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iniSimulations Updates A300 BelugaST

Beluga Meta Embed Rev1 1200×1200

Hot off the heels of the release of the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE over the weekend, the development team has released a small update for the aircraft that builds upon the product.

The new version, version 1.01, includes small fixes and quality of life improvements. A phantom overhead CTR tank figures bug has been fixed, along with a takeoff performance bug. Other fixes including radio frequencies and the alignment of the Korry switch has been fixed. Finally, there have been some updates to the Route Network documentation.

Further to the aircraft itself being update, the freeware Hawarden Airport (EGNR) has also been updated to improve performance and fix a few other small bugs. That can be downloaded from the iniBuilds forums.

The unique Airbus aircraft is known for carrying aircraft parts around Europe to the various factories that build other aircraft. Its unique design and properties make the aircraft one of the most iconic in the world. The team has recreated many of the functionality and systems found only in the transport aircraft.

The iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE is available to buy for X-Plane 11 now from the iniBuilds store for £44.99 (excluding VAT), but if you own the A300-600R(F), then you can get 25% off.

Be sure to watch the trailer also and find out more about the aircraft.

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iniBuilds Development Update: Beluga, A310-300 and More

IniSimulationsBelugaST Feb Preview 2.png.651bf3c075958fb882f0941d1c285879
Development team iniBuilds has shared a brand new development blog post on their forums highlighting progress with their previously announced Beluga and A310-300 ON THE LINE projects, along with announcing a brand new scenery product. A300 BelugaST It is said that development for the upcoming A300 BelugaST is progressing well and that the product is now in beta testing. iniBuilds
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iniSimulations Announces A300 BelugaST in New Development Update

Inisimulations Belgua X Plane 11 (3)
In a detailed development update from iniSimulations, it has been announced that a new expansion pack for the A300-600R(F) will be coming very soon. Introducing the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. As said in the forum post, the aircraft is unique in that is features no VNAV and uses the performance package of the A310. The aircraft
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iniSimulations Showcases A300 Passenger Edition

Inisimulations A300 Passenger X Plane 11 (1)
The upcoming free update to the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE product on X-Plane 11 will include the passenger model. Whilst this in itself is not news, the all-new previews shared by the team are fresh and highlight the virtual cabin users can expect from the product when it releases. The new post on the private iniBuilds Facebook post shared new previews
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iniBuilds A300-600R(F) On The Line Updated

A300 Store Image 4
iniBuilds has issued a small update for their recently released A300-600R(F) On The Line. The update, which goes by version 1.01, aims to fix two issues that have been found with the plane. The update can be acquired through your iniBuilds Store account. iniBuilds released their rendition of the Airbus A300 just yesterday, and it can be picked up from
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iniSimulations Releases A300-600(F) ON THE LINE

iniBuilds has announced the release of their highly anticipated A300-600(F) ON THE LINE for X-Plane, over on their Facebook page.

The A300 was the first aircraft produced by French, British and West German manufacturer Airbus, first taking to the skies in 1972. The A300-600 variant was the most produced with over 300 of the type delivered to airlines such as Saudi Airlines, American Airlines and Japan Air Lines. The A300-600 is still in service today but more commonly to transport cargo rather than passengers. The last delivery of the purpose-built freighter was as recent as 2007 which should see the aircraft in service for some time yet.

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iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE Trailer, Chance to Win

IniSimulations A300 600RF ON THE LINE The Trailer
iniSimulations has released their launch trailer for their upcoming  A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE. The new trailer debuted on YouTube revealing that the aircraft is indeed "coming soon" to X-Plane 11. The team have worked hard to bring this aircraft to the simulator and this trailer highlights many of the features incorporated with the aircraft itself. We already knew that the aircraft
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iniSimulations Further Previews the A300 ‘On The Line’ for X-Plane

IniSimulations A300 Preview 4 426
Following on from their previous update a month ago, iniSimulations has published further previews of their first aircraft development, the Airbus A300-600R 'On The Line'. The team are currently working on finalising the key systems of the aircraft, but iniSimulations want the community to know that their intention is to recreate a high fidelity aircraft and will therefore not be
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iniBuilds Weekly Recap – February 7th

2 7 20
Welcome to February. We hope you've had a great week. Below, you can find our first releases for February: iniDEV: Development Update #1 We're proud to announce our first development update to the community! In the update, you can find the latest news regarding the A380 and our latest upcoming project for X-Plane 11 which is entering its final stages.
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