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Orbx Kern Valley (L05): The FSElite Review

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When Orbx revealed they were working on Kern Valley, I personally had no idea what airfield it was or why anyone would be interested in it. As the previews rolled in, my attitude towards the tiny Southern California airport had changed. It looks pretty good, is set in a nice location, and had complimentary scenery around it. As soon as it was out, I went ahead and downloaded it and have been enjoying some awesome GA flying ever since.

What’s important to remember with L05 Kern Valley is that this is more of an expansion of Orbx’s fantastic FTX Southern California. You need the aforementioned scenery to be able to use Kern Valley, which already begins to add up in terms of cost. If you’re interested in the region, then I recommend you purchase SOCAL, fly around and enjoy that before you invest any further. You’re probably thinking, “but why?” The answer is simply because Orbx have designed to integrate into the region. Everything from the vector to the landclass has been designed so that the airport fits in perfectly. Keep Reading

Orbx is Hosting a Massive Sale – But What Should I Buy?

If you don’t know already, Orbx is throwing a massive sale. Products that were released before July 1st 2017 are getting a huge 48% off of the usual price until August 22nd AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). The question is: what product do you buy? With the huge catalogue of products on offer, we figured this would be a great opportunity to look back on some of our past reviews, as well as recommend the must-haves to really boost your flight sim experience.

FTX Global

Without a doubt, this is the first purchase you should make if you don’t own it already. FTX Global is a world-wide texture replacement tool that generates beautiful looking replacement textures for the entire globe. It may be the most expensive item on the list, but when you consider it’s the base package for the majority of FTX airports, it really is a must. Even if you don’t buy any of the airports on offer, FTX Global breathes a new lease of life into the sim. Furthermore, you get a bunch of freeware airports included to make the product even more appealing.


FTX OpenLC (Europe or North America).

Whilst FTX OpenLC South America has just come out, for me either Europe or the North America packages are your best value for money – mostly due to the number of airports in these regions that are available. OpenLC SA is a great product, but either of these two will add plenty of new land class data to make your flying more realistic. Similar to the FTX Global package, it is a great package to buy to cover a large number of area amongst the regions.

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Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Service Pack for P3D V4 Preview

Orbx has shown the community preview screenshots of their upcoming Service Pack for P3D V4 of their OrbX Stockholm Alranda airport, the main airport in Sweden and its capital Stockholm.

This service pack update comes with internal modelling at terminal 2 to 5 which gives a bit of depth in the windows. Moving jetways are not yet implemented in this update but will come in a later update. Users that have tested the SP have also noticed a good increase in performance.

For more look at Orbx’s forum and Facebook page.

OrbX FTX NA/SA Freeware Airport Pack

Ed Correia over at OrbX forum has made a list of the latest free airports released for both North and South America.

If you don’t have it already, download your NA/SA Freeware airports by going to this website.

The only product that is required for this to work is FTX Global.

Airports by Larry Isenor:

CEL6, Two Hills, AB – (disable AEC)

CJB8, Kyle, SK (disable AEC)

CYEM, Manitoulin East, ON

CYPY, Ft. Chipewyan, AB

CYZE, Gore Bay, Manitoulin, ON

SDCD, Catanduva, Catanduva, Brazil


PADQ, Kodiak, Kodiak, AK

SABE, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Airports by Neil Hill:

1N2, Spadaro, East Moriches, NY

KAGC, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, PA

KAGS, Augusta Regl At Bush, Augusta, GA

KBKT, Perkinson/Baaf, Blackstone, VA

KCAE, Columbia Metro, Columbia, SC

KCID, The Eastern Iowa Airport, Ceder Rapids, IO

KCKB,  Harrison/Marion Regl, Clarksburg, WV

KHUF, Terre Haute Intl-Hulman, Terre Haute, IN

KINL, International Falls, International Falls, MN

KLGU, Logan-Cache, Logan, UT

KLMO (2V2), Vance Brand, Longmont, CO

KLNC, Lancaster, Landcaster, TX

KMEZ, Mena Intermountain Mun, Mena, AR

KOKK, Kokomo Muni, Kokomo, IN

KPOU, Dutchess County Airport, Poughkeepsie, NY

KYIP, Willow Run Airport, Detroit, MI

O00 (49N), Lufker Airport, East Moriches, NY

PADK, Adak Island, AK

PADL, Dillingham, Dillingham, AK

It’s great to see that many airports in Alaska is coming alive as well as in South America. I personally fly a lot in Alaska, and it’s great to see that it’s getting the Orbx treatment. And of course, free airports in South America are great if you plan to do a South America tour!

UPDATE: Orbx LOWI Innsbruck Airport – Prepar3D V4 Previews and Dynamic Lighting [Now Out]

UPDATE Sun 6th August @ 10:00z

Innsbruck version 1.10 is now released. It will add the below dynamic lighting as well as fix a “batch shift issue” in Prepar3D V4.

Make sure you read this post to find out how you can enroll into the open beta to ensure all Orbx airports are compatible with P3DV4.

Original post –

Whilst we all eagerly await Orbx airports to be fully functional in Prepar3D V4, Jarrad Marshall was kind enough to showcase dynamic lighting in his latest airport: Innsbruck.

The shots you see below are previews of the very first Orbx airport to include the new feature for P3DV4 (although I think Bilbao may have them as well – I’ll need to check) and showcases just how beautiful his stunning scenery can be at all times of the day. Jarrad said that a ‘considerable amount of effort’ has gone into the new lights. He wants to ensure that there is a good balance between eye-candy and performance. As a result, the primary areas (e.g. aprons, airport buildings) use the new lighting technique, whilst those areas considered to be ‘secondary’, will use the the older style to light up the area. Furthermore, if you’d prefer to not use it at all, you can do so. Further to night lighting, he wanted to show you off some daytime shots showcasing the improvements in draw distances for the autogen.

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Orbx Releases All Airports for Prepar3D V4

It may have taken a few months, but Orbx has finally released all their existing airports to be compatible with version 4 of Prepar3D. They were one of the first developers to support V4 with the release of their FTX Global range, but fans have been waiting to fly to their fantastic airports. Bilbao (LEBB) and Kern Valley (L05) have been available for a few weeks, and now you can head back to places like Dubrovnik (LDDU), San Diego (KSAN) and Innsbruck (LOWI).

Orbx Announces Pula Airport (LDPL)

If you haven’t been following the story, the delay has been down to the fact that Orbx have been busy developing the second version of their ObjectFlow. ObjectFlow brings with it some of the unique features only found with Orbx airports. It’s a large update for Orbx and brings with it some big new features. For now, it’s in “open-beta”, but up to a good enough standard for customers to use

In conjunction with the open beta release, Orbx has launched Fastlane. This is an opt-in program that allows FTX Central to receive updates early.

It is a requirement to opt into Fastlane to get the ObjectFlow update and thereby all your Orbx airports in P3D v4.

To opt into Fastlane, follow the instructions given by Ben over on the announcement post.

If we have any further information, we’ll be the first to let you know.


Orbx Announces Pula Airport (LDPL)

Orbx has just announced that they are developing Pula Airport. Pula is in Croatia and serves as a great European getaway during the summer months. A few airlines fly their regularly, but traffic builds up over the summer period.

Coming from developer Misha Cajic and in collaboration with Rasha Tucakov, the scenery has an impressive feature list. The package will include Pula airport (LDPL), as well as nearby GA grass field Medulin (LDPM). The surrounding area has also been covered and includes an extensive area of custom vector and landclass. This means that you only requirement is to have FTX Global.

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UPDATE: Orbx FTX Global OpenLC South America Now Available

Update: Orbx have released FTX Global OpenLC South America. As expected, it costs $54.95AUD. Furthermore, Orbx have released a new freeware openLC Mesh for South America.

openLC South America requires good mesh and is a must have if you do not have any 3rd party mesh for this area installed.

Over on Facebook, Orbx has confirmed that FTX Global OpenLC South America is on “short final” and will be released this week. Over the past few weeks, Orbx screenshot artists Iain and John have been posting multiple preview topics showing how vast the product is. We shared some of these images as well, so make sure you take a look.

Further to that, the product page is up, which details what you can expect from their latest OpenLC product. Of course, the entire area is covered with plenty of new textures, 3D lighting and even photoreal volcanoes. Whilst the price isn’t confirmed, we’re guessing it will fall in-line with other OpenLC products, meaning it will set you back $54.95 AUD. In the mean time, check out some more previews and the feature list below.

We’ll update this post once it’s released. Keep Reading

FTX England SP6 Preview

The OrbX guys has previewed an update for their latest version of FTX England SP6. And from the screenshots it looks very strange, are you able to identify what these things are? More will come when SP6 is released, but for now, let’s take a look at the screenshots below to see what these objects are. These hasn’t been added to the virtual world before but with SP6 they will be and they are important for VFR pilots – so those will get some help with this update also.

For more head over to FSElite as well as OrbX’s forum.

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Orbx Bilbao (LEBB) – Final Shots Appear

Orbx are on another roll as Iain has posted his final shots for Bilbao (LEBB) – all from P3Dv4. We are super excited for the Spanish scenery, which boosts an impressive feature list. I’ve posted what I wrote in a previous post below:

The scenery itself will include the whole city of Bilbao, with around 300,000 – 400,000 hand placed buildings and trees scattered around. This will include the famous Iberdrola skyscraper, complete with functional helipad. For heli-pilots, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll also be able to land on some nearby tanker ships situated in the fully modelled harbours. The airport itself will benefit from high-resolution scenery, internal modelling, movable gates and other small details including people, objects and vehicles. It’s sounding like an incredibly detailed package. You can see that in the previews below!

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