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Parallel 42 Teases The Skypark in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Announced back at FlightSimExpo 2019, Parallel 42’s The Skypark has had a long development road. Since the initial announcement, for a product coming to Prepar3D, the team has had since to go back to the drawing board to rebuild the platform to work with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. For the first time since last year, Edson has previewed the product with the new platform.

The three-hour Twitch stream saw Edson, acting as part of The, fly to numerous locations flying a variety of cargo using the most up-to-date version of the Skypad in the new simulator. It is confirmed that The Skypark will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator only. Note that this stream is designed to show a work-in-progress build of the software.

We’ve reached out to the team at //42 to get further information on the product and we’ll report back once we hear more. For now, you can watch the live stream clip here.

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Parallel 42 Permanently Reduces Product Prices

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Developer Parallel 42 has been vocal in the industry on their communication with their customers. Whether that's to inform of a change in customer service support (because they felt it could be improved) or even behind the scenes content. Today, the team has taken to their blog again to inform the community of some good news: a permanent price drop
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Parallel 42 Aerosoft A320 Immersion V2 Released

Parallel 42 A320 Immersion V2 (2)
A few weeks ago, Parallel 42 confirmed that the Aerosoft A320 family would be getting a redone immersion pack and were looking for testers. Now that product has released via OrbxDirect for everyone to enjoy. The Aerosoft A320 Professional Immersion V2 is an all in one package. The A318, A319, A320, and A321 are all compatible with this immersion pack.
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Parallel 42 Releases ChasePlane 1.2

ChasePlane By Parallel 42 Cinematics 4K
After a cinematic trailer showcasing the new Cinematics mode the other day, Parallel 42 has now released the awaited ChasePlane 1.2 update for the whole community. The new free update introduces numerous functionality and is available now. Starting with Cinematics, this was previously known as Cinematic Mode. Not only did the name change, but all-new features creep in to enable artists to create
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ChasePlane New ‘Cinematics’ Mode Feature Trailer

ChasePlane By Parallel 42 Cinematics 4K
We shared with you a few weeks ago a sneak peek of a new Cinematics mode coming soon to ChasePlane. The concept behind this name change is to signify the more streamlined approach Parallel 42 is taking with the next build of ChasePlane. All your settings and controls for the Cinematics can be controlled in one place. When previewing the new
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Parallel 42 Confirms Aerosoft A320 Immersion V2, Looking for Testers

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Parallel 42 has officially confirmed that an Aerosoft A320 V2 is in the works after the original product reached end of life last month. The news confirmed on Twitter by the team also saught applications from the community for those interested in testing the new product on anticipation for a release.

As you can see from the Tweet, you should email [email protected] with “love notes, and flight logs to prove you would make a valuable asset to the testing team.

Best of luck to those who want to participate.

We’ll update you with any future news from the team.

You can read our post on the new changes coming soon to ChasePlane.

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New Chase Plane Version Features Teased

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Streaming on Twitch, OMGEDSON (Edson from //42) has shared an early test build of a future Chase Plane version. The new Chase Plane version will come with some new features which Edson shared to his viewers whilst also offering some juicy information about how they can benefit content creators for the future. The new feature showed off was a completely
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Parallel 42 Releases 737 Immersion v2 (PMDG NGXu Compatible)

Orbx Central 2020 03 01 10 43 18
Parallel 42 has delivered on their original promised and has released the next iteration of their Immersion pack for the 737. The 737 Immersion v2 provides full support for the PMDG NGXu line of products. The new version will include the Immersion Manager first seen with the 747 Immersion pack. This will enable you to preview effects, adjust settings and
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Parallel 42 Announces PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion [Exclusive Image]

Immersion Pack 737ngu
Following the blowout of information from the developers at Parallel 42 (//42) regarding their complete acquisition of OldProp, the team then announced that the PMDG  737 NGXu Immersion is in development. The project is being headed up by Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn under a new Partner Developer Program within Parallel 42. "Raul shows an
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