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Honeycomb Aeronautical Preview Upcoming Alpha Flight Controls Yoke

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Honeycomb Aeronautical, a company that is currently developing an all-new yoke and throttle solution for the simulation market, has released updated previews of their soon to be released Alpha Flight Yoke and its companion heavy dual mounting system.

This system will help keep the yoke in place when in use better than previous mounting methods, and should ensure a smoother and more sturdy feeling. Many attendees of Cosford last year noted that the yoke felt loosely attached to the table, so this is a welcome addition to the product.

Additionally, Honeycomb gave updated renders of their yoke, which indicate the product is ever closer to release.

Honeycomb has not confirmed the release date of the yoke and throttle yet, simply teasing instead that the product is closer to launch than ever before, though we should know a final release date before the product actually releases. Honeycomb did, however, announce that they would be attending and demonstrating their products at the following simulation expos and conferences:

  • Sun N Fun (Lakeland, FL – April 2nd – 7th)
  • Aero Friedrichshafen (Friedrichshafen, DE – (April 10th – 13th)
  • FlightSimExpo (Orlando, FL – June 7th – 9th)
  • Airventure (Oshkosh, WI – July 22nd – 28th)
  • FS Weekend (Lelystad, NL – Dates to be confirmed)

You can view the full post as well as the community reaction over at Honeycomb Aeronautical’s Facebook page.

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Just Flight Traffic Global Updated

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Just Flight has released version of their Early Access traffic utility, Traffic Global. Billed as the latest incarnation of Just Flight’s traffic series, the program provides AI traffic for P3D and FSX. Incorporating thousands of detailed commercial airlines flying real-world routes, the program provides an FPS-friendly traffic alternative for pilots flying offline. Even though the program is still in
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FSX3D Previews Mont Dauphin Saint Crepin Airport for P3D

In a post on their website, developer FSX3D has previewed their next airport, Mont Dauphin Saint Crepin (LFNC) for P3D and FSX. Located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, the airport is a small, uncontrolled field with a short asphalt runway. Open to the public, the airport is mostly used for tourism. While the (French language) post doesn’t give many details, the
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Orbx Drops More Great Britain South Preview Shots

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In a post on their forum, Orbx has released some more outstanding preview shots of their upcoming Great Britain (GB) South product for P3D. Shot in the simulator using real-world weather, the shots feature landmark-rich areas around Southampton. Using new technology by Orbx, TrueEarth mixes ortho-imagery, 3D CityScene, and FTX regions to deliver stunning area coverage.
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Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 For P3D & FSX

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After weeks of open beta testing, developer Flysimware has released version 1.0 of their Falcon 50 trijet for users of P3D and FSX. The three-engined business jet first took to the skies in 1976 and was available to customers starting in 1979. The first business jet capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean with legal fuel reserves, the jet boasts a
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FSElite Original: In Review – November


November was supposed to be a relatively calm month. Some releases to be expected, some updates here and there, and the big Black Friday sale. However, that should have been about it. It almost sounded too good to be true. And if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

In all fairness, I might be slightly exaggerating. November started out quite calm with relatively few big news items. Halfway through the month, we saw QualityWings’ surprise release of the Ultimate 146. This was pretty big news and some members of the community got into rather heated arguments in our comment section. Is the price worth it? Should it have been free for previous owners? What’s happening on the Ultimate 787 front? In the end, nobody seemed to be able to find a consensus on these topics.

After the Ultimate 146 news we had a rather calm Black Friday. Nobody rushed to be first in line at any of the digital stores because, well, they are digital. And nobody rushed to even get in line to begin with at FlightSimStore. We probably could have suspected this and see it coming for a bit, but because they were so uncommunicative and keeping up the appearance that everything was “fine”, it still came as a bit of a surprise. It’s sad to see them go. I have been a customer there for quite a few years, and I’m losing access to a fair amount of products. However, there is no excuse for the things they have done. Not paying developers and running off with money is never a good idea. Let’s hope justice catches up with them sooner or later.

But, by far, the biggest news was the Prepar3D v4.4 surprise announcement. With PBR.

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FSElite First Look: Vertx DA-62

Sean Moloney, best known for his work at RealAir, has recently returned to the flight sim world after a prolonged absence. With him, he brings a new development studio, a new product line, but most importantly, a new plane, the Vertx DA-62. From the ashes of RealAir comes Sean’s talent roaring back into life. Today, we’re taking a first look
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Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 Beta For Purchase

Flysimware S Dassault Falcon 50
Developer Flysimware has released their long awaited version of the Dassault Falcon 50 triple-engine jet. Currently on beta 2.4, the developer is giving early access to pilots who want to fly the plane before the finished version is released. With most of the texturing and flight systems complete, the plane is still receiving regular updates and buyers are cautioned that
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FSDreamTeam GDPR Notice

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FSDreamTeam has published a notice in regards to the GDPR that came into effect earlier this year. The GDPR, focussing on user control of data and privacy (in short), has set some rather tough to meet requirements for companies that process personal data. FSDT uses Esellerate for the purchase and activation of their sceneries. Due to the GDPR, Esellerate has
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Carenado Issues Update For DA-62

DA62 10
Carenado has issued an update for their recently released DA-62 aircraft. In a post on their Facebook page, the developer announced that the update includes compatibility with their Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and that the aircraft now has a GCU 460 control unit. The update also includes a number of improvements for the G1000 system, and has fixed some small
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