PILOT’S Releases Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to Previous Customers

Santiago De Compostela Airport P3dv4 (5)

PILOT’S has released its latest airport Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to previous customers of those who purchased their scenery packages. In an email sent to those that purchased a product from the PILOT’S store, the airport is available at a discounted rate right now, before it is released to the wider community in a short while.

Santiago de Compostela Airport is located in the historical region of Galicia in Spain. A handful of airlines operate to the single terminal airport including Aer Lingus, easyJet, Iberia, Ryanair and Vueling.

The airport, designed for Prepar3D V4, features 4K textures, animated workers around the airport and ambient sounds throughout the airport. In addition, PILOT’S have recreated many of the 3D models of the airport, the interior modelling and a highly detailed mesh surrounding the airport for maximum realism. Furthermore, the airport features a custom city making the approaches stunning.

Those who have purchased Alicante (LEAL) or the recently released Tioman Island from PILOT’S can get Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) for a discounted price of €24.95. Once it is made available to the wider public, the email says that the price will increase by €5, making it €29.95. The exact release for the wider public is not yet known but the email said it would be out in a “few days.”

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PILOT’S Announces Development of de Havilland Canada DHC-7

Dash 7 08
In a surprise announcement, developers PILOT'S has today confirmed to FSElite that they are working on a brand new aircraft. The de Havilland Canada DHC-7 is unique and offers unmatched performance for an aircraft its size, allowing it to operate in and out of airports with very short runways. This is a perfect aircraft to pair with the recently released PILOT'S Tioman
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PILOT’S Posts more Previews of the Boeing 314 Clipper

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Over on Facebook, PILOT'S uploaded more screenshots of their Boeing 314 Clipper. The Boeing 314 Clipper is is described as a “long range flying boat” used mostly in the 1940s for long oceanic flights. The first Clipper was built in 1938 and began service with PanAm that same year. PanAm operated 9 of the 12 Clippers that were produced. Progress in
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PILOT’S Releases Tioman Island and Airport (WMBT) for P3Dv4

Official Trailer PILOTS Tioman Island WMBT 1
Scenery developer PILOT'S has released their long-awaited Tioman Island and Airport for Prepar3D V4. The island and airport was first announced by us in our Magazine (Issue #1) back in June and it is now finally available to purchase via the PILOT'S store. According to the press release, Tioman Island has ranked as one of the most dangerous approaches in
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PILOT’S Releases Almeria LEAM V2

Official Trailer PILOTS Almeria LEAM V2
As we exclusively announced a few days ago, PILOT'S were in the final stages of preparing a release for Almeria Airport (LEAM) V2. The new update, which is free for existing customers, can be downloaded now and includes a range of new features and functionality over the original. As stated before the new V2 of Almeria Airport will bring completely new ground textures
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FSElite Exclusive: PILOT’S Announces Almeria Airport (LEAM) V2

Almeria Pilots Leam V2 P3d 22

Scenery developers PILOT’S has today announced that they are close to releasing a brand new update for their Almeria Airport. Version 2 of the airport will feature all-new features making it even more detailed than before.

The new version from PILOT’S will bring completely new ground textures and also increase the overall coverage around the airport making the experience more immersive. Along with that, the main airport will feature PBR materials for a realistic effect, as well as new 3D modelling and 3D grass. The new version will also include new dynamic lighting, which is more realistic than before. Finally, the update will feature a new configuration tool as well as an optional HD pack, which increases the level of detail (but this is a separate 8.8GB), but may slow down performance on older PCs. Either way, the new update is more in-depth than the original version.

The update will be coming soon. Update: The update will be released for free by the developer. However if stores/publishers choose to charge for the download (it’s a new 4.4GB file), then that is their discretion and not an instruction from PILOT’S,

You can view a range of exclusive screenshots below. Our friends at AviationLads has also put together a new trailer highlighting some of these features also.

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PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Cockpit Previewed

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Cockpit Previewed FSElite1
Just shy of 3 months after showing off the lastest previews of their upcoming Boeing 314 Clipper, PILOT'S is back to show off more of the highly-anticipated aircraft. This time around, we were shown an assortment of preliminary previews of the cockpit! Do keep in mind that these previews are (clearly) highly work-in-progress, but they do give us a sense
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PILOT’S Tioman Island Previews

Pilots Tioman Island (3)
Developer PILOT'S teased Tioman Island during their FlightSimExpo trailer. Since then, little information has been shared until today where some new previews of the product were shown off. On Facebook, the developer shared just 3 teaser images of the product. From the first screenshots we can see that a lot of attention has gone into recreating the entirety of the
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PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed FSElite1
After nearly 2 years of radio silence on the project since the last previews, it seems like the PILOT'S Boeing 314 Clipper project is back from the dead! In a Facebook post from PILOT'S, we are treated to a plethora of previews of the external model featuring full PBR implementation as well as some additional information on the project and
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