PILOT’S Bringing Clipper to MSFS, Coming Soon


Those of you who use Prepar3D may have spent the past few months flying the Boeing Clipper. However, PILOT’S has confirmed and previewed that the Boeing B314 Clipper will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The classic aircraft has a rich and unique history that makes it a true icon of the skies. The first commercial flight took place in 1939 flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong on the Foreign Air Mail Route.

Following the airframe’s initial success, PanAm would take delivery of 9 airframes in total, initially running them on other lucrative long-haul mail and passenger services. Sadly, after WWII and a relatively short military career, the Boeing B314 Clipper would go on to find itself having become obsolete. The final scheduled PanAm Clipper service was operated in 1946, with BOAC, the only other airline to use them, following suit in 1948.

The previews shared by PILOT’S on Facebook show the aircraft over the Statue of Liberty of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with the sun glowing in the background. Alongside that, the team confirmed that the aircraft will be “coming soon” to the simulator. No further details were shared at this time. This means we don’t know if it will feature the complexities of the original version released earlier this year or if PILOT’S will opt for the “Basic” version they released just a few weeks ago. The “Basic” version removed some of the complexities, whilst retaining the highly detailed modelling and accurate flight dynamics.

Is this an aircraft you’re interested in flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Will you replicate some of those historic routes?


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PILOT’S Releases Boeing Clipper Basic Version

2021 1 19 10 26 17 714a
The Boeing Clipper by PILOT'S was originally released back in January as a 'study-level' experience for the flying boat. However, PILOT'S has now released a new 'Basic Version' that replicates the aircraft but without some of the complexities of operating the aircraft. In the press release, the team said that the Basic Version allows "the novice to startup and fly the
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PILOT’S Releases Cedar Key Airport for MSFS

Msfs Kcdk Shots 02 Feb 2021 52
Providing another exciting destination for sun lovers to enjoy, Austrian developer PILOT'S has recently released their rendition of Cedar Key (KCDK) airport for MSFS users to explore. Cedar Key airport, known formally as George T. Lewis Airport, is a small public airstrip located on Cedar Key in Levy County, Florida. Initially opened in 1936 as a United States military search and rescue
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PILOT’S Releases Boeing B314 Clipper for P3D

4K PILOTS B314 The Clipper Trailer
Piston pounder and flying boat fans rejoice! Austrian developer PILOT'S has recently provided Prepar3D vintage aviation fans with its highly-accurate virtual rendition of the famous Boeing B314 Clipper flying boat. Historically speaking, the Boeing B314 Clipper was created due to Pan American Airways' dire need for an aircraft capable of supporting and relieving the airline's by then aging Martin M-130
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PILOT’S Boeing B314 Releasing This Week

Official Trailer PILOTS Boeing B314
For what has seemed like an eternity in development, the PILOT'S Boeing B314 will be releasing sometime this week. Described as a study-level aircraft, the aircraft will enable you to fly this historic aircraft in Prepar3D v4 and v5. This is the first aircraft release from PILOT'S in a long while but will include an array of features based on
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PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather Prepar3D v5 Edition Now Available

Pilots Fs Global Real Weather (1)

PILOT’S has released their FS Global Real Weather add-on for Prepar3D v5. The all-new utility will inject real-world weather into the simulator. This means weather such as upper and lower winds, various cloud types, turbulence, icing and more can be injected into the sim in real-time.

The weather information is taken from over 24,o00 weather stations across the world and then injected smoothly into your simulator with minimal disruption to your aircraft. Correct cloud types, temperatures, pressure changes and more will inject seamlessly into the simulator. Users can also inject live or historic weather to recreate weather conditions from in the past.

You can buy it now from simMarket for €38.00.

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PILOT’S Releases Flight Sim Global Ultimate NG 2020

231045 2020 4 14 10 1 15 960a
PILOT'S has released their latest in their long-line of Flight Sim Global Ultimate series. NG 2020 brings the latest data to deliver mesh scenery to the whole global. Mesh acts as the wireframe under the landclass and textures in the sim to create more realistic terrain, mountain formations and more. When you're flying around, the PILOT'S Flight Sim Global
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PILOT’S Releases Leicester Airport for Prepar3D v4

PILOT S EGBG Leicester (6)
Developer PILOT'S has released Leicester Airport for Prepar3D v4. Mainly used for flight training, the airport is often used for GA flying. The runway is just over 3,000 feet long and can handle aircraft such as the King Air 350 and small business jets such as the Embraer Phenom 300. The airport product features 4K textures throughout, including custom landclass
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PILOT’S Releases Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to All Customers

Official Trailer PILOTs Santiago De Compostela
PILOT'S has released Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) to all customers as of today. Santiago de Compostela Airport is located in the historical region of Galicia in Spain. A handful of airlines operate to the single terminal airport including Aer Lingus, easyJet, Iberia, Ryanair and Vueling. The airport, designed for Prepar3D V4, features 4K textures, animated workers around the airport and ambient sounds
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