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PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed FSElite1

After nearly 2 years of radio silence on the project since the last previews, it seems like the PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper project is back from the dead! In a Facebook post from PILOT’S, we are treated to a plethora of previews of the external model featuring full PBR implementation as well as some additional information on the project and a potential release timeframe.

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Further Previews of PILOT’S Santiago de Compostela Airport

Pilots Santiago De Compostela 2
Developer PILOT'S announced that they would be bringing Santiago de Compostela Airport after their successful release of Alicante late last year. Located in the North-West of Spain, the airport sees frequent flights from the likes of easyJet, Vuelling and Ryanair. Iberia and Iberia Express also visit the airport taking passengers to Madrid. The previews focus on the surrounding area and
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PILOT’S Announce Santiago de Compostela (LEST)

Pilots Santiago De Compostela (LEST) (7)
Developer PILOT'S has today confirmed that they will be bringing Santiago de Compostela (LEST) to Prepar3D V4. The news announced on their Facebook page earlier today came with the information that the product is due in June 2019. Along with the information came a few previews of in-progress development. You can follow PILOT'S via Facebook to stay up to date. In
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PILOT’S Alicante Airport (LEAL): The FSElite Review

Pilots Alicante Alc Leal Review P3dv4 Fselite Featured
Having spent many years flying to Alicante (LEAL) in various capacities, it’s an airport I have a strong affection for. We have been using a version of the airport for many years from Eiresim, but it hasn’t seen any love for many years. Luckily for us, developer PILOT’S stepped up and has spent the best part of a year developing
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Holiday Grand Raffle 2018: PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather


To celebrate 2018, we’ve teamed up with a bunch of developers to give away a huge number of gifts to the community! This is the FINAL block and chance for you to win prizes from FSElite this year.

Every raffle is free to enter and all they require is a name and an email address. If you wish to support us, you can also enter by subscribing to our YouTube channel, liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. We won’t make every raffle the same, but every subscription, like or follower supports us, which in turn supports the community.

This contest is for:

You can find out everything you need to know about our Holiday Grand Raffle 2018 on our main hub page.

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What else is on offer?

The below prizes are available for week 3! This is the final block!

FlyTheMaddogX MD-8X Collection
PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather
MilViz Product of Choice
SimMarket voucher 100 Euro
Vertx DA-62
UK2000 Scenery
REX Sky Force 3D
Product of choice from FSDreamTeam
TailStrike Designs


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PILOT’S Release Alicante (LEAL) Airport for Prepar3D V4

Alicante Leal Previews P3dv4 (1)
After months of previews, teases and more, the team at PILOT'S has released their anticipated version of Alicante (LEAL) Airport. The Spanish coastal airport sees a huge amount of traffic from Europe and beyond from a variety of different airlines. From easyJet, Ryanair to Norwegian, Volotea and more, there's a large number of routes available to enjoy. The airport itself
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Final Previews of PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Before Release

Alicante Leal Previews P3dv4 (25)
In anticipation for the release of Alicante from developers PILOT'S, a final batch of screenshots (42!) has been released to the public. The shots showcase the immense detail within the airport, the night lighting, the internal modelling and also surrounding cityscape. A lot of work has gone into faithfully recreating the airport and ensuring that performance matches expectations for the
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PILOT’S Alicante Airport Official Trailer Released

Official Trailer PILOTs Alicante Airport LEAL
As Alicante from PILOT'S gets closer to release, as do the promotional material. Our friends at AviationLads has produced the official trailer for the product. The 2 minute video showcases the level of detail the team have achieved in the release. You can see the detailed interior modelling, aerial satellite imagery and of course the impressive terminal building. Beta testing
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