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Origami Studios

Origami Studios Releases Gatwick Airport for MSFS

Origami Studios has released Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is an up-to-date rendition of the UK’s second busiest airport and comes with a range of features for the new simulator. Gatwick is known for its busy single runway that often sees an aircraft taking off or landing every few minutes throughout the day. Origami Studios has partnered with iniScene to bring the airport to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The product comes with a mix of 4K and 2K texturing for optimal performance whilst ground clutter and custom cars help to “bring [the airport] to life.” The airport has been designed based on today’s layout, with all the current markings and signage correct based on charts and maps. Origami Studios originally said that this is a “significant upgrade” from the original X-Plane 11 version.

You can buy Origami Studios from the iniBuilds store for £11.99 (excluding taxes). It will be made available through the Microsoft Flight Simulator store at some point in the future.

You can also watch our first look video at Gatwick Airport by Origami Studios.

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Origami Studios London Gatwick for MSFS Trailer

Origiami Studios London Gatwick EGKK For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Origami Studios, in partnership with iniBuilds, has shared the trailer for their upcoming London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The nearly two-minute trailer showcases a number of features within the airport product such as the included jetways, detailed modelling and also dynamic lighting. You can watch it now above or on the iniBuilds YouTube channel. Gatwick Airport is
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Origami Studios Announce Barra Airport as Freeware for XPL

Barra XP Announcements 2
Scenery developer Origami Studios said that they wouldn't forget about X-Plane 11 when they announced Gatwick Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator and the team has committed to that by announcing Barra Airport as freeware. The airport is unique for being the only airport in the world that has aircraft landing and taking off from a beach. The small island of
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Origami Studios Updates London Gatwick to Version 1.1

Origami Studios Gatwick Xpl 11 (3)
A week after Origami Studios released their rendition of London Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane 11, they offer an update to version 1.1 on their website. The update mostly contains fixes and some SAM tweaks. Users can update their version to 1.1 via their iniBuilds Store account. If you haven't purchased this scenery yet, you can head over to the iniBuilds Store
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Origami Studios Releases Gatwick

Screenshot 2021 02 06 At 12.31.41

Origami Studios, the team behind the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and SimToolKitPro, has released their first scenery venture, Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane.

Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport and holds the accolade for having the second busiest single runway operation, despite having two physical runways, in the world.  Gatwick handles both long and short haul flights from destinations as far as Cancun, Mexico and as close as Belfast with flight times of 12 hours and 1.5 hours respectively. Airlines such as TUI, EasyJet and British Airways make Gatwick a major hub of operations from only two terminals. 

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Origami Studios Details Gatwick Release

Screenshot 2021 02 06 At 12.31.41
Origami Studios, the team behind the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and SimToolKitPro, has disclosed further details of their first scenery project, Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for X-Plane. Gatwick is the second Busiest airport in the UK and although it has two physical runways, these are positioned too close together to operate them simultaneously. This gives Gatwick the accolade of having the second
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Origami Studios Announces Gatwick Airport for X-Plane 11

Origami Studios Gatwick Xpl 11 (10)
Developer Origami Studios, the team behind the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, has today announced they will be bringing Gatwick Airport (EGKK) to X-Plane 11. As the second busiest airport in the UK, Gatwick serves a wide range of short-haul and long haul routes around the world. Gatwick is unique due to the fact it has two runways but mostly uses a
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Origami Studios Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane Releasing September 11th

Origami Studios British Bulldog X Plan 11 (4)
Newcomer developer Origami Studios announced the development of thE Scottish Aviation Bulldog earlier this year and today have announced it will release on September 11th 2020. The development of the iconic British aircraft has been done in collaboration with SimToolKitPro and will be sold exclusively on the iniBuilds store. Announced earlier on Facebook, the aircraft will come with 8 custom liveries,
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New Developer Origami Studios Announces Scottish Aviation Bulldog for X-Plane 11

Scottish Aviation Bulldog Reveal
A brand new development studio from the guys behind SimToolKitPro and Dellanie Byron has been formed under the name Origami Studios. Its first project will be an aircraft for X-Plane 11, namely the Scottish Aviation Bulldog. Used primarily as an RAF training aircraft for over 30 years, the aircraft has proven to be very popular and reliable. The streamlined design also makes
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