PA-28 161

Just Flight’s PA-28 161 Warrior II Now Available for MSFS

Just Flight Pa28 Warriror Ii Msfs (1)

Just Flight continues to provide the Microsoft Flight Simulator community GA aircraft to enjoy. Their most recent release is the PA-28 161 Warrior II and serves as a great aircraft to tour the virtual world below.

Developed by the in-house team, Just Flight’s Piper Warrior II is a highly detailed and accurate rendition of the piston aircraft. The fixed-pitch propeller has 160hp in its four-cylinder engine. Built based on hands-on research with G-BOZI at Conington Airfield, the aircraft comes with plenty of features and functionality.

As with other Just Flight aircraft, the Warrior II comes equipped with a detailed model which is complete with 4K PBR texturing. Furthermore, there is a number of custom systems powering the aircraft and giving it life. For example. the electrical system is custom coded and this also gives the ability to interact with circuit breakers. There are functioning carburetor and primer controls, plug fouling, limited battery life and much more.

For the sounds, Just Flight has used the latest WWise technology to create an authentic sound-set for the aircraft, giving you the chance to hear exactly what a pilot would hear when flying the world in this GA aircraft. Custom sound effects have also been added to simulate flying situations and conditions.

Finally, a number of liveries from around the world have been included, along with a detailed paint kit offering you the chance to create your own custom livery.

Just Flight’s PA-28 161 Warrior II is now available to buy for £29.99 (plus applicable taxes) from the Just Flight store.

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