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P3D Nvidia VAS Leak Fixed?

Nvidia released a driver update for their GeForce graphics cards, version 378.49 which was reported to leak VAS. They later released another update, version 378.66 which fixed the leak but still had P3D running high VAS usage. The only solution was to roll back to version 376.33 and hope Nvidia fixed the issue.

After being a little annoyed, I actually took it upon myself to simply report this issue to Nvidia using their forums. Prepar3d doesn’t get much, if any, attention in the GeForce forums so it isn’t any surprise the problem existed in two driver builds. After posting the issue with links to the Prepar3d forums I was asked to try the hotfix 378.72 driver to see if the problem was fixed.

I’m happy to say the hotfix driver solved everything and appears to be stable with P3D! In addition, I am actually seeing better VAS results than I was on the 378.66 build. So, if you’d like to update your drivers, go ahead and grab the 378.72 build and see how it goes for you.

Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3d 3.4 Hotfix 3 – SLI Improvements

Lockheed Martin have gone ahead and updated Prepar3d 3.4 with yet another hotfix. This time, they’ve addressed issues with SLI when using nVidia hardware. The team at Lockheed Martin have worked hard with the guys at NVIDIA to resolve lots of issues. They say you need to be using version 378.49 of the NVIDIA drivers before updating Prepar3d to version v3.4.22.19868.

As usual, you can opt to install just the Client installer or if you prefer, a complete clean install can be achieved. You can find the hotfix in your download account.

Out side SLI improvements, some other fixes have also been made.

Heads up: Usual add-ons like HiFi Simulations’ Active Sky 16, Orbx products and more probably need an update before they work 100%. We’ll await the news of any updates and let you know.

Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed performance issues when using SLI
    • Fixed user interface flickering when using SLI
    • Fixed particle flickering when using SLI
    • Fixed an issue where the main window would not restore to maximized state after being minimized
    • Fixed an issue where the main window would be minimized in the top left corner of its tab after changing modes in SimDirector
    • Fixed an issue where loading would potentially hang at 100 percent
    • Fixed a crash when loading multi-window VR scenarios
    • Fixed an infinite loop hang when loading multi-window VR scenarios
    • Fixed a bug that prevented avatar collision with other objects
    • Fixed a hard crash when using weapons in a multiplayer session
    • Fixed an issue where weapon selection would no longer work after using the avatar to attach to another vehicle in a multiplayer session
    • Fixed an issue where orientation was not correctly being processed by the GetScreenCoord PDK function
    • Added SensorModeNone and SensorModeGDATA custom camera post processes
    • Fixed a hard crash when decoding certain METAR strings depending on the given wind speed units