Orbx Announces Alderney Airport for Prepar3D and FSX

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Over on the Orbx Forums, Orbx's John Venema announced Alderney Airport for both FSX and Prepar3D. Alderney Airport was the first airport built in the Channel Islands and is the closest Channel Island airport to the south coast of England and near the coast of France. In 2018, Alderney Airport serviced 53,343 passengers and logged a total of 8,981 aircraft
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Orbx Releases KTIW Tacoma Narrows for both Prepar3D and X-Plane

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Announced formally only yesterday, Orbx has released KTIW Tacoma Narrows for both Prepar3D and X-Plane simultaneously. This is the first airport developed in Washington state by the team in a very long time and they have gone all-out to include various features for the simmer. Features include PBR texture work, highly detailed ground textures and buildings, along with static objects such
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Orbx Announces Tacoma Narrows For P3D And X-Plane

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Orbx John Venema announced in a forum post the imminent release of their Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) scenery for both Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. Located in Washington State very close to Seattle, the scenery will cover the airfield of Tacoma Narrows itself and the immediate surroundings, including the Tacoma Narrows bridge that links Tacoma city and the Kitsap Peninsula - of
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Orbx Announces Gothenburg Landvatter Airport for P3Dv4

Esgg Orbx Gothenburg Landvatter Airport (1)
In a rather surprising announcement, Orbx has today announced that they will soon be releasing Gothenburg Landvatter Airport for P3Dv4. The airport is the second biggest in Sweden with many airlines and routes available including SAS, Norwegian, WizzAir and Ryanair. The airport itself will feature an array of features thanks to being a Prepar3D V4 only release. The scenery will include
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PropStrike Studio’s Quatam River on X-Plane 11 Now Available via Orbx

Propstyrike Ps02 Quatam River (5)

Announced earlier today, PropStrike Studios has released their PS01 Quatam River Airport via OrbxDirect. Qutam River Airport sits in the mountains of Brtish Columbia, Canada and boasts stunning views in the long vallyes and tall mountains. The airport has been around for 35 years and serves as a hub for the forest workers in the area.

The airport package includes 2 airfields, 10 helipads and plenty of bush landing spots. PropStrike Stuidos has devoted plenty of time to the hand-painted ground texturing, 3D animated trees and vegetation, along with PBR and HDR effects throughout. Now with the airport available via Orbx, you can take advantage of using Orbx Central V4 to install, update and purchase the product.

You can buy Quatam River on X-Plane 11 from Orbx for $30.95 AUD (approx US$20.99 | €19,05 | £16.32).

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Orbx Releases CityScene Charleston for FSX/P3D

Charleston 01
After only announcing a few days ago, Orbx has today released their latest CityScene package for FSX/P3D. The new CityScene focues on the city of Charleston in South Carolina. Included in the area are the area thousands of custom placed buildings, trees and other landmarks to explore. Included points of interest include the Pink House, Charleston City Hall and various sports
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Orbx Issues Statement on openLC Product Development

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Orbx's John Venema has taken to the Orbx forums to issue a statement on the development status for their long-running series of openLC products. This article covers both the long-awaited openLC Africa and also openLC Asia. John started the forum thread by saying that development for openLC Africa has been ongoing for over 2 years. Ever since openLC South America
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Orbx Announces CityScene Charleston

Charleston 01
Orbx has surprisingly revealed that they are working on an all-new CityScene product. The next in the long-line of CityScene products will be Charleston. Situated in South Carolina, the city is known for its historic and cultural buildings, plantations and other points of interest. In 2016, it was voted "World's Best City". The product is a continuation of the technology
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Orbx Cityscape Honolulu: The FSElite Review

Orbx Cityscape Honolulu The FSElite Review
In this video we take a look at the island of Oahu and city of Honolulu. Grab your leis and join me in Hawaii for this Honolulu Cityscape review from Orbx. This video should give you an idea of what to expect from this Cityscape from Orbx, and whether or not it's the right add-on for you. Dont forget to
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