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ORBX Showcase Bilbao (LEBB) v1.1

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ORBX has shared some preview screenshots and information on the upcoming v1.1 update for Bilbao (LEBB). The announcement was made via a forum post this morning.

ORBX announced a service pack for the scenery last year and have decided to take it further. You can find our review on the scenery here. New high-resolution terminal and ground textures have been added in addition to SODE gates. The approach for runway 12/30 has also received an upgrade with 200 new building types and variations added. Mountain ranges are now included in the southern approach adding to the realism of the scenery not to mention the inclusion of other various fixes and tweaks. Sadly there was no mention of a release date but we do have a feature list. Some update features will not be available in FSX due to technical and memory limitations.

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Further Previews of Orbx BuildingsHD

Orbx Buildings Hd Previews (11)
Although it was announced a few years ago, work has continued on Orbx BuildingsHD. Previewed most recently during the Orbx live stream back in December 2018, very little has been said since. The brand new previews found originally on Aurora Simulations show off new building types not seen before. From the previews below, we can see that work continues to be made
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Orbx TrueEarth GB South SP1 Released for X-Plane 11

TE GB South SP1 Orbx FSElite (3)
In a forum post, Orbx has announced that they've released Service Pack 1 for their X-Plane 11 rendition of TrueEarth Great Britain South. The team at Orbx have been working hard since the initial release to moreover enhance your experience when using TE GB South for X-Plane 11. Service Pack 1 brings along 345 new POIs, a multitude of fixes,
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Orbx Detail Upcoming TrueEarth GB South SP1 Package (X-Plane11)

Cessna 172SP 9 1.thumb.jpg.c0befe44d868d118f3308c82746d5ea5
Orbx's TrueEarth series is the product of many years of research and development, along with brand new technology and data to enhance flight simulation. During 2018, many variations of the product were released, including a range of packages to cover the entirety of Great Britain. The first of those packages was TrueEarth Great Britain South and was released on X-Plane
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Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Update

Orbx has issued an update for their Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) airport. The updates contains mostly some lighting and texture related changes, such as a new dynamic lights option to make the airport look more like its real-life counterpart. For FSX some missing objects have been added again. For both platforms, this update also brings back the fire training place. You
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Orbx Announces SP1 for TrueEarth GB with Sneak Peek Previews

8D8D4ACA A3E8 4748 87C9 8A469DFDB688.thumb.png.8a84a12cca76e9d21e5f033021c4c5e9

John Venema posted over in the Orbx forum announcing service packs for TrueEarth GB for X-Plane, P3D and TE Netherlands for Aerofly 2.

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Orbx CityScene Orlando Updated to v1.10

Cityscene Orbx Orlando (8)
Over on their Forum, Orbx has announced that they've released an update to their popular Orlando CityScene add-on. This update brings along major load time savings and a couple of other performance improvements which you can find in the changelog at the end of this article. Unlike other updates delivered through FTX Central, you must UNINSTALL the original version - do not "Update product".
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Orbx Releases Popham Airfield (EGHP) for X-Plane 11

79 E58547dbb29b67eaf94fd659b6d57199.thumb.jpg.e9d3240926e1c9d5aa33dc6201577dc2
In an announcement on their forum, Orbx has released Popham airfield from their ever-growing X-Plane 11 catalogue. Situated 6NM southwest of Basingstoke within the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, UK, this popular airfield is famous for being the home of its 400 strong membership of the Spitfire Flying Club. There are over 100 aircraft based here including microlights, ex Russian fighter
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Orbx Previews EGHP Popham Airfield for X-Plane

63 658328fd618ae6bddf4113643e38cae4.thumb.jpg.34df900d5713281bf4861f990644c529
Orbx has been busy adding to their detailed coverage of Great Britain with the upcoming release of Popham Airfield. Popham is home to the Spitfire Flying Club with over 400 members and is popular with GA flying in the south of England. Over 100 GA and microlight aircraft are based at the Hampshire airfield, located just north of Winchester. Orbx
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Orbx Old Warden Aerodrome (EGTH) Released for X-Plane 11

Old Warden Egth Orbx Fselite (29)
In a post on their forum, Orbx has announced that they've released Old Warden Aerodrome (EGTH) for X-Plane 11 to stretch their saga of UK airports to further enhance their TrueEarth GB South add-on. Old Warden is located in Bedfordshire, Southern England. It is well-known for being home to the vintage Shuttleworth Collection which depicts the history of flight from the early 1900s to
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