Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Now Available

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Posted just now on the FlightSimulator blog, MicrosoftFlight Simulator patch is now available to download. The new patch, which is free and can be installed now and addresses some issues such as installation issues, content manager problems and also provides a much more stable SimConnect experience to no longer have significant FPS drops when using it.

The patch notes also indicate that the sim will no longer crash when adding or disconnecting devices or peripherals, and also the installation process will no longer be blocked for numerous reasons such as failed connections to servers. Finally, performance has been improved when name plates are set to active.

The patch was made available to download at 17:00z and installation should be fairly easy. To install, close down Microsoft Flight Simulator and relaunch the simulator. The sim will then go through the process of updating itself. However, the blog post did say that if you do have issues then you should do a clean install of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Full instructions on how to perform a clean install can be found on the blog post.

You can read our review on Microsoft Flight Simulator here, or you can view the store page on Microsoft’s website.

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FSDT KORD v2 FPS Between V4.5 and V5

Fsdreamteam Chicago Kord V2 (3)
Many developers have been showing off their products in Lockheed Martin's new P3Dv5. FSDreamTeam has released two videos comparing the FPS between P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 using their Chicago O'Hare v2 (KORD) The first video shown here displays Prepar3D version 4.5 and the classic World Travel A321 parked at the gate at FSDreamTeam's O'Hare and you can clearly see the FPS
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