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Orbx OpenLC Africa: The FSElite Review

OpenLC Africa
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1.0 - P3D V5
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Orbx OpenLC Africa is one of those add-ons that seems to have been in development for such a long time, one does not recall when it was first announced. Plagued by many delays, it even seemed to be pretty close to cancellation not so long ago. In the meantime, with the introduction of the True Earth Series, the landclass technology as it was done in the past since the FS2002 days seemed to be over. Except for a few places like Morocco or South Africa, the continent had little to no add-on coverage at all. Orbx OpenLC Africa is the biggest landclass task undertaken by Orbx so far, covering 30.37 million km². Having personally clocked a few hundred (real) flying hours over the African continent, I was following very closely the high and lows of this development. In this review, we will see how Orbx managed the outcome.

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Orbx Showcases New Previews Of openLC Africa

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Orbx founder John Venema has posted today a series of screenshots of their upcoming openLC Africa. Delayed several times and unheard of since last summer, openLC Africa appears to be still on track for release. It is to be noted that the project has not yet entered beta phase and cautiously, Venema has not announced any time frame. The screenshots
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Orbx openLC Africa Delayed

2017 07 06 12 24 33 AM737
Sad news for those eager to get their hands on it, Orbx openLC Africa has been delayed into 2019. Courtesy of a forum post by Orbx CEO John Venema, we now know what's been keeping OLC Africa from being in our hands this year. John explains that Africa has been pushed out until February in order for Orbx to finish
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