch and updated to version 2 by developer rkApps.

Version 2 is Vulkan ready and contains improved VR support, a new user interface, as well as a number of bug fixes. Also, it’s no longer Lua-script based, but a standalone plugin.

More than 38 real-life scenario effects, with now over 122 different sound files for airport ambience, brakes, ground effects, winds, natural movements, winds and lots more have been added to increase the sense of realism. For each option, you can determine the amount of movement you want, this includes how hard you sneeze, and you can choose from a selection of different sound sets from the brand new interface. Each aircraft has its own profile within XPRealistic and you can copy and link profiles to an aircraft, which had to be done manually in previous versions. X-Camera and Track-IR are supported and there’s an improved beta version for users who fly in VR. Multi-monitor setup is available with no impact on frame rate.

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FlightFactor Releases Airport Visual System V2

FF AVS 2 01
FlightFactor has announced the release of version 2 of their Airport Visual System for X-Plane on Facebook. Airbus first developed the Onboard Airport Navigation System, or OANS, for the A380, and started to make the navigation system available on their A330 and A320 families in 2014. This system inspired FlightFactor to create a plugin that helps X-Plane users find their way around the
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XFirstOfficer Version 1.7.0 Released

Xfirstofficer BG W.png.cc1b1478a941f41d66fddc23b13edbe3
The latest verison of the popular XFirstOfficer plugin for X-Plane 11 has been released.  Developer ParrotSim took to the X-Plane forums to make the announcement, as well as to explain the numerous changes made to the freeware software. XFirstOfficer can best be explained as X-Plane's answer to FS2Crew in that it aims to fully simulate an intelligent and dynamic virtual
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XFirstOfficer Plugin for X-Plane 11 Updated to 1.5.1

Xfirstofficer BG W.png.cc1b1478a941f41d66fddc23b13edbe3
XFirstOfficer is a freeware virtual first officer that was released for X-Plane 11 in November 2019. It aims at bringing a multicrew experience to the X-Plane 11 world. The XFO is able to read checklists, toggle switches, press buttons and execute procedures depending on several parameters. It is compatible with all X-Plane aircraft, even though it is only delivered with
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Ultra Weather XP Updated To v2.4

Uwxp V2.4 Screenshot (14)

Popular X-Plane weather add-on, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.4. The plugin has seen a huge overhaul in this update, and it would be safe to say that the changes will create a huge difference in the weather and atmosphere of your X-Plane installation.

Additionally, the plugin control panel has been updated with an all-new UI, and more control options have been added for fine-tuning visibility options.

For the full change-log, see the end of the post.

Ultra Weather XP v2.4 is a free update for existing users and is available from the store for $35.

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JARDesign Previews VR Compatible Ground Handling v4 Plugin

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With more and more Virtual Reality headset products hitting the market, and simulators adding native VR capabilities for added immersion, developers are starting to take VR a lot more seriously than they used to. It's because of this that JARDesign has begun to show off previews of their upcoming Ground Handling (GHD) v4 plugin for X-Plane, which promises to be VR-friendly.
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Ultra Weather XP v2.3 Released

2063237133 UWXPv2.3(7).jpg.c3f76dcf3d453b6762e10d3584856134
The quiet achiever of X-Plane weather add-ons, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.3. This free update for existing v2.x license holders brings a number of new features, fixes and improvements to the already well-equipped software. In a post to the forum, developer Abdullah Almuntassir introduces the new version as being compatible with X-Plane 11.11+, and any users still on
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xEnviro 1.08 Released

Cessna 172SP 10
After many development delays, as well as a traumatic personal event for developer Andrey Sheybak, the highly anticipated 1.08 update to xEnviro has been released. The long drawn-out update brings with it a large re-write to the weather engine, which means a large changelog, but users can expect improvements right throughout their atmospheric experience. Changes include a new turbulence model,
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[UPDATE] FSElite Exclusive: xEnviro 1.08 Due Soon, Overhauled

Cessna 172SP 5
Update @ 1550z on 9th March 2018 Firstly, I'd like to thank people for the support and nice comments we've had since this story was published. Secondly, I want to assure our readers and community that we have never posted a 'fake story' for the sake of it. Sure we've leaked some stuff in the past that was questionable (P3Dv4 being
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