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Photosim Labs Wrapping up to Release Bahamas This Week

Photosim Labs Bahamas (2)

Photosim Labs have spent an astonishing amount of time developing their Bahamas scenery for the community. We first announced it in October 2017 and have been proud to follow their progress in the time leading up to their release.

On Facebook, the team confirmed that the final few bugs have been squashed and that they are achieving good FPS across all platforms. Whilst they’re a bit frustrated that their original vendor of choice will no longer be accepting PayPal, they are working with another to have the scenery available to purchase, hopefully by Wednesday 24th April. The scenery will also be available on their own website also.

If you previously pre-ordered the product from Photosim Labs, you will receive an email Wednesday afternoon with your download files, along with a special surprise.

As of right now, Bahamas from Photosim Labs will be available for FSX, FSX: SE and Prepar3D – including version 4. X-Plane users will be pleased to hear that work has officially started on the conversion.

When the product is available, we will be sure to let you know. In other Photosim Labs news, they confirmed that they will be working on developing Cuba next.

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Photosim Labs Previews Upcoming South Bimini Airport

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Developer Photosim Labs has released several previews of their new South Bimini Airport (MYBS) via a post on their Facebook page. Based on a comment attached to the post, the developer states that they hope to have this scenery released by the end of next week. Stay tuned to FSElite for information about the release.
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PhotoSim Labs Shows off Further Previews of The Bahamas

Chub Nov7
Our friends at PhotoSim Labs has sent us further previews of their upcoming Bahamas scenery. In particular, they shared new previews of Cat Cay (MYCC) and Chub Cay (MYBC). The new previews are very advanced in development and are nearly a final build. He is very interested in the use of photoreal scenery as he believes it makes for the most
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FSElite Exclusive: Photosim Labs Bahamas Previews

Chub Oct2018 17

For a while now, we’ve been bringing you development updates for PhotoSim Labs’ upcoming Bahamas scenery. The developer is keen to blend photoreal work with the more traditional work of hand-made textures to the Bahamas.

Over the past few months, PhotoSim Labs has made many changes to their work to ensure the product they release suits the standards required from the community today. We’re pleased to offer the community some exclusive screenshots of the current build. It’s still expected that at least one of the packages being created will be released before the holidays next month.

There will be a variety of islands included, including Chub Cay and South Bimini. You can find out more form the project by reading our original post and also our previous previews threads (but remember they are older so may not represent the quality seen today).

We’ll be sure to keep in touch with the team and pass on any new information as we see it.

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FSElite Exclusive: Photosim Labs Previews of Bahamas Collection

Photosim Labs Bahamas 12
Almost a year ago, we shared with you the first screenshots of Photosim Labs' upcoming Bahamas Collection. The scenery package will be split into multiple collections: South Bimini (MYBS) and Cat Cay (MYCC). Afterwards, he will release an additional package containing Chub Cay (MYBC) and Little Whale Cay (MYBX). The solo developer has been working on-off the project, but his time
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FSElite Exclusive: Photosim Labs St. Croix in Development

Stc 025
We were proud to be able to introduce new developer Photosim Labs a few months ago. Since then, he has continued to work on his photoreal scenery projects, but hit a couple of road blocks during the development of Bahamas. The biggest challenge he is currently having is awaiting some work from another developer to complete some work. However, that has
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FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSim Labs Bahamas – Further Previews

Bahamas Batch2 P3dv4 09
Back in October, we were luckily enough to introduce new developer PhotoSim Labs who is currently developer Bahamas for FSX and P3D. If you missed our last article on them, PhotoSim Labs intends to release two different packages. During the first release, this will include South Bimini (MYBS) and Cat Cay (MYCC). Afterwards, he will release an additional package containing Chub
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