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PMDG 737 NGXu Base Pack: The FSElite Review

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Initially, PMDG sent the community into a bit of a panic when they announced that the long-awaited and fabled NG3 would instead be heading to Microsoft Flight Simulator and not to Prepar3D. At the time, the product named NGXu was never known to the community until a few hours after the initial announcement. Whether you think it was PR suicide or genius, the fact remains that the community got a brand new 737 Next Generation aircraft almost out of the blue.


The 737NG remains on the most popular aircraft in the world. The aircraft developed by Boeing has always been a staple in the aviation industry thanks to its versatility, cost and overall passenger satisfaction. In recent years there have been a lot of hot topics surrounding the aircraft maker, but the 737 is still one of the most used aircraft in the world. As such, it’s a hugely popular aircraft for simmers to want to get their hands on. For many years, FSX/P3D users have had the PMDG 737NGX to get their fix of flying in the aircraft type. Despite how often it is still used, the aircraft released nearly 10 years ago for FSX. Technology has changed significantly since then. Despite a time where once PMDG vowed their products would never be in a Lockheed Martin simulator, the PMDG NGXu has been specifically built for Prepar3D v4, meaning that this is the first time one of their aircraft has been built exclusively with 64-bit technology in mind.

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PMDG Issues 737NGXu Animation Hotfix

PMDG 737 NGXu Expansion (5)
PMDG has issued a hotfix to solve some model animation issues with the 737NGXu. The hotfix comes mere hours after the release of the much anticipated 737NGXu 600/700 expansion. Over on the forums, Robert Randazzo explained that they had found out they had a corrupt output process that affected all animations on all of the 737NGXu external models. In order
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PMDG Release of the 737 NGXu Expansion Delayed

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (2)
Last week, Robert from PMDG announced that Wednesday 29th January 2020 would see the likely release of the 737 NGXu Expansion pack, which would include the 600/700 variants. In a statement issued on the PMDG forums, Robert has confirmed that the release will see a short delay. The reason for the delay is that Robert has been called away to
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Immersive Audio Releases 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 Official Promo
The second version of the highly impressive 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack by Immersive Audio has been released. The new version, which is completely free to current owners, features all-new recordings of the CFM56-7B engines from the flightdeck. The soundpack is now compatible with the recently released PMDG NGXu, as well as the original NGX. Furthermore, the product also features other
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Parallel 42 Announces PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion [Exclusive Image]

Immersion Pack 737ngu

Following the blowout of information from the developers at Parallel 42 (//42) regarding their complete acquisition of OldProp, the team then announced that the PMDG  737 NGXu Immersion is in development.

The project is being headed up by Raul Morales of Flight Sim Technologies Limited, creator of AI Lights Reborn under a new Partner Developer Program within Parallel 42.

“Raul shows an incredible passion for in-sim lighting and effects and has a willingness to push the envelope of what the sim can deliver in ways that perfectly fit our mission at Parallel 42,” Keven Ménard, the original developer of the Immersion Packs said.

“Existing partnerships enable a growing catalogue of immersion packages and the team is open to working with any interested aircraft developers for the creation of new titles. Seeing Raul and Keven work together on NGXu Immersion is awesome, the future of immersion is alive and strong!” Edson Soriano, Managing Director of Parallel 42 added.

No other details at this time were shared. Enjoy the single exclusive preview above.

As a reminder, all OldProp products are now owned and developed by Parallel 42, with distribution exclusively on OrbxDirect. You can read more in the original announcement.

You can find out more about Parallel 42 on their website.

We also spoke to the developers behind the projects. Watch it now.

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First Previews of the PMDG NGXu 737 600/700 Expansion

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (1)
Texture and livery artist Textures by Tavers has shown what appears to be the first previews for the upcoming PMDG NGXu 600/700 Expansion. The new previews for viewing pleasure come from the Textures by Tavers Facebook page. Each of the three is from an exterior perspective and showcases a handful of liveries currently being made for the aircraft. As you can
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PMDG Updates 737 NGXu

Pmdg 737 Ngu P3d 3
A post on the PMDG forums made by CEO Robert Randazzo informed the community that a pretty significant update for the 737 NGXu has been released. In total, 71 fixes and enhancements have been made to the aircraft. Robert said that this update focuses heavily on including information for the EFB for all types of the 737 aircraft to be
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FS2Crew Releases PMDG 737u Edition

78870623 2846113608774026 8308312074572791808 N
Earlier today, FS2Crew released their newest product, the PMDG 737 NGXu Edition. The PMDG 737 NGXu Edition has been added to FS2Crew's long list of aircraft they have covered in the past including the PMDG 777, PMDG 747, and Fly the Maddog X. FS2Crew allows the user simulate flying the aircraft with a virtual crew to make the experience as
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