Orbx Landmarks Singapore for MSFS Releasing Friday 12th Feb, New Previews

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A new preview thread on the Orbx forums has confirmed that Landmarks Singapore is due to release on Friday 12th February 2021. In addition to the release date, a series of comparison previews were shared highlighting the difference between the default scenery and how Landmarks Singapore will enhance Microsoft Flight Simulator.


You can view even more on the Orbx forums.

We already know that Landmarks Singapore will include 150 points of interest including the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay and many more. It’s also confirmed that Landmarks Singapore is set to include custom night lighting as well as terraforming across the entire coverage area. Finally, it is also set to provide numerous enhancements to the Port of Singapore and the adjacent industrial sites, located between Jurong Island and Changi International Airport (WSSS).

Landmarks Singapore is going through a final testing phase and providing everything works, expect to see the product available to download through Orbx Central on Friday 12th February 2021.

Check out more previews here to see even more of Orbx Landmarks Singapore.


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Seafront Simulations Releases Vessels Channel Islands for MSFS

Seafront Simulations Announcement Trailer Coastal Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator
A brand new development team has appeared on the scene and released its first freeware product via OrbxDirect. Seafront Simulations has brought the coastline around the Channel Islands in the UK to life. The team has added a variety of vessels to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In total, over 3,400 new vessels have been scattered around 10 marinas throughout the five
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Orbx Announces Landmarks Brisbane City Pack for MSFS

Orbx Brisbane City Park Msfs (2)
Orbx has announced they will be heading back Down Under with a brand new city pack. Orbx Landmarks Brisbane will recreate the Australian city in incredible detail. Highlighting the charm, culture and subtropical atmosphere of the capital of Queensland, the all-new pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator will feature over 125 custom landmarks transforming the area in the sim. In the announcement
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First Look: Orbx Volanta

Orbx Volanta is a virtual flight tracker, made by Orbx. I’ve had access to it now for a couple of months, and seen the tool progress a lot. In this first look article, I want to give you my thoughts on Volanta and tell you how it works. Let’s begin with the latter part: how does Volanta work? Volanta integrates
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New Previews of Orbx Landmarks Singapore City Pack

Orbx Landmarks Singapore Msfs (5)
Iain Emms and user FILOU from Orbx has taken to the forums to share some brand new screenshots for Landmarks Singapore City Pack. The product was announced back in December last year, but now the previews are coming in thick and fast suggesting that development is starting to wrap up. The new previews from the duo highlight the level of
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Orbx Releases Volanta for Public Use

Volanta Flight Tracker

After a few months of closed-beta testing, Orbx’s Volanta is now available for the public to sign up to and use. The all-new flight tracker app works across all major flight simulator platforms and includes automatic flight tracking abilities, 3D maps and an easy-to-use interface

One of the unique features of Volanta is the fact that it will start tracking automatically without going through various pages or menus to set things up. Once installed, Volanta will begin tracking your flight, capture your aircraft type and registration. This functionality works across multiple platforms. The map of Volanta serves as your primary hub where you will be able to see traffic within Volatna and on other online networks. The application can also show you the latest ATIS and controller info and you can also integrate with Navigraph to see an overlay of navdata such as airways and fixes.

Other features worth mentioning is the ability to easily import your data from projectFly, SimToolKitPro and also via your online networks. You can then assign pre-existing aircraft to these flights and continue building up your virtual log for the world to see. You will be able to share flights, view friends and even take part in various challenges around the world to unlock badges and other goodies within the app. Finally, you are able to look up any airport and see who has visited it most often, the month you flew most in and your own personal achievements.

Whilst Volanta is free to use, there will be some premium features added in the future to further enhance the product. More details on those features have yet to be disclosed, but we’ll continue to follow any development and inform you in due course. You can read more about the improvements made during its time in beta here.

Volanta is free to download right now from the new website. We’ll be sharing our first impressions on the new flight tracker soon.

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Orbx Orcas Island for MSFS Updated to Version 1.1.0

An extensive update for Orbx's Orcas Island (KORS) on Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released via Orbx Central. The new update adds new features, improves various parts of the airport and also fixes some issues reported by the community. New additions to the airport scenery include new airport signage, additional points of interest and a new helipad at the medical
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Update: Orbx Partnership, World Update 3 Further Delay and More

A brand-new development update on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog has been shared, which details new information regarding World Update 3: United Kingdom, a new partnership video and also an update to the bug tracker and wish list. Leading with the bad news first; World Update 3 has been delayed once again. Whilst progress continues to be made, there
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Orbx Announces Stockholm Bromma Airport for MSFS

ORBX Stockholm Bromma Airport Essb Msfs (2)
Marcus Nyberg is back with a brand new Swedish airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is the third busiest in the country and sees numerous airlines, jets and GA traffic pass through each year. Approaching the airport will take you right over the Swidish capital with views spanning stunning vistas and parts of the city. As with
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Orbx Releases Landmarks Paris City Pack for MSFS

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The fight is on between developers for the most accurate representation of the numerous landmarks of Paris. This time, Orbx enters the game with their Landmarks Paris City Pack product, only available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Orbx scenery comprises 15 high details landmarks among the most iconics such as Notre Dame and the modern arts Centre Pompidou, with a
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