FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSim Labs Confirm Development of Cuba Scenery

Cuba Photo Sim Labs

New scenery developer PhotoSim Labs has given us the rights to exclusively reveal that their next project, after the Bahamas, will be the entire island of Cuba.

The complete project will be done in 5 different sections, with 2 airports contained in each. The first section which is being worked on will be “Isla De La Juventud & Pinar del Rio”. Regardless of which pack, they will contain hundreds of custom buildings, custom vegetation, high-quality ground textures and of course, photo real ground and water textures.

Further to the objects, airports and tropical landscaping, PhotoSim Labs will also model the various Russain carriers which sail around the island, as well as be able to take off and land on them.

It’s a project on a grand scale. Don’t expect it any time soon, as development is currently in pre-production with multiple photo shoots currently on-going to gather the source material required to create a detailed project such as this.

Finally, we can confirm this is a project for FSX/P3Dv4, and will also be converted to X-Plane 11.

Once we hear more information regarding PhotoSim Labs and Cuba, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, you can support PhotoSim Labs by pre-ordering / purchasing a copy of their Bahamas scenery.

Image source: Isla Local

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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South – More Previews

Orbx True Earth Greatbritain South (10)
After the huge preview thread from Orbx during the Cosford announcement last weekend, beta testers over at the Orbx forums have been sharing many new images of TrueEarth Great Britain South in action. Showcasing areas from the likes of Birmingham, Peterborough, Cambridge and more, the idea is to really share just how much detail this region will have when it
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Prealsoft Release HD Cities Lisbon

202360 11
Prealsoft has released their HD Cities Lisbon for P3Dv4. Prealsoft Lisbon will cover roughly 100 km2 with autogen via custom buildings and foliage. Custom objects are also included, such as bridges, ships, port cranes, sports arenas, and more. Despite all these custom objects, PrealSoft has put a lot of effort into optimising this scenery to allow for the best performance.
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Want to see Orbx Germany PhotoReal?

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 3

On the last day of 2017, John Venema from Orbx asked the community a simple question: ‘how many of you would be interested in a photoreal version of the whole country of Germany?’ This comes after Orbx announced they have big plans in 2018 for PhotoReal scenery products.

Before you get too excited, there’s a few things to note on this:

  1. It will be around 120GB in download size
  2. It would contain all of the points of interest found in the current landclass version
  3. It will be available for FSX/P3D/Aerofly FS2/X-Plane
  4. It would launch on Aerofly FS2 first
  5. It will contain a summer season to begin with

With this information in mind, John is asking for the community to let Orbx know your thoughts.

If you don’t know what PhotoReal scenery projects are from Orbx, have a look at these shots of their upcoming Netherlands region one.

Thanks to Simon for letting us know about this.

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First Alpha Shots of Orbx FTX EU Netherlands Photoreal

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 36
After we published an article confirming that Orbx would be developing a new FTX region in the Netherlands, we couldn't wait to see the first shots. Lucky for us then, as John Venema has taken to the forums to reveal the first alpha shots of the region. Yes, you also read the title correctly - this will be Orbx's first 'Photoreal'
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Richer Simulations Releases Caribsky – Barbados 2017

Richer Simulations is known for their photoreal scenery in the Caribbean. Their previous releases have been St. Kitts and Grenada, both of which provided detailed coverage of the islands showing off their charm and beauty. This time, the "Pearl of the Caribbean", Barbados, has been chosen for their next effort. Caribsky Barbados 2017 boasts an impressive 431 square KM of
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