Orbx Announces Palm Springs International for Aerofly FS 2

Palm Springs Intl Afs2 Orbx (1)

Jarrad Marshall from Orbx has announced that his next project will be bringing his fantastic Palm Springs International Airport will be converted to IPACS Aerofly FS 2. The original FSX/P3D airport was hugely popular and Jarrad is bringing that detail to another simulator for people to enjoy.

Because Palm Springs sits in the middle of the default coverage area for Aerofly FS 2, it’s a great airport to accompany Monterey Regional and Eagle County. So within the sim, you can fly between a bunch of Orbx airports and also enjoy the high level of detail the sim comes with in between.

As for the product itself, the coverage area is huge. Over 1500sq KM of high resolution ground imagery is included in the download. Everything from the surrounding fields, to the golf courses and local communities – there’s plenty of sight-seeing to be done. You’ll be able to hunt down local casinos, holiday resorts and even waterparks. Jarrad has even modelled the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which allows visitors to reach the top of San Jacinto – this is complete with a challenging helipad. Even if you choose to fly at night, the vast array of 3D lights will keep you company as your fly your way around Palm Springs.

As for the airport, Palm Springs International sees regular flights from a range of airlines and destinations meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to come and explore. If that doesn’t take your fancy, then exploring the airport surroundings is also a treat with Jarrad cramming in loads of details for everyone to see and enjoy. This includes the Aviation Museum, variety of facilities and the new control tower.

IPACS Aerofly FS 2 takes full advantage of the latest hardware and technology to provide a smooth experience – even on a mid-end system. Jarrad says that this version of Palm Springs International is far superior in terms of performance than that of the FSX/P3D versions. Although no mention of price, we can’t imagine it being too different to that of the other releases of Aerofly FS 2 products (including the cross-platform discount).

You can view a huge number of screenshots via the forums right now. Once it’s out, we’ll let you know.

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Orbx NZGS Gisborne Airport Released

13 33793cbfb686a5e3b77b592108352aa6 Fselite
When you think of stunning scenery, you probably don't think of New Zealand as a possible location, and if that's the case you'll want to pick up the brand new NZGS Gisborne Airport by Orbx to give yourself an excuse to take flight in the land of the long white cloud. The all-new scenery by Finni Hansen is the first Orbx airport
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Orbx To Launch Official Twitch Channel

Orbx Logo 1920
Orbx has announced the launch of their official Twitch streaming channel. The all new and official Twitch channel will go live for the first time in late October, with the streams set to show off scenery and airport previews while also giving a stage to company news and competitions. In the announcement on the Orbx forum, CEO John Venema is quoted
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Orbx Preview NZGS Gisborne Further

63 84e22affc42d8b837b14fe7d8064fad9 Fselite

Just 6 days after announcing NZGS Gisborne, Orbx are back with even more previews of the upcoming New Zealand airport!

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Orbx KMBS MBS International Released

KMBS6 Fselite
Continuing on with their recent push to move the Turbulent Designs airports over to OrbxDirect, Orbx has released KMBS MBS international for FSX, FSX: Steam, and all versions of Prepar3D! Features of the airport include a fully modelled passenger terminal, modelled hangar interior, custom HD service vehicles, cars, and trucks, baked ambient lighting, and more. MBS International is available from
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Orbx Dala Preview

It's been a bit quiet around Orbx' upcoming 'Swedish Bundle', containing Dala (ESSD) and Kiruna (ESNQ). The last previews, dating back to May, showed off what looks to be a small yet beautiful scenery. Developer Marcus Nyberg decided to give us a small sign of life about the project, with two screenshots over on the Orbx Forums. According to his
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Orbx Announce NZGS Gisborne

13 60a2a157bbd64feb67c975d65e80aa5e Fselite
Over on the Orbx forums, Community and Marketing Manager Aimee Sanjari announced the latest offering in Oceania from Orbx; NZGS Gisborne! NZGS is located on the outskirts of Gisborne, which itself is located on the East coast of the North Island in New Zealand. The airport is unique in the fact that it has a rail line crossing the main
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Glacier Park International Available Through Orbx

As announced back in June when Orbx and Turbulent Designs announced their renewed partnership, both studios are hard at work at making all of Turbulent Design's projects available through Orbx. Previously we saw L35 Big Bear being brought in to Orbx Direct, as well as Idaho Falls. Now we can also add KGPI Glacier Park to this list. As was
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