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Cloud Surf Team Update – Piracy and Fraudulent Development Practices

Update 14th August 2017

We have received a statement from the developer regarding this situation. You can read it here.

We have removed some of the content posted before regarding our suspicion as we now have more context into what this situation is.

As always, we are keen to work with the community (both consumer and development sides) and to look out for both.

We may have jumped the gun slightly, but we felt it was important to bring this topic back to light considering their past.

What happens in the future for this project and development group is now down to them. We’ve offered our support to them should they require it in the future.

— Original article posted Feb 8th 2017 —

I recently posted an in-depth look at Cloud Surf Team and their announcement of the A380 they claim to be developing. If you’re read the article, you will know I have valid reasons to believe they will turn out to be another vapor-ware developer with no substance.

What made matters worse is the fact they’re asking people if they would help “donate” up to 20,000 euros for a dumped A380 project from NLS. The 20,000 euros would go towards the modelling, flight dynamics and more. Again, a developer with no proven record asking for money so soon is a massive red flag in my books.

With that article spread among the community, someone who was previously involved with Cloud Surf Team contacted FSElite team. This person will remain anonymous. Proof has been provided to FSElite regarding the legitimacy of their involvement, as well as a detailed account of the mishaps of Cloud Surf Team. Keep Reading

Piracy on fs.com_Cover

Piracy In The Last Place You Would Look

Just a few weeks ago, I did a short little flight into St Petersburg, Florida. I choose to use the Bridge Transition to get through the Tampa class Bravo airspace. Now I had been using FlyTampa’s Tampa Rebooted scenery, but this time I had disabled it in favor of some freeware scenery I had found. This freeware scenery claimed to have highly detailed custom made objects. Once I got over the airport, however, I looked down and saw the exact same objects I always had. At first I thought something went wrong and somehow the FlyTampa scenery was still active. But the real reason I saw what I did turned out to be the beginning of an investigation.

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