Orbx Announces EGHA Compton Abbas for X-Plane 11

Egha Compton Abbas X Plane 11 (14)

Orbx has today announced that EGHA Compton Abbas will be heading soon to X-Plane 11. The English airfield near Dorset sits between lush fields, small villages and other areas of natural beauty. The area has been deemed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so those flying around will get some spectacular views.

The airport, like other Orbx airports, features high-resolution imagery (15cm and 60cm per pixel), custom vehicles and airport buildings, along with a range of autogen and hand placed objects to immerse you into the product. EGHA Compton Abbas on X-Plane 11 has been designed to work with TrueEarth GB South, but may be used without it (but users may experience missing forests, misplaced roads and issues with photoreal blending).

No price was mentioned on the forum post. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new information and also release information when that happens.

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Orbx WA56 Israel’s Farm Is Now Available for X-Plane 11

Wa56 Orbx Isreals Farm Xplane 11 (8)
The final of three new airports from Orbx today, on X-Plane 11, is WA56 Isreal's Farm. The private airstrip next to Skagit River has some wonderful views for those looking to fly in the region. The airport features 60/15cm per pixel ground imagery and the farm and airstrip have been fully modelled. Nearby gas stations and houses have also been
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74S Anacortes Airport by Orbx Now Available

Orbx 74s Anacortes Xp11 (17)
Formally announced a few weeks ago by Jarrad at Orbx, today the airport has been released for X-Plane 11. Anacortes Airport is a small airstrip in the Pacific North West. The nearby natural surroundings, farms, lakes and small towns make for some great views as you fly in and out of the airport. The airport originally designed by Jarrad Marshall
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Orbx Provides Slight Update on openLC Africa and Asia

Orbx Openlc Africa 5
John Venema from Orbx has provided the community with a short, but sweet, update on openLC Africa and openLC Asia. Both products are designed to improve the landclass of their respected areas in a single product. Each of them follow on from the previous releases of openLC Europe, North America and South America. openLC Africa has been a product that has
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Orbx Announces 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport for X-Plane 11

Orbx 1s2 Darrington Airport (1)
Orbx continues to build airports that fit in with TrueEarth US Washington by announcing that 1S2 Darrington Municipal Airport is currently in development for X-Plane 11. The news follows on from the announcement of 74S Anacortes, as another airport that has been designed to blend in with the TrueEarth product. Darrington Municipal Airport, sat right next to Whitehorse Mountain has
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Orbx EGNX East Midlands for X-Plane 11 Released

Orbx East Midlands Airport Egnx Xplane 11 (6)

After showing off the first previews a couple of weeks ago, Orbx has today released EGNX East Midlands on X-Plane 11. The British airport sees frequent visits from multiple airlines including Ryanair, TUI and Jet2.

The airport from Orbx includes a range of features you would expect including PBR materials throughout, high-definition textures and modelling work and animated ground service vehicles. The airport has been designed to blend seamlessly into TrueEarth Great Britain South, but can be used without (but there will be some missing features such as blending and possibly missing or misplaced forests).

Orbx EGNX East Midlands Airport is now available for X-Plane 11 right now. You can buy it now for $32.95 AUD (approx. USD $22.95/ €20.50/ £18.20).

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Orbx Releases Global Buildings HD

Orbx Buildingshd P3d (3)
Orbx has released their long-awaited Global Buildings HD add-on for FSX and Prepar3D. The software is touted to overhaul the autogen buildings across the world; all-new regionally accurate textures are included - 900 texture sheets containing an impressive 3860 individual building textures - along with 400 updated and vastly improved 3D models in the default library. It's confirmed that the
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[Sponsored] Orbx ’33-For-3′ Sale Now On

33 For 3 Sale
Full disclosure: This is an article paid for by Orbx to promote their sale. We don't accept payment for any other type of content including news reviews or editorials. In the count down to July, Orbx is throwing a flash sale. Named the 33-for-3 sale, all Orbx products, released before April 1st 2019, are 33% off the standard price. Between
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Orbx Announces Asturias Airport (LEAS) for Prepar3D v4

16 58418ec5c976460014fc05ef7ec0848b
Courtesy of their website, Orbx has announced their development of Asturias Airport (LEAS) for P3Dv4. The developer claims that the airport is very close to release and to keep an eye on the forums over the next few days as they show off more details of the airport. Asturias Airport will include a large area of surrounding scenery that includes
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