Microsoft Flight Simulator Upcoming Patch #2 Details


Microsoft Flight Simulator will be updated within the next 10 days addressing a large number of the initial feedback for the simulator since release. The team at both Asobo and Microsoft have continued to listen to feedback from the community and will be releasing the second patch addressing numerous bug reports and other feature requests.

The details of this patch were released as part of the weekly blog update from the team over on The details were somewhat detailed and highlighted exactly what we can come to expect in the next update, which is due for release within the next 10 days. Highlights from the patch include performance improvements, ATC and UI updates, along with improvements to the aircraft avionics, systems and the cockpit visuals and animations. Based on the initial highlight details, this patch appears to be significantly more extensive than the first patch released earlier this month.

Alongside those improvements, Microsoft has also said that the camera will see some improvements, along with accessibility options. This will accompany changes with the multiplayer servers, live weather and also the included Bush Trips. The highlights are just a fragment of the full patch notes which will release upon the release of the update itself.

Just to be clear, this patch will be made available within the next 10 days and is not out just yet.

Alongside the patch details, a variety of new community screenshots were shared, some of which we have shared also below.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Now Available

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Posted just now on the FlightSimulator blog, MicrosoftFlight Simulator patch is now available to download. The new patch, which is free and can be installed now and addresses some issues such as installation issues, content manager problems and also provides a much more stable SimConnect experience to no longer have significant FPS drops when using it. The patch notes
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Orbx Provides TrueEarth US Oregon Patch V1.01 Information

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Developer Orbx has provided some information regarding the forthcoming patch for their TrueEarth US Oregon Package for X-Plane 11. Some users of this scenery have mentioned colour issues within the urban areas of Oregon. Orbx has taken to their forum to reassure users that they are aware of the blue and purple tones and are working on creating new ortho
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iniBuilds Releases Aerosoft Split X Patch

Aerosoft Split X P3dv4 (1)
iniBuilds has released an unofficial patch to make Aerosoft Split X Airport (LDSP) compatible with Prepar3D v4. This scenery was previously only available for FSX and Prepar3D v2/v3. The patch created by our very own Max Dyba, brings Aerosoft's Split X scenery add-on to work in Prepar3D v4 with relative ease. In addition to Prepar3D v4 compatibility, it also brings dynamic lighting. It's
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iniBuilds Releases Freeware Aerosoft Dublin Patch

Announced in a post on their Facebook, iniBuilds has released an unofficial patch to make Aerosoft Mega Airport Dublin (EIDW) compatible with Prepar3D v4. This scenery was previously only available for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D v2. The drag and drop patch, developed by our very own Max Dyba, brings Aerosoft's Dublin scenery add-on to work in Prepar3D v4 without the need to
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7x7Pilot Mega Airport Dublin Community Patch

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Community developer 7x7Pilot, creator of some popular liveries and GSX configs, has released his first airport patch. His patch is an update to Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin (EIDW). This scenery was previously only available for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D v2.

The patch adds compatibility for Prepar3D v4.4, adds custom SODE jetways and has updated some airport parking positions. For the patch you need to own both Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin as well as Eiresim’s Dublin. There is a lot of manual work involved to get the patch working, but there is an elaborate manual included with the patch to help you.

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Hot Start TBM-900 Updated To v1.0.2

TBM 12
The Hot Start TBM-900 released yesterday to much acclaim, but following the highly anticipated release, some users reported errors with the aircraft that rendered their new $65 investment rather unusable. Not the type of people to make a buck then run, Goran and Saso quickly issued the v1.0.1 patch less than 24 hours later, and subsequently also the v1.0.2 patch.
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