PMDG Teases New NG3 Preview

Pmdg Ng3 P3d

After a long period of silence, it appears PMDG is creeping out with some new information regarding their highly anticipated NG3 product. It’s been a project that has been under wraps for a long time, but the PMDG Facebook page broke that today with a sneak peek of what’s to come.

On the post, the team congratulated Flightbeam for their newly released KIAD V3 update. The post read as follows:

“All of us at PMDG wish to congratulate our friends over at Flightbeam Studios for the release of their latest update to KIAD. This is our home airport and we know it well. You guys have given us a great sim-version to come home to. Well done, you guys.”

We share the sentiment, but the exciting information came in the form of a single picture. The NG3’s first public preview. There are a few things to notice in this single screenshot (and we’re confident the community will point out more). We spotted the use of dynamic lighting in the cockpit (look at the parking brake lighting), along with the new windows which appear to closely match the geometry of the real aircraft. Along with that, the EFB is also saddled to the side of the aircraft showing the airport layout. You can click above to see the image in full size.

Other than that, the forums are silent and no further information was shared. Hopefully, this is the start of a nice build-up of previews. Remember, Robert from PMDG said that he was looking to maybe let testers share screenshots a lot sooner into the testing process than usual.

Thanks to Albatross for the tip.

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PMDG Shares July Update- NG3, Global Flight Ops, And More

PMDG Shares July Update NG3, Global Flight Ops, And More FSElite
Breaking the period of silence since the last PMDG update, Robert Randazzo has shared a plethora of information on what the team has been up to since we last heard from them, along with information on the upcoming 737 NG3, Global Flight Operations, and the new shopping cart system. To start out, a good portion of the PMDG team was
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PMDG Roadmap: NG3, Global Flight Operations & More

2019 5 23 21 57 47 670
Over at the PMDG forum, CEO, Robert Randazzo has dropped a bit of a roadmap and status update in regards to the company's upcoming developments and updates for existing products. In particular, the 737NG3, Global Flight Ops and more. We have summarised that information below. Starting with the PMDG 737NG3, the first piece of the information is that it is a base
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PMDG May Weekend Update – Navdata Capabilities, 777, and More

Keven’s Shot
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PMDG Reveals More Development Updates

PMDG 744 BOE 5

PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo has revealed the latest information regarding PBR updates and a little teaser regarding their NG3 project.

In a post on their new forum, Randazzo announced that PBR testing for the 747 QOTSII has now been given to beta testers in order to push for a release after this weekend.

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