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Opinion: Developers, Stop With the Frankenstein Aircraft


It was always obvious that the introduction of a new simulator meant that many developers would want to harness the new power and technology, whilst also ensuring they could reach a broader range of customers. It was also clear that with a lack of aircraft types available for the new simulator, it was going to be a rush for developers to create their versions of iconic planes for simmers to try. We’ve seen a number of smaller GA planes released, along with a few fighter jets that push the boundaries of the simulator. Whilst the likes of Aerosoft and PMDG have made a great start with their planes in the new sim, some developers are taking a different approach.

I’m talking about those aircraft products that ‘borrow’ pre-existing systems or displays created for the default simulator. Using the same screens, systems or flight dynamics, but packaging them up with a specific aircraft model. At first, it was interesting and gave users some different experiences. However, things are starting to get out of hand and it’s becoming more regular to see these Frankenstein aircraft get released for an unsuspecting audience of simmers.

It first started with the Bredok3D Eurofighter Typhoon, which first released in November of last year. As one of the first fighter jets available for the simulator, it caused a big rush of simmers to want to get the aircraft. However, once you looked at the displays and other elements, it was clear that Bredok3D didn’t create a fighter, but instead a mix-up of several aircraft jammed into one. This upset the community considerably, but I can’t imagine that Bredok3D cared. It topped the charts on simMarket for weeks meaning it was clearly selling well to an audience that saw the headline and jumped in.


What a mess.

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