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Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III: The FSElite Review

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Piper’s PA-28 Arrow III is part of the the iconic Cherokee family, battling the GA sky’s against its rival Cessnas 172. When I heard the team at Just Flight were working on the Ferrari of Cherokee’s, with it’s 200 hp fuel injected Lycoming engine humming at a maximum cruise speed 146 ktas over a range of 697 nm up to 15,000 feet, I couldn’t wait to trade up to something a little more sporty. I still held my reservations though, was this just another GA aircraft that will hold my attention for one or two flights? Or have the team at Just Flight done enough to make a permanent spot in my virtual hangar?

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PA28R Arrow III In Development from Just Flight

After conducting hand-on research with the PA28R Arrow III, Just Flight have announced that they will be developing the four-seater, piston powered aircraft. After their pretty good TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad, we have some high hopes for this one. A few screenshots have been revealed, but other than this, we'll just have to wait and see. Colour us intrigued!
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