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Orbx ObjectFlow2 Now In Beta Testing (Airports to Follow Soon for P3DV4)

2017 07 05 10 34 34 PM431

Since the release of Prepar3D V4, one of the most popular developers has been very vocal about how much they’re loving the new sim. Almost on day one, Orbx released all of their regions for the new sim, but sadly, their airports weren’t available. This is due to the fact a major component required to ensure full functionality of those airports wasn’t 64-bit compatible. We’ve known for a while that Orbx have been busy developing ObjectFlow for a 64-bit environment and now John Venema has confirmed that ObjectFlow 2 is now in beta testing!

Over the past year, the team have been developing an ‘in-house’ solution to ObjectFlow, which will allow them to have complete control over functionality and updates for the future. This will ensure that development and updates can be released faster than ever before. ObjectFlow2 will bring all the functionality of ObjectFlow(1), as well as a host of new features and improvements.

John mentioned that some of these new features include ‘animated jetway systems*, interactions with avatars, dynamic events and animations.’ Basically, he said that “anything we want to do”, they’ll be able to do. They want to continue bringing life-like products, and John mentioned bringing them to a ‘new level’ over the coming years.

[* John did answer a question on the jetways, and it turns out it’s not yet functional, but will be added in the future. They said they’ll begin to code and test it in the coming weeks/months. If airport developers want to add it, then it’s up to them. According to him, however, Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) is going to be the test candidate.]

ObjectFlow2 has been designed for a 64-bit environment, whilst the original will continue to be used for FSX and older versions of Prepar3D.

This is exciting news, as very soon, all of our favourite Orbx airports will soon be fully functional and available for P3Dv4. John said that beta testing of ObjectFlow 2 will conclude as we progress through the week.

As soon as it’s available and your Orbx airports are ready, we’ll let you know.

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